20 Signs a Single Man Likes a Married Woman

Have you ever found yourself in a bit of an odd situation, thinking, “Does this single guy have a crush on me?” and, oh wait, you’re married! It’s not exactly the kind of thing you chat about over coffee with your girlfriends, right?

It is not a secret that some single men are attracted to married women, however, it’s not always for the reasons you might expect.

This unexpected attention can stir up a lot of different emotions. You might feel flattered or even slightly amused at first, but then the questions start pouring in.

Why is he interested? Is he just being friendly, or is there more to it?

But here you are, reading this with a mix of curiosity and concern, wondering if that single guy at the office, the gym, or even the friendly neighbor next door is showing a little more interest in you than what’s considered normal.

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It’s confusing, isn’t it? On one hand, this attention can feel a little exciting; it’s human to feel flattered when someone shows interest in you. On the other hand, you know that you are married.

So let’s take a look at some of those subtle, and sometimes not-so-subtle, signs that a single man might be attracted to you.

Whether it’s the way he talks to you, the attention he gives, or the way he looks at you, each clue can shed light on his true feelings.

Understanding these signs can give you clarity on whether a single man is attracted to you, but what you do with this knowledge is entirely up to you.

Remember, just because someone is showing interest doesn’t mean you’re obligated to reciprocate or act upon it.

Your feelings, your marriage, and your values are paramount. Stay true to yourself and make choices that align with your beliefs and situation.

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Signs a Single Man Likes a Married Woman

1. He Always Finds Reasons to Be Around You

If a single guy likes you, he’ll find reasons to be around you.

It’s not just coincidence; it’s strategy. He might say things like, “Oh, I just happen to be in the neighborhood” or “I thought I’d try out this new hobby of yours.”

Pay attention to these little “coincidences” – they’re often anything but.

His body language might give him away too – always facing you, even in a group, and finding ways to close the distance between you two.

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2. Body Language Says It All

If he’s into you, he might lean in closer when you’re talking, or his feet might be pointed toward you even when he’s talking to someone else.

You might notice him mirroring your actions or gestures – if you cross your arms, he might do the same.

This subconscious mirroring is a sign of rapport and attraction. Additionally, he might find subtle ways to touch you like a light touch on the arm when he’s making a point or brushing against you “accidentally.”

3. There’s That Special Look

You know the look. The one that lingers just a little too long, filled with a mix of admiration and something a bit deeper.

He might quickly look away when you catch him, or he might hold your gaze, hinting that he likes you.

Eyes can be a window to one’s intentions, after all. You might notice him glancing at you across a room and then looking away as soon as your eyes meet.

Or during conversations, you might catch him looking at you with a sort of intensity and warmth that wasn’t there before.

This prolonged eye contact, often accompanied by a slight smile, can be a big indicator of his interest.

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4. Intimate Jokes

He might start making more intimate or suggestive jokes around you.

It’s his way of flirting without overtly crossing the line, checking your comfort and interest level.

For example, he might joke about how the two of you would make a great couple or make playful comments about hypothetical romantic situations.

These jokes are often delivered with a smile, but they carry a hidden meaning, hinting at his deeper feelings for you.

5. Seeking Alone Time

If he’s trying to get you alone, it’s a significant sign of interest.

He might suggest grabbing coffee or finding reasons to be in the same place at the same time, away from the crowd.

He might create situations where you need to work together on a project, or he may offer to give you a ride home so that he can be alone with you.

6. Hints About Dating

He might drop subtle hints about how he’s single and looking, or make comments about what his ideal relationship would look like.

These comments are often slipped into conversations to see your reaction and to plant the idea of dating him in your mind.

For example, he might say things like, “I wish I could find someone as understanding as you,” or “If I were with someone like you, I’d be the happiest man.”

7. Personal Space Invasion

He may begin to invade your personal space more than what’s considered normal for friends or coworkers.

This invasion isn’t necessarily aggressive; it could be standing a bit too close, leaning in more than necessary, or finding reasons to be in your immediate vicinity.

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8. Frequent Calls and Texts

Increased frequency in calls and texts, especially outside typical social hours, is a sign he’s trying to build a deeper connection.

These might start off as being about mundane topics but gradually become more personal and frequent.

He might text you late at night to ask how your day was, or call you under the guise of needing advice or help with something, using it as an opportunity to engage in longer conversations.

9. Subtle Touches

When a single man is attracted to a married woman, his touches might become more frequent and intimate, yet subtle.

