17 Signs Your Wife or Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone Else

Do you suspect your girlfriend or wife might be cheating on you with someone else?

If you notice a sudden change in her behavior or the way she treats you, there are reasons to be concerned.

But how can you be sure that your girlfriend or wife is sleeping with someone else and not just acting out because she is in a bad mood?

Does your girlfriend or wife seem to be acting differently around you?

Does she seem bored, more distant, or less interested in you than usual?

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These are some of the signs that she might be seeing someone else – check if she has a dating profile!

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Signs Your Wife or Girlfriend Just Slept With Someone Else

1. She Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You

The biggest sign that your girlfriend or wife has slept with someone else is that she doesn’t want to sleep with you.

Before, when your woman used to get home, the first thing she did was jump your bones.

Now, whenever you want to get intimate with her she’s telling you that she’s tired or she’s “feeling sick”.

You may even notice that sometimes she avoids sleeping with you at all by spending a night with her parents, siblings, or friends.

If this only happened a couple of times, it is not a big deal but if it starts to happen more consistently you should talk to her and figure out what exactly is going on.

2. You Haven’t Seen Her Undressed In A While

When was the last time you saw your girlfriend or wife without her clothes on?

Did she start to sleep in her clothes so you don’t get to see her body anymore?

Many women that cheat become less intimate with their partners and often try to hide their bodies because they don’t desire their partner anymore and start to treat him more like a friend than a lover.

3. She’s Hiding Her Phone

If your girlfriend suddenly became very secretive about her phone and she never leaves it with you even when going to take a shower, you should be suspicious.

This could be because she’s trying to keep you from seeing texts or calls from someone else.

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4. She Smells Different

A woman’s pheromones change when she meets a new man and sleeps with him.

You may not be able to pinpoint it or identify the scent, but if your gut is telling you that she doesn’t smell the same as usual, it’s a warning sign.

However, when your girl comes home with an obvious smell of men’s cologne, it is a pretty clear sign that she was hanging out with other guys.

5. Her Overnight Bag Is Missing

When a woman has a one-night stand, she’ll typically bring a change of clothes, a toothbrush, and a hairbrush, among other things.

If you don’t see her overnight bag, it might be because she’s not actually “working the night shift”.

6. Her Body Language Is Different

Your girlfriend’s body language will change after she sleeps with someone else.

The way she moves around you and interacts with you will also be different.

She may stand further away from you or may not even want to touch you.

The way she looks at you will also change. Her eyes may be cold and distant, and her posture may be a lot more closed off.

She may not even want to kiss or hug you.

In other words, her body language is saying, ‘Don’t touch me,’ and that may be a warning that she’s been sleeping with someone else behind your back.

7. She’s More Intimate Than Usual

When your girlfriend isn’t interested in physical intimacy, there’s a good chance that she’s been sleeping with someone else.

However, a sudden change in the way she acts in a bedroom may also be a sign that she’s been cheating.

Her behavior in a bedroom may be different because of the excitement of sleeping with multiple people at the same time.

8. She’s Flirting With Other Men

If you’re noticing that your girlfriend is getting more flirty or touchy with other guys in front of you, it is likely that she is getting used to having fun with other men.

There are some women who are always flirty because it is just who they are.

However, if your girlfriend or wife wasn’t flirty with other men when you first met her but now suddenly she is becoming more comfortable and touchy around other guys it is a big red flag.

If she is behaving this way right in front of you, what do you think she is doing when you are not around?

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9. She Suddenly Has New Friends

Most women are highly susceptible to peer pressure especially if it comes from their friends.

Sometimes these new friends will have a positive influence on your girlfriend or wife, and sometimes not.

If her new female friends are known for sleeping with a lot of men and cheating on their boyfriends or husbands – it is bad news.

10. She’s Being Disrespectful

If you noticed that your wife or girlfriend is becoming more disrespectful to you, it is possible that she is doing it because she no longer considers you to be the most important person in her life.

The same is true if she suddenly becomes more critical of you.

She may be feeling more confident because of the attention she is getting from other men and is using this self-assurance to call you out on your flaws.

11. She’s Not Being Honest

Whether she’s lying about where she’s going or lying about what she’s doing, the fact of the matter is that your girlfriend is not being honest with you.

Many women lie to their partners if they want to cover their tracks when they are spending time with other men.

You may also notice that she gets irritated or tells you that you are being too controlling when you ask her where she is been.

12. She’s Being Distant

If you notice that your wife or girlfriend is not giving you any attention and not even bothering to talk to you about your day, it is a major red flag.

She could be trying to distance herself from you to avoid your questions to keep her affair a secret.

13. She’s More Interested In Her Phone Than You

Is she always on her phone when she gets home or even when you’re talking to her?

If she wasn’t like this before when you met her, it might be a sign that she prefers to chat with someone else instead of spending time with you.

You may also notice that she tries to hide her phone screen from you or puts it upside down so that you can’t see who is messaging her.

When you ask who is she chatting with she might tell you a “friend from work” without giving you any other details.

14. She’s Forgetting Important Dates

Is your girlfriend forgetting important dates like anniversaries?

If she does, it is likely that she is preoccupied with something else or doesn’t care anymore about your relationship because she is secretly seeing someone else.

15. She’s Not Interested In You Anymore

Does your girlfriend or wife gives you the cold shoulder, doesn’t talk to you, is short-tempered, and is outright cold to you?

These all are signs that she is losing interest in you.

When you notice that she isn’t engaging in conversations with you, and you are doing all the talking, it’s time to start asking yourself why.

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16. She Changed Her Appearance

Did you notice that your girlfriend’s makeup or clothing style has changed since she started working at that new job?

Is she dressing differently, wearing more makeup, or more revealing clothing?

If so, she could be trying to seduce someone by showing off her ‘assets’.

Even though it is completely normal for people to change their style, it can also be an indicator that she is doing it to impress someone else.

17. She’s Been Drinking More

If you’ve noticed that your girlfriend has been drinking more than usual, it may be an indication that she’s trying to cope with something.

It is possible that she feels sorry about cheating on you but doesn’t know how to tell you about the affair without ruining your relationship.

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