9 Real Reasons Why I Am Attracted To Older Men

It is not uncommon for women to feel more physically and emotionally attracted to older men than the guys their own age.

Women often feel that older men are more mature, responsible, and confident than younger guys.

It is not rare for women in their twenties to date or even marry men in their forties and fifties.

The general public has a lot of stereotypes when it comes to younger women dating older men and many people still think that all these younger women are gold diggers.

However, in many cases, this attraction that younger women feel towards older guys has nothing to do with money because many of these men are not even rich.

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There are many reasons why younger women might find older men desirable.

For some women, it is a curriosity while for others it has to do with their upbringing.

Today we will take a look at the most common reasons why many younger women feel attracted to older guys.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that as you age your preferences in men might change and later in your thirties and forties you may actually find yourself feeling more attracted to the guys your own age or even younger.

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Why Am I Attracted To Older Men?

1. Older Men Know How to Treat a Woman

Younger women often find themselves lonely and misunderstood both by their families and friends and having an older guy who will listen to them is one of the reasons these women feel attracted to older men.

Older men can often make a younger woman feel like a princess because they have a lot of experience and know what women like.

They also know how to make women feel wanted, understood, and appreciated.

2. They are Financially Stable

Being financially stable and able to take your woman out and treat her is very attractive.

Many younger men cannot do it, especially if they are still in school and that’s one of the reasons why many younger women are drawn toward older men.

In less healthy relationships, older men may pay for younger women’s bills or even give them an allowance to sleep with them.

These types of relationships are usually not healthy because they revolve around money.

If you’re looking for a relationship based on a financial arrangement, it’s not real love and you might end up being used.

3. Older Men are More Experienced in Bed

When it comes to bedrooms older guys know what women want and can usually satisfy them better than younger guys.

Most younger guys have no idea what they are doing because they don’t have enough experience and practice.

This lack of experience can make lovemaking unsatisfying or even painful for women and they may try to stay away from younger guys.

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4. Older Men Kink

Some younger women have a kink for older men and that’s why they feel physically attracted to them.

Often these women have never actually been with older men and that’s just a fantasy they have in their minds.

There is also something of a taboo when it comes to sleeping with older men and this can be tempting as well.

5. Older Men are More Mature

Older men have more experience and maturity than younger guys and they know how to treat a woman and make her happy.

Because of their maturity older men don’t usually play mind games and are direct about what they want with a woman which can be very attractive.

They are also usually ready to settle down and have a family.

Most younger men on the other hand have no idea what they want to do with their lives until they are in their late twenties.

6. They are More Confident

Being confident around women takes practice and time.

Most women are extremely attracted to confident men and that’s why they often end up sleeping with and dating older guys.

Many younger guys feel that they need to act “cool” and “funny” to attract women.

That’s why they often act like someone else instead of showing their true self and this fake behavior can be a turnoff for women.

7. Daddy Issues

Unfortunately, attraction to older men can also be the result of daddy issues which are caused by the absence of a father figure.

It can also be caused by a father who didn’t pay much attention or show any love to his daughter.

Women with daddy issues usually go for older men because of this missing affection.

They are usually very submissive and do whatever the guy wants them to do.

This sometimes can result in emotional manipulation so it might be a good idea to discuss your relationship with your close friends or family to avoid being used by a guy.

8. They are Different

Because of the age difference, there is a bit of mystery when it comes to being with an older man which can be very seductive.

Some women even find signs of aging such as grey hair or small wrinkles attractive because it is different from what they see on the guys they typically date.

9. Evolutionary Reasons

Older men usually have higher status and from an evolutionary point of view reproducing with them gives children higher chances to be successful.

This attraction to higher-status men is usually hidden deep in the subconscious mind and most women don’t realize it.

For the same evolutionary reasons, older men are more attracted to younger women because they have the highest chances of producing healthy successful offspring.

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Disadvantages of Dating Older Men

1. Health Issues

Unfortunately, as people get older they start to experience more health problems.

If you are dating a much older man, this can affect your relationship especially if you are not ready to take care of him.

Another health problem that often affects older men is erectile dysfunction which often causes challenges and sometimes even breakups or divorces.

2. Some Older Men Can be Controlling

Becasue of more experience, some older men are very good at manipulating and controlling women.

If you ever feel that you are being used you should really stop and think if you are happy in your current relationship before things get too far and you end up in an unhealthy marriage.

3. People Will Judge You

People will likely judge you for dating an older man especially if you are still in your twenties.

You may encounter some pretty awkward situations when people assume that you are his daughter and not a girlfriend or wife.

However, as you get older, this age gap will become less and less of a problem.

4. The Age Gap Challenges

Becasue of the age difference, you will likely have different life experiences and views on life in general.

This can create some friction in your relationship especially if there is a lack of communication or the two of you are not willing to compromise.

Where to Meet Older Men?

Most younger women meet older men online because it gives them more options and makes it much easier to get to know each other without being judged by anyone.

If you already know an older guy that you find attractive in real life, you might need to do the first step and ask him out.

Most older guys are very friendly but when it comes to asking much younger women out they may hesitate because of the fear of being creepy in case they misread the signals.

When asking an older guy out, don’t make it sound like a date and instead just tell him that you find him interesting and want to get to know him over coffee.

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