12 Signs Your Ex Is in a Rebound Relationship

After a breakup, it’s completely normal to feel sadness, anger, and even jealousy.

It’s only human to be curious about how the person we once shared our life with is doing, and wonder if they’ve moved on or still secretly love us.

When you hear that your ex-partner has quickly moved on and found someone new, it can be incredibly painful and confusing.

You may start questioning yourself, wondering if there was something you could have done differently or pondering what the new person has that you don’t have.

If your ex seems to be in a new relationship right after your breakup, it could potentially be a rebound relationship.

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Rebound relationships tend to be temporary and short-lived due to their unstable foundations, acting more like an emotional band-aid than a true relationship.

Some people start dating right after a breakup to quell feelings of loneliness and reestablish a sense of companionship.

Others might try to regain their lost confidence by proving to themselves that they are still desirable or use rebound relationships to escape lingering negative emotions associated with their previous partner.

So if you find yourself wondering whether your ex is in a rebound relationship, here are some signs to watch out for.

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Signs Your Ex Is in a Rebound Relationship

1. They started dating right away

Your ex jumped into a new relationship surprisingly fast after your breakup, which can mean that they’re using this new relationship to cope with their heartache.

Instead of working through the emotions stemming from the end of your relationship, they might have opted for the seemingly quick fix of diving headfirst into another person’s arms.

For instance, if you both agreed to take a break after years together, but you discover that your ex has begun dating someone new within days of your breakup, then it’s highly probable that this relationship is a rebound attempt at moving on.

2. The new relationship is all about physical attraction

You may notice or hear that their new relationship seems to be primarily focused on physical intimacy rather than an emotional bond.

Often, rebound relationships tend to rely heavily on physical affection because it provides a temporary distraction from the underlying feelings of sadness or loneliness left behind from the previous relationship.

3. Comparisons between you and their new partner

If your ex frequently compares their new partner to you, it’s a clear sign that they haven’t fully moved on.

Even if they make negative comparisons between the two of you, it’s a subconscious acknowledgment of their fixation on your past relationship.

For example, if your mutual friends tell you that your ex often brings up similarities or differences between you and their new flame, it’s plausible that they’re not as invested in the new relationship as they’d like you to believe.

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4. They constantly bring up your past relationship

When talking to your mutual friends or on social media, your ex can’t seem to stop talking about your past relationship.

This constant reminiscing signals that they’re still struggling to come to terms with the breakup and may be seeking comfort by starting a rebound relationship.

For example, if they’re sharing throwback pictures or rehashing old memories during conversations with friends, it’s a sign that they are not yet fully invested in their new relationship.

5. They’re aggressively displaying their happiness

It’s one thing to be genuinely happy in a new relationship, but if it seems like your ex is excessively advertising their newfound happiness on social media or in conversations with friends, it might be an attempt to convince not only you but also themselves that they have moved on.

For example, if they’re posting an overwhelming number of lovey-dovey pictures and captions with their new partner soon after your breakup, it may reveal their insecurity and dependency on the rebound relationship for validation.

6. The new partner resembles you

It’s not uncommon for people to have “a type,” but if your ex’s new partner has a striking resemblance to you, either physically or personality-wise, it could mean they’re seeking comfort by dating someone who reminds them of you.

In this case, they might see their new partner as a replacement rather than embracing them for who they truly are.

7. The relationship is progressing unusually fast

If your ex and their new partner have moved in together, exchanged “I love yous,” or made significant commitments within a short period, it could indicate that the relationship is a way to fill the void left by your breakup.

By rushing milestones, they might be trying to recreate the familiarity and comfort they lost when your relationship ended.

For instance, if they suddenly announce they’re engaged just two months after your breakup, this could potentially be a sign that the relationship is a rebound.

8. They keep contacting you

Despite being in a new relationship, your ex still tries to maintain regular contact with you through calls, texts, or social media interactions.

This consistent communication can be a sign that they haven’t moved on completely and might be using their new relationship to make you jealous.

9. Your mutual friends are skeptical

If your friends who know both you and your ex well are raising eyebrows at their new relationship, it is probably a rebound.

Your friends’ opinions can often hold weight when assessing the new relationship, as they might have a more objective perspective on the situation.

If the people closest to you mention that they’re unsure about your ex’s new partner or feel that the relationship seems fake or rushed, it could be another sign pointing toward a rebound.

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10. They’re defensive about the new relationship

If your ex feels the constant need to defend their new relationship when talking to you or others, it could mean that they are feeling insecure about it.

For example, if they frequently bring up how happy they are with their new partner without being asked or trying to convince others that the relationship is perfect, they might be overcompensating for lingering doubts.

Another sign can be if they’re constantly defending their new partner’s actions or personality as if they’re waiting for criticism.

This type of behavior means that they’re hyper-aware of the potential disapproval or skepticism that others may have towards the relationship simply because it happened so quickly after your breakup.

11. They’re hesitant to introduce the new partner to family and friends

Introducing a new partner to family and friends is a big step in any relationship, but if your ex seems hesitant or reluctant to make these introductions, it could be a sign that they aren’t confident about the longevity of their new relationship.

Perhaps your ex isn’t openly sharing news about their new partner with close friends or family members yet, or they may even avoid attending social events if it requires bringing their new partner along.

It can be a sign that they see it as a temporary fix rather than a lasting relationship and don’t want to face potential judgment.

12. They’re trying to make you jealous

Your ex might try to make you jealous by flaunting their new relationship or sharing excessive updates about their new happy life.

These attempts to get under your skin can stem from their unresolved feelings toward you and the need for validation after the breakup.

They might bring up how much fun they’re having with their new partner and how much they “love” them.

If it feels like they’re over-sharing information about their new relationship to get a reaction from you, it probably means that they’re not entirely over the breakup and are using their new partner to get you jealous.

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