80 Ways to Respond When a Guy Tells You That You Smell Good

Did a guy at work just lean in a little too close and comment on your perfume? Or did you find yourself sitting next to someone in a café, only for him to compliment that you “smell good”?

Your first reaction might be a surprise and a blush.

Suddenly, things get awkward and you begin to overthink – are his intentions romantic, friendly, or are they creepy?

You’re not alone in this confusion. Often, we’re caught off guard by compliments like this. Some might even fear they crossed into inappropriate territory. Others may worry that their reply will lead to an unwanted turn of events.

But what does it exactly mean when a guy tells you that you smell good? For most men, it is just a way to show their attraction or simply start a conversation.

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While it is important to trust your instincts, more often than not, it’s an innocent compliment meant to make your day a bit brighter.

So how do you respond when a guy notices your perfume and tells you that you smell good?

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How to Respond When a Guy Tells You That You Smell Good?

1. “Thank you! I’m glad you like it.”

2. “Really? I just switched to a new fragrance.”

3. “Thanks! It’s my favorite perfume.”

4. “Cool, right? I’m in love with this scent.”

5. “Thanks! I’ll take that as a compliment.”

6. “Mission accomplished!”

7. “Perfume is good, isn’t it?”

8. “I put a little extra on today!”

9. “Thank you! I think it matches my mood.”

10. “Thank you! I really like it too.”

11. “Hmm, seems like my perfume is doing its job.”

12. “Thanks, I thought it might be a bit too much!”

13. “That’s probably why mosquitoes love me!”

14. “Well, I do try to smell nice.”

15. “Yes, I’ve got taste, don’t I?”

16. “I would hope so, considering how much my perfume costs!”

17. “I do try my best to smell as I look – nice.”

18. “Wow, you have a good nose for scents.”

19. “Thanks for noticing! It’s [perfume brand/name].”

20. “Well, a good day calls for a good perfume!”

21. “Thank you, I was actually trying out a new scent today.”

22. “I was really hoping someone would notice, thank you!”

23. “Oh, thanks! I love this scent, too.”

24. “Thanks, I just washed my hair.”

25. “Thank you! Isn’t it amazing what showering can do?”

26. “It’s my secret weapon for driving guys wild.”

27. “Thank you, I call this one ‘intoxicating afternoon’.”

28. “Thanks! What’s your favorite scent on a woman?”

29. “Thanks! Are you more attracted to me now?”

30. “Well it’s just my natural scent!”

31. “Thank you! It’s just my pheromones doing their thing.”

32. “Thanks, I was channeling my inner goddess today.”

33. “What can I say? I have great taste.”

34. “Oh, it’s just my new perfume. Glad someone noticed!”

35. “I guess my perfume investment is paying off!”

36. “Isn’t it lovely? It’s [perfume brand/name].”

37. “Really? That’s so kind of you!”

38. “Good to know my perfume’s working its charm.”

39. “I’m glad you noticed. Most guys can’t differentiate between vanilla and milk.”

40. “Thanks, it’s a scent I really love.”

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41. “I appreciate it! I just got this perfume.”

42. “Oh, thank you! That made my day.”

43. “You have great taste in perfumes if I may say so.”

44. “Thank you! I find this scent calming.”

45. “I’m glad you like it, I also find it amazing.”

46. “That’s sweet, thank you!”

47. “Thanks, it’s one of my all-time favorite scents!”

48. “I wasn’t sure about the scent when I picked it, but now I’m glad I did. Thank you.”

49. “Thanks! Do you think it suits me?”

50. “That’s nice to hear. It took me forever to find one I really liked.”

51. “Thank you! Does it remind you of something?”

52. “I was hoping [perfume name] would be a good choice – seems like it is!”

53. “You have a good nose; this perfume is quite subtle! Thanks!”

54. “I’ve never had someone compliment my perfume before. Thank you!”

55. “I appreciate that. It’s a new scent I’m experimenting with.”

56. “I guess going for the more expensive bottle paid off, thanks!

57. “I wasn’t sure about this one… I’m glad you liked it!”

58. “You wouldn’t believe how many perfumes I tried before settling on this one.”

59. “Nice to know my scent stands out in a good way.”

60. “I must be doing something right, then.”

61. “Good to know someone appreciates my taste in fragrances.”

62. “Wow, my perfume gets more compliments than I do!”

63. “I should wear it more often now!”

64. “Thanks, it’s called [perfume name]. I’m obsessed with it.”

65. “Really? It must be my new soap!”

66. “I’m going to take that as a compliment!”

67. “I’ll tell Santa you liked it.”

68. “Wow! That’s really sweet of you!”

69. “Thanks! It must be the new deodorant I’m using.”

70. “I’m glad my signature scent impressed you!”

71. “Well, that’s an unusual compliment. But I’ll take it!”

72. “Apparently, I’m not the only one with good taste here.”

73. “Yeah, I get that a lot!”

74. “Thanks! I feel the same way.”

75. “I’m addicted to this stuff! Thanks for noticing.”

76. “You’ve made my day! Thank you.”

77. “Appreciate it! My perfume game is strong.”

78. “It’s just shower gel, but thanks!”

79. “That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me.”

80. “I’m blushing! Thank you.”

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