How to Make Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Love You More?

Do you feel like your girlfriend or boyfriend doesn’t love you the same way you love them?

It is uncommon for people in relationships to feel this way every once in a while especially if you were dating for a long time.

When you first met your partner the initial attraction was likely purely physical and love is what keeps the relationship going after the novelty of a new relationship fades.

Let’s take a look at some steps that you can take to make your girlfriend or boyfriend love you more and at the same time make your relationship stronger.

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4 Ways to Make Your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Love You More

1. Be More Attentive

This is an age-old strategy, but it is often misinterpreted.

Being attentive does not mean being with them 24 hours a day.

If you are constantly with your partner, they don’t get a chance to miss you so if your partner is dropping hints that they need a little space, give it to them.

Attentiveness means listening to your partner when they talk to you (not picking up the phone mid-conversation or texting someone else while they’re trying to make a point) and listening to their needs.

However, it is important to remember that listening to your partner’s needs and complying with their every wish is different.

Every relationship is a compromise, and your desires matter just as much as theirs do.

If you disagree with some aspects of your relationship, don’t just do absolutely everything your partner wants you to do thinking that it will make them love you more.

Instead, work to find a compromise, but be sure to acknowledge and understand their viewpoint, rather than steamrolling them with your own.

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3. Small Gestures Can Go a Long Way

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Sometimes people become obsessed with grand romantic gestures that they see in movies and think that nothing short of these will do.

However, these gestures set absurd standards, and doing anything like this on a regular basis would be ridiculous.

From day to day, small reminders of your love are a much better option.

Things like an “I love you” text, or a surprise lunch or dinner together can show your love without being obtrusive.

Most modern couples have their separate lives, so whisking your partner away for the weekend may not be the best idea unless the two of you have scheduled it together.

Instead, go for a smaller surprise, like their favorite meal, an unsolicited massage, or something a little more creative in the bedroom.

3. Be Conscious of How You Argue

Every couple fights and this is normal; it is vital to a healthy relationship.

However, how you fight is just as important.

Oftentimes, a fight can start out over a small issue, like finances or in-laws, but quickly transform into a battle to see who can hurt the other the most.

The next time you and your partner fight, try to stay aware of your own mental state.

Are you still discussing the actual issue, or has it just become a vindictive shouting match?

You can adjust the argument without capitulating; just take a few deep breaths and calm yourself down, then mention that things have gotten off track and you’d like to return to the actual issue you were discussing.

Another strategy is to establish a “time-out” system, where if one of you gets too riled up, you can put the argument on hold while you calm down and think.

Arguing may seem like the most unromantic part of your relationship, but fixing the way you fight can go a long way in making your partner love you more.

It shows them that you don’t want to hurt them and that you are open to resolving issues without devolving into a series of verbal jabs.

Not only will this make your partner more willing to discuss hot button issues, but it will also make them more willing to share more things with you, knowing that you will never use it against them.

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4. Don’t Be Afraid to Talk About the Bedroom

At the start of a relationship, giving your partner constructive criticism in the bedroom may not be the best idea.

However, as a relationship progresses, you may want to start talking about what you like and what they like.

Starting an open dialogue about your intimate life will show them that you’re open to suggestions, and make them feel less self-conscious about sharing their desires and fantasies with you.

Over time, communication will help you to improve your physical intimacy and will make it easier for you to try new exciting things in the bedroom.

Even if you try something and it doesn’t work at all, you can laugh about it together and have “that crazy story” to look back at.

Physical intimacy is an important part of any long-term relationship, so creating a dialogue about it early on will make your partner feel more comfortable.

You want to ensure that love is always growing on both sides.

No relationship is perfect, so working to make your partner love you more is very important.

These tips are simple, but they can be effective if you commit to following them to create a stronger love with your girlfriend or boyfriend.

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