What to Say to a Guy Who Just Wants to Sleep With You? 43 Examples

Are you seeing a guy who seems to be more interested in sleeping with you than getting to know you as a person?

Maybe it all started innocently enough – be it at a bar, club, or dating app.

It was flattering at first, wasn’t it? His attention, the compliments – they all gave you that warm, fuzzy feeling.

But lately, his focus seems directed towards only one thing – sleeping with you.

It’s perfectly natural if you’ve been having second thoughts or fears. Experiencing doubts about his real intentions. Wondering if he will leave you as soon as he gets what he wants?

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So, let’s take a look at what can you say to a guy who just wants to sleep with you.

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What to Say to a Guy Who Just Wants to Sleep With You?

1. “I appreciate your interest, but I’m looking for something deeper than just physical.”

This puts your expectations upfront. If he respects this, it’s a good sign, and if not it is time to let him go.

2. “I think we should take things slow.”

This sets the pace of the relationship according to your comfort.

3. “You know, I’m not just a body, but a person with feelings and thoughts.”

This reminder asserts your respect for your individuality.

4. “I like to be intimate with someone I have a strong emotional connection with.”

This shows your desire for emotional intimacy preceding the physical.

5. “I don’t want just a physical relationship. I want us to be emotionally involved as well.”

This conveys your relationship expectations.

6. “I believe in love before lust.”

This reflects your values regarding love and physical attraction.

7. “Is all you want from me is physical intimacy?”

Directly asking him can lead to an honest discussion about your relationship.

8. “Let’s try to understand and respect each other’s boundaries.”

This encourages him to respect your personal space and needs.

9. “Are we on the same page about what we want from this relationship?”

Openly discussing each other’s expectations can help avoid future misunderstandings.

10. “I feel like you’re rushing things. Can we slow down?”

Expressing how you feel can make him change his behavior.

11. “I respect your feelings, but you must understand and respect mine too.”

This will help maintain mutual respect in the relationship.

12. “We shouldn’t do anything either of us isn’t comfortable with.”

This sets a ground rule for consensual activities.

13. “I think we should discuss where this relationship is going.

An open discussion can reveal whether there is a future for your relationship.

14. “I am not ready for this step right now.”

Your comfort and timing should be a priority in any decision involving intimacy.

15. “I would rather we develop our emotional bond before we become intimate.”

This shows your readiness to work on the relationship rather than jumping into bed.

16. “I hope you respect my decision to wait.”

Asserting your decision shows its importance to you, making it harder for him to dismiss.

17. “I understand if this isn’t what you’re looking for, but let’s just be friends.”

Saying this gives him a chance to reassess his motives and expectations.

18. “Let’s get to know each other better before we rush into anything physical.”

This encourages him to invest more time in developing an emotional bond.

19. “I prefer to keep physical intimacy for committed relationships.”

This shows your personal standards and may urge him to reconsider his approach.

20. “Let’s focus on building a connection first.”

This shifts the focus from physical intimacy to emotional bonding.

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21. “I think we’re looking for different things right now.”

Stating this will let him know that the two of you might not be on the same page.

22. “I don’t want to rush into anything I might regret later.”

By saying this, you’re letting him know that you need time to consider what feels right for you.

23. “I’d like our relationship to evolve naturally.”

This shows your desire for an organic progression of the relationship.

24. “I value emotional connection more than physical intimacy.”

This shows your relationship priorities.

25. “I believe intimacy is more meaningful when there’s love.”

This clarifies how you view intimacy and what it means to you.

26. “I’m not comfortable with just a physical relationship.”

Clearly stating your discomfort can help him understand your boundaries.

27. “Physical attraction is important, but it’s not everything for me.”

By saying this, you assert that there’s more to a relationship than just a physical connection.

28. “I don’t want to be just another conquest to you.”

This lets him know that you don’t want to be treated as an object or trophy.

29. “Is physical intimacy all that matters to you in a relationship?”

Poses a question that can make him reevaluate his priorities.

30. “I am not comfortable with casual intimacy.”

A straightforward way tells him you have firm boundaries.

31. “I don’t want to compromise my values.”

By saying this, you’re emphasizing your personal integrity and self-worth.

32. “Is this all I am to you?”

This question challenges him to consider if he genuinely cares for you or is only interested in your body.

33. “I am looking for someone who appreciates me for who I am, not just my body.”

This sends the message that you want to be valued for more than just your looks.

34. “I don’t want to be just another notch in your belt.”

This shows your need to be special, not just another conquest.

35. “Getting physical is a big step. Aren’t we rushing things?”

A rhetorical question that encourages him to slow down and respect your boundaries.

36. “Is there a reason you’re rushing into this? It’s making me uncomfortable.”

Expressing your discomfort might cause him to reconsider his actions.

37. “I think I deserve more than just a fling.”

Saying this shows your self-worth and your need for a more meaningful relationship.

38. “Can we talk about our expectations in this relationship?”

This opens up a conversation about both of your needs and desires.

39. “I need to feel special, not just desired.”

This emphasizes your need for emotional gratification, not just physical desire.

40. “I care about you, but I’m not ready to sleep with you yet.”

By talking about your feelings for him, you’ve shown that you’re interested but also clear that you are not ready to take the next step.

41. “Just because I’m attracted to you doesn’t mean I’m ready to sleep with you.”

This tells him that while you find him attractive, it doesn’t automatically mean you are ready for the next step.

42. “Why don’t we invest some more time in our relationship first?”

This shows that you would like to get to know each other better before taking things further.

43. “Do you think it might be too soon for us?”

This leaves room for him to think about whether or not rushing into a bedroom is the best course of action.

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