21 Things to Do With Your Boyfriend at Home in Bed

Do you want to spice things up in a bedroom, but feel like you’re stuck in a Netflix and chill loop? We’ve all been there.

At first, every moment in a bedroom is an electrifying rendezvous, but after a while, things get a bit predictable.

Sometimes, the electric charge needs a little boost. We need that sprinkle of adventure, a dash of the unexpected.

While there’s nothing wrong with being cozy in PJs and watching your favorite cooking show, there are more interesting things that you can do in bed.

We ain’t talking just about the ‘dirty’ stuff, but also other things that you can do to bond and build deeper connections. And of course, having an absolute blast while you’re at it.

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So if you’re ready to go beyond your regular movie nights and want to change things up, here is a big list of ideas to make your bedroom the ultimate fun zone.

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What to Do With Your Boyfriend at Home in Bed?

1. Pillow Talk Marathon

Dive into deep conversations or dirty talk. Ask each other unusual questions, dream out loud, or share your fantasies. The best part? No topic is off-limits.

2. Bedroom Picnic

Transform your bed into a dreamy picnic spot. Lay out a blanket, prepare finger foods, and pour some refreshing cocktails.

Chat, munch, and sip away as if you’re in a sunny park. Don’t forget to play some sensual background music.

3. Blindfolded Taste Test

Blindfold him and tease his taste buds. From sweet chocolate to tangy pickles, let him guess each flavor.

Not only is it fun, but it’s also deliciously unpredictable. Who knew food could be this entertaining?

4. Massage Night

Turn your bedroom into a relaxing spa. Invest in aromatic oils like lavender, eucalyptus, or jasmine. Take turns giving each other a full-body massage.

The sensation of hands exploring, combined with the scents, can be both relaxing and sensually invigorating.

5. Bed Yoga

Stretching in bed? Why not! Choose easy poses that both of you can do together. It can be hilarious as you both try to maintain balance and coordination.

Plus, it’s a refreshing start or end to your day. If you want to spice it up, do it naked.

6. TikTok Challenges

Pick out fun or even better dirty challenges to try out. Whether it’s a dance-off, a lip sync battle, or even a stretching challenge, the goal is to have fun.

Record yourself, laugh at bloopers, and maybe even share with friends. It’s about being silly, creative, and having fun.

7. Meditation Session

Explore relaxation and mindfulness together. Use apps or guided meditation videos to calm your mind. Focus on your breathing, the ambiance, and being present in the moment.

It’s a joint journey to inner peace, allowing you both to reconnect with yourselves and each other.

8. Sensual Candlelit Evening

Dim the lights and fill the room with aromatic candles. The gentle flicker and the soothing scents set the perfect ambiance for an intimate evening.

Play some relaxing tunes, whisper to each other, and simply soak in the ambiance. It’s all about creating a warm, cozy, and romantic atmosphere.

9. Desire List

Open up about your deepest desires and fantasies. Discussing them can not only spice things up but also increase trust and intimacy.

Ensure you’re in a safe space, free of judgment. It’s all about exploration, understanding, and experimenting.

10. Sensual Food Play

Drizzle chocolate, use strawberries, or have fun with whipped cream. Take turns feeding each other or discovering new ticklish spots.

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11. Lingerie Fashion Show

Pull out your favorite pieces of lingerie and give your boyfriend a personal fashion show. Play some dirty background music and have fun with your poses.

It’s empowering, fun, and an exciting way to reignite the flames.

12. Create a Bucket List

List out things you both want to do in the future. Whether it’s skydiving, seeing the Northern Lights, or learning to salsa – jot it down.

It’s not only about listing but also about dreaming and planning adventures together.

13. Indoor Camping

Why venture outdoors when you can camp right in your bedroom? Set up a mini tent, bring in some snacks, and share spooky stories.

Turn off all electronics, use a flashlight, and enjoy the intimacy of a camp, sans bugs.

14. Photography Session

Turn your bedroom into a studio. Play with lighting, props, and outfits. Capture candid moments, pose for each other, or simply take silly selfies.

15. Read Steamy Novel

Pick a dirty novel or collection of steamy short stories. Take turns reading it aloud. Let the words ignite your imagination and set the tone for the evening.

Discuss what what the biggest turn-on for you, or even act out your favorite scenes.

16. Temperature Play

Introduce contrasting temperatures – use warmed oils or wax and cold metal objects or ice cubes to create an array of sensations on each other’s skin.

17. Steamy Movie Night

Pick out a sensual movie – think along the lines of classics like “9 ½ Weeks” or modern ones like “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Let the on-screen chemistry inspire your own. It’s not about replicating the scenes but taking inspiration and discussing what you found intriguing.

18. Role Play

Ever wanted to be someone else for a night? Talk about your wildest fantasies and role-play them.

It could be scenarios like the naughty secretary and the boss, the stranded traveler and the local, or any other fantasy.

19. Naughty Board Games

There are many adult-themed board games, designed to ignite your passion. These games often have prompts, dares, or tasks that gradually escalate in steaminess. It’s playful, competitive, and ensures a night filled with a lot of surprises.

20. Mirror Play

Position a large mirror to give both of you a view of each other. Visual stimulation can be incredibly arousing, and the mirror adds more fun to your intimate moments, allowing you to experience things from a different perspective.

21. Write Each Other Sensual Letters

Pour your desires and fantasies into words. Write down what you find enticing about your boyfriend, your favorite intimate moments, or what you’d like to explore further.

Exchange letters and read them aloud to each other. It’s a proven way to ignite passion and have fun.

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