25 Ways to Tell If an Older Guy Likes You

There is something very attractive about a man who is experienced, doesn’t play games, and knows what he wants in life.

Unfortunately, it is not always easy to tell if an older guy likes you because most of them are really good at hiding their intentions.

So how can you find out if a 40-year-old guy at your work or an attractive older gentleman you met at the gym finds you attractive?

While it may take a little detective work to figure out, there are some signs that you will usually notice if an older guy likes you more than a friend.

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How to Tell If an Older Guy Likes You?

How to Tell If an Older Guy Likes You

1. He compliments you

He loves to tell you how beautiful he thinks you are and gives genuine compliments about your style and intelligence.

If he is not afraid to show his admiration for you, thats a dead giveaway that he likes you. 

2. He wants to spend time with you

It doesnt have to be a romantic dinner or anything – he just wants to spend time with you.

He invites you over for movie nights or little day trips here and there.

3. He acts like a gentleman around you

He opens doors for you, helps you to remove your coat, and never interrupts when you are talking. 

4. He includes you in his future plans

If he has a trip coming up or has always wanted to go somewhere and talks about bringing you with him, he’s into you.

5. He just likes to talk to you

He always finds a way to fit you into the conversation, and he is totally engaged when you talk.

He loves hearing your stories or exchanging ideas with you.

6. You catch him staring at you

There are few things more obvious than this one if an older guy cant take his eyes off of you, it means that he likes what he sees! 

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7. His friends know about you

If his buddies keep teasing him when they see you, thats a sure sign they already know something is up even if your man hasnt said anything yet. 

8. He keeps strong eye contact

When he looks in your eyes, it feels like theres something more going on. He doesnt break eye contact for a long time and you can feel the chemistry whenever that happens.

9. He opens up to you

Relationships are built by sharing secrets, stories from our lives, and intimate thoughts we wouldn’t tell just anyone.

If an older man starts opening up to you and sharing a lot of his personal stories, it means he likes and trusts you. 

10. He remembers little things about you

One sure sign of attraction is if an older gentleman notices small details like what kind of perfume you wear, what flowers you like, or what is your favorite dessert.

If he remembers these things, then it‘s a definite indication of how much you mean to him.

11. He sends you gifts

He is not just being polite or friendly here. He knows your favorite type of candy and brings it to you when he visits, or books tickets for a show that you wanted to go see but couldn’t afford. 

12. He wants to impress you

He is always trying to show off his knowledge, tell you stories about his travels and make sure you know he is a great dancer. 

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13. He asks for your opinion

He is always asking your opinion on things, from his latest business venture to the books he reads. 

14. He looks for excuses to touch you

It could be anything from lightly brushing up against each other when passing by or holding hands as he guides you through crowded places.

No matter how subtle the touch is –  in most cases, it means that the guy likes you. 

15. He always offers to help you

If you ever need help with something, he is first in line to help you out.

He offers to carry your groceries or pick up something from the store for you without being asked.

16. You get special treatment

If an older man treats you differently than other women, then it is very likely that he has some sort of feelings for you.

17. He teases you

Its not just that he teases you, its how he does it. He laughs afterward and his eyes twinkle when the two of you playfully touch each other.

18. He tries to look nice around you

He takes time to dress up for you. He might not be in a suit or anything, but he definitely puts some effort into looking his best when the two of you are together and that means something!

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19. He texts you good morning and good night 

Its a small gesture, but it shows that he cares about you and you are the last person he thinks about when going to bed. 

20. He pays attention when you talk

How many times have you found yourself talking only to realize later that nobody was really listening?

We all know how frustrating that feels – yet somehow this guy always seems to be engaged when you speak no matter what you are talking about. 

This means one thing – he likes you!

21. He introduces you to his friends and family

If he is introducing you to the important people in his life, then it means that you must be pretty special.

He sees a future for the two of you and is not afraid to be seen with you. 

22. He pays for you

When you go out, hell offer to pay for your meal or buy tickets.

Even if you dont accept his generosity, it still means that he wants to take care of you in any way possible.

23. He defends you in front of others

Its one thing to be nice in private, but if he takes a stand and defends you when others criticize or tease you then it means he really likes you. 

24. He talks about how much he admires you

It is like he cant stop talking about how amazing, talented, or smart you are – which is a sign that his feelings for you go way beyond friendship.

25. Just ask him

It may be a little scary to ask an older man if he likes you, but it shows maturity, and the worst he can say is “No.”

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Where to Meet Older Guys?

How to seduce older men

There are many places where you can meet older men such as high-end lounges, trendy bars, and restaurants where they might go after work or for lunch, museums, golf courses and etc.

However, the most convenient place to meet older guys is online.

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