He might find excuses to touch your arm during a conversation, gently brush your hand while passing something, or pat your back in a seemingly friendly manner.

These touches, though seemingly innocent, are his way of establishing a physical connection.

They are often fleeting and casual but charged with intention.

For instance, he might “accidentally” brush against your hand while laughing at a joke or touch your shoulder for a bit too long when pointing something out.

10. Expresses Dislike for Your Husband

He might subtly (or not so subtly) express dislike or disapproval of your husband.

This behavior can manifest in him downplaying your husband’s achievements, questioning his decisions, or comparing himself to him.

For instance, if you mention something about your husband, he might respond with, “Oh, he did that? I would never do something like that to you,” or “You deserve better.”

These comments are designed to sow seeds of doubt about your marriage while showing himself as a better alternative.

11. Sudden Interest in Your Marital Health

A man interested in a married woman often shows an exaggerated interest in the health and happiness of her marriage.

He might ask questions about your marital satisfaction or offer unsolicited advice on marital issues.

This curiosity often extends beyond normal friendliness and shows a vested interest in finding cracks in your marital relationship that he could potentially fill.

For example, he might ask, “Are you and your husband happy?” or “Do you ever feel like something is missing in your marriage?”

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12. Future Plans and Scenarios

These could range from “What if we were both single?” to more subtle “Wouldn’t it be fun if we went on a trip together?” type comments.

For instance, he might say, “Imagine if we were both traveling in Paris, just the two of us,” or “If I had someone like you, we would have so much fun.”

These fantasies show that he’s thinking about you in a more personal and intimate way.

13. He Asks Intimate Questions

These questions are often about your past relationships, your deepest desires, or your thoughts on love and intimacy.

For example, he might ask, “Have you ever been truly in love?” or “What does your perfect night look like?”

14. He Shows Signs of Jealousy

He might seem uncomfortable or change his demeanor when you talk about other men, or when you mention activities with your husband.

For example, he might suddenly become quiet or sarcastic when you mention a date night with your spouse.

15. Sends You Risky Photos or Texts

He might start sending you texts or photos that are more suggestive or flirty.

These could be selfies or photos that are meant to show off his physique. The texts might include innuendos or suggestive comments.

This behavior is a clear step beyond friendly interaction and shows he’s willing to risk more to see if you will flirt back.

16. Initiates Physical Contact

Beyond subtle touches, he might initiate more deliberate physical contact like hugging, touching your hair, or holding your hand.

For example, he might try to give you a hug every time he sees you or touch your hair under the pretext of removing something from it.

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17. He Says Many Women Have Affairs

He often brings up the topic of infidelity, particularly focusing on how common it is among women.

He might mention articles, movies, or stories about women who have had affairs, using these examples to suggest that cheating is widespread and, in some ways, understandable.

For instance, he might say, “I read an article that said a lot of women feel neglected at home and end up having affairs,” or “It seems like every TV show I watch lately is about a woman having an affair.”

By normalizing the concept of infidelity, he’s trying to make the idea of having an affair with him seem less taboo and more acceptable.

18. He Says “You Only Live Once” or “No One Will Know”

He often uses phrases like “You only live once” or assures you that your affair would be a secret to encourage the idea of a risk-free, no-strings-attached relationship.

He might say things like, “We’re not getting any younger, why not enjoy life while we can?” or “I’m really good at keeping secrets.

What happens between us would stay just between us.”

He’s trying to minimize the perceived risks and moral implications of having an affair.

By suggesting that life is short and implying that enjoying the moment is all that matters, he’s attempting to lower your guard and make the idea of a secret affair with him seem exciting and harmless.

19. Talks About His Personal Life to Get Your Attention

He often shares personal stories or feelings, hoping to trigger a similar response from you.

He might talk about his loneliness, his past relationships, or his desires for the future.

For example, he might share stories about his exes and what went wrong, trying to show vulnerability and openness.

By opening up about his personal life, he’s trying to create a bond of trust and emotional intimacy with you, hoping that it will encourage you to open up about your own life and feelings.

20. He Hints About Being Together When Your Husband Isn’t There

He often makes comments or jokes hinting at spending time together, especially when your husband is not around.

For instance, he might suggest watching a movie together when he knows your husband will be away, or he might jokingly say things like, “If I were your husband, I’d never leave you alone,” implying a desire to be in your husband’s place.

These comments are often delivered with a laugh or a smile, but the underlying intention is clear – he’s attracted to you and is testing the waters to see how you respond.

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