79 Text Messages to Tell Him He Hurt You

I remember a time when my boyfriend made a careless comment about my appearance, which shattered my self-confidence and left me feeling hurt and betrayed.

In those moments, emotions can be overwhelming, and it might seem impossible to find the right words to express your feelings.

One way to address this situation is by sending him a text message, explaining how his actions have hurt you.

This approach can help you collect your thoughts and choose your words carefully, giving your boyfriend the chance to understand your perspective without the intensity of a face-to-face conversation.

Text messages can also be less confrontational, reducing the chance of an argument and allowing both of you to reflect on your feelings before responding.

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Additionally, sending a text message can give your boyfriend time to process your message and consider his actions before responding.

It’s important to remember that everyone makes mistakes, and your partner may not have realized the effect his words or actions had on you.

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How to Tell Him He Hurt You Over Text?

1. I feel like there is a misunderstanding between us, and it left me feeling quite upset. Can we discuss what happened?

2. Your words really struck me, and I’ve been feeling down about it since then. Can we talk about how we can avoid that in the future?

3. I know you didn’t mean to, but your actions made me feel unimportant yesterday. Can we find a way to prevent this from happening again?

4. Your comment yesterday really took me by surprise, and it’s been weighing on me ever since. Can we talk about why you said that?

5. The way you handled our disagreement last night left me feeling unsupported and sad. Let’s try to approach things differently next time.

6. When you raised your voice at me yesterday, it made me feel unsafe. Let’s work on keeping our discussions calm and respectful.

7. Your reaction to my concerns was dismissive, which left me feeling unheard and unappreciated.

8. That joke you made really bothered me more than I initially thought it would.

9. The way you talked down to me the other day made me question if I truly matter to you.

10. When you chose not to listen to my side of the story yesterday, it felt like a betrayal.

11. The way you handled that situation left me feeling insignificant and dismissed.

12. When you snapped at me yesterday, it made me feel like my thoughts and feelings don’t matter to you.

13. I felt really upset when you canceled our plans without discussing it with me first. It made me feel unimportant.

14. When you didn’t defend me in front of your friends, it made me question our relationship.

15. I was quite disappointed that you forgot about our anniversary. It made me feel like our relationship isn’t a priority for you.

16. Your comment about my appearance the other day left me feeling self-conscious and sad.

17. I felt ignored when you were on your phone throughout our date night.

18. Your reaction to my news was very discouraging, and it left me feeling unsupported.

19. When you raised your voice at me, it felt really intimidating and scary.

20. I felt dismissed when you brushed off my concerns as trivial or unimportant.

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21. Your sarcastic tone when talking about my passions left me feeling disrespected.

22. The way you spoke to me last night was very harsh, which made me feel unloved and insecure.

23. It really hurt when you didn’t include me in your plans with friends.

24. I was really upset by the way you compared me to your ex because it’s not fair.

25. Your lack of empathy, when I shared my feelings, made it hard for me to open up to you again.

26. When you disregarded my boundaries, it felt like a betrayal.

27. Your insensitive joke affected me more than I thought it would. Please be more considerate next time.

28. Not responding to my texts or calls makes me worry and question if everything is okay between us.

29. When we fight, sometimes the things you say can be very painful and leave a lasting impact on how I see myself.

30. I felt left out when you didn’t invite me to join you and your friends, even though we’ve talked about spending more time together.

31. You made me feel unimportant when you didn’t acknowledge my accomplishments.

32. When you constantly tease me about my insecurities, it makes it difficult for me to trust that you have my best interests.

33. I felt really let down when you didn’t show up for our date without any explanation.

34. It’s hard for me to feel secure when you’re so secretive about your phone and social media activity.

35. When you criticize my family, it feels like a personal attack on me as well.

36. Your dismissive attitude toward my dreams and goals leaves me feeling unsupported and undervalued.

37. It was very painful when you blamed me for something that wasn’t my fault.

38. Your constant interruptions make it hard for me to express myself during conversations with you.

39. When you don’t listen to what I’m saying, it feels like my thoughts and opinions don’t matter to you.

40. Your unwillingness to compromise in arguments makes it difficult for us to resolve our issues.

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41. Not acknowledging or apologizing for your mistakes makes it hard for me to forgive you.

42. It hurt when you refused to meet my family. They are an essential part of who I am, and their approval means a lot to me.

43. Your impatience with me can be very hurtful. Everyone has different ways of processing feelings, and it’s important that we respect each other’s needs.

44. When you are saying that I’m overreacting, it makes me feel unheard and unimportant.

45. It’s hurtful when you use my past mistakes against me during arguments because we should be focusing on the present.

46. Your unwillingness to discuss our future together makes me question our relationship.

47. The way you flirt with other women in front of me is very disrespectful.

48. I felt embarrassed when you made a scene at the party in front of all our friends. Please try to control your temper next time.

49. It was painful when you questioned my trustworthiness without any reason or evidence to support your suspicions.

50. Your refusal to engage in meaningful conversation about important topics makes it difficult for us to grow together as a couple.

51. I felt extremely disappointed when you didn’t follow through on your promises. Trust is essential in a healthy relationship, and broken promises can erode that trust quickly.

52. When you dismiss my achievements as “not that impressive,” it feels like an attack on my self-worth and undermines the effort I put into reaching those goals.

53. Your passive-aggressive behavior can be very confusing and hurtful. It would be more productive if we could talk openly about what’s bothering us instead.

54. When you avoid discussing our problems, it makes me feel like our relationship isn’t important enough for you to invest time and effort in resolving issues.

55. Your lack of support during challenging times leaves me feeling isolated and alone when I need you the most.

56. It’s hurtful when you prioritize your friends’ needs over mine. It makes me question how much value I hold in your life.

57. Your tendency to give unsolicited advice can feel patronizing and dismissive of my ability to make decisions for myself.

58. Not considering my feelings before making significant decisions that affect both of us undermines our relationship.

59. When you try to control every aspect of our lives, it makes me feel like my opinions and desires don’t matter to you.

60. Your constant negativity can be draining and harmful to both my mental well-being and the overall health of our relationship.

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61. It’s difficult for me to trust that our relationship is secure when your commitment seems uncertain or wavering at times.

62. That comment you made about my appearance has been bothering me since I heard it.

63. The tone of your voice when we last spoke was very hurtful, even if that wasn’t your intention.

64. When you dismiss my feelings like this, it makes me feel unloved.

65. I felt embarrassed by your actions in front of our friends the other day, and I’d like to discuss it with you.

66. It’s hard for me not to feel small when your actions seem designed to make me feel that way.

67. I don’t want to argue, but I need you to know that your actions the other day really hurt me.

68. When you said those things, it hurt me more than you can imagine.

69. I’ve been feeling really upset about our conversation and I think it’s important we discuss it.

70. Can we talk about what happened? Your actions really hurt my feelings.

71. I need you to understand how much your words hurt me the other night.

72. It’s been difficult for me since our argument, as I felt really hurt by what you said.

73. Can we please discuss what happened? I’m feeling very hurt and need to talk about it.

74. Your words the other day really stung, and I want to make sure you understand why they hurt me.

75. I’ve been feeling down since our conversation and wanted to let you know that it really hurt my feelings.

76. It’s important for our relationship that we address the fact that your actions have caused me pain.

77. Can we sit down and talk about what happened? It has been bothering me because it hurt my feelings a lot.

78. I want us to work through this, but first, I need you to understand how much your actions hurt me.

79. Let’s sit down and talk about what happened because your words have left me feeling incredibly hurt.

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