9 Easy Steps to Seduce a Woman With Words

Are you looking for new ways to sweep a lady off her feet?

Do you want to add some spice to your verbal foreplay and woo women just by talking to them?

We all know that looks are important when it comes to physical attraction, but did you know that the way you use your words can be just as powerful?

Just like a skilled lover who knows how to use his hands and body to tantalize his partner, a seducer knows how to use his words and body language to create an unforgettable experience for the woman he‘s talking to.

Today, we‘ll share with you 9 steps that you can use to charm your lady crush. 

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How to Seduce a Woman With Words?

How to Seduce a Woman with Words

1.  Eye Contact

When it comes to trying to woo a girl, your words are very important but what you may not realize is that your eye contact and the rest of your body language are just as crucial, if not more.

Women are attracted to confident men and one of the easiest ways to show confidence is through strong eye contact.

When you look someone in the eyes, it shows that youre comfortable with them and that youre interested in what they have to say.

It also conveys trustworthiness something that women find incredibly attractive.

In addition, making eye contact will help to create a more intimate connection with the woman youre talking to because when we look into someones eyes, we can pick up on their emotions and start to feel them ourselves.

So, if she sees that youre happy and relaxed, shell be more likely to feel the same way. 

On the other hand, if your eyes reveal anxiety or nerves, she may start feeling uneasy as well.

2. Smile

A genuine, warm smile conveys confidence and interest and can put a woman you are trying to seduce at ease.

It shows that you are approachable and friendly and also makes you look more attractive and trustworthy!

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3. Use Your Body Language

Examples of How to Seduce a Woman with Words

There are many reasons why body language is so important when trying to attract and seduce women.

By maintaining eye contact, standing close to her, and touching her lightly on the arm or shoulder, you can send signals that you‘re interested in something more than just friendship.

These kinds of subtle cues will let her know that you find her attractive and want to take things further.

That’s where being confident can make a difference between getting a girl or going home alone without her number.

If you approach a woman with your shoulders squared and your head held high, she‘ll pick up on your strong sense of selfassuranceand chances are good she‘ll be intrigued enough by your boldness to give you a shot.

On the other hand, if you come across as nervous or unsure of yourself through your body language (fidgeting hands or slouching posture), the woman you are trying to seduce will likely turn you down. 

4. Listen to Her

Seduction is all about getting inside a woman‘s head and understanding what she really wants.

It‘s not about telling her what you think she wants to hear, but rather listening to her and then giving her what she needs.

That’s why you need to be a good listener.

Pay attention to the things she says both verbally and nonverbally.

Look for clues in her body language that can tell you how she‘s feeling and what she really desires.

Once you have a good understanding of what makes her tick, you can start using your own words to turn her on.

Choose your words carefully and make sure they are genuine and honest.

If you‘re sincere with your compliments and flirty remarks, she‘ll be more likely to respond positively than if you‘re just trying to say whatever you think will get you laid tonight.

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5. Flirt With Her

When done correctly, flirting can be an incredibly effective way to turn a woman on and get her thinking about you in a more intimate way.

Unfortunately, many men make the mistake of thinking that all they need to do is say something dirty and the woman will be ready to go.

The truth is, women are much more complex than that and require a bit more subtlety when it comes to seduction.

This is where flirting comes in. By engaging in lighthearted jokes and playful innuendos, you can get her imagination running wild.

Here are some examples to give you a better idea of the things you can tell a woman you want to woo:

  • The way you move is so mesmerizing, I can’t take my eyes off you
  • I love the sound of your laugh, it’s so intoxicating
  • I bet you’re the kind of girl who knows exactly what she wants and goes for it
  • I could stare into your eyes forever and never get bored
  • The way you talk is so captivating, I could listen to you for hours
  • Your eyes are so hypnotizing!
  • You’re so magnetic, I can’t help but be drawn to you
  • You smell divine, like a field of wildflowers in the summertime

6. Compliment her

It‘s no secret that women love compliments and when it comes to seduction, complementing her is important for a few reasons.

For one, it makes her feel good and appreciated which immediately puts her in a positive mood.

Secondly, compliments show that you find her physically attractive. 

That’s why when done right, they can be incredibly powerful tools for turning up the heat between the two of you!

7. Use Humor

Humor can help break the ice, diffuse tension, and shows that you are confident and comfortable in yourself.

Women are attracted to men who can make them laugh, so using humor early on is a great way to set yourself apart from other guys.

Laughter also releases endorphins and has been shown to reduce stress levels, lower blood pressure, improve immune function, and even increase lifespan.

What‘s more, humor creates an emotional connection between people – shared laughter bonds us together in a way that few other things can.

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8. Be Genuine

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Women are attracted to men who are authentic and honest.

Being genuine will help you build trust with the woman you are trying to seduce, and she will be more likely to respond positively to your advances.

There are many ways to show a woman that you are genuine, but here are some of the most effective examples:

  • Be honest about your intentions. If you are only interested in a onenight stand, do not try to pretend that you are looking for a longterm relationship. Women can see through this type of deception and it will only make them more guarded against your advances.
  • Make an effort to get to know her. Take the time to learn about her interests, hobbies, and goals. Showing genuine interest in who she is as a person will go a long way toward seducing her.
  • Be yourself. Do not try to be someone you think she wants you to be. Women are attracted to men who are confident in their own skin and comfortable being themselves. Trying too hard to impress her will only make you come across as desperate and insincere.

9. Take It Slow

Finally, remember that seducing a woman takes time so dont try to rush things or move too fast.

If you come on too strong, she may get turned off or even scared away!

Instead, take things slowly and let the conversation flow naturally as you get to know each other better.

If everything goes well, eventually you can escalate physically as well but only when SHE is ready for it.

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