7 Ways to Make A Guy Want You Over Text

Do you like a guy and want to make him want you as well?

You can either wait until the guy falls for you or you can take a more proactive approach that we will discuss in this post.

How to Make a Guy Want You Over Text Messages?

1. Find Common Interests

If you want a guy to become interested in you, it is important to find something that both of you enjoy.

Even if you don’t find common ground, just talking about your interests can help you in connecting and make a guy feel more comfortable talking to you.

It is much easier to tease and flirt with the guy if you already have some rapport and he doesn’t think of you as of complete stranger.

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How To Make A Guy Want You Over Text

2. Tease Him Over Text

Not all conversations have to be serious or otherwise, it can get boring pretty quickly.

Try to spike his interest, and one effective way of doing that is to tease him, it is important to make him laugh.

You can even poke fun at yourself, to show him that you’re confident and can take a good-hearted joke.

Text Example:

You: I had a dream yesterday about you

Guy: What was it about?

You: Well things got a little out of control in my dream. I was a really naughty girl lol

3. Make Him Open Up To You

Most men don’t like to share personal details related to their life or even work.

But since your goal is to get to know the guy start slow and then ask more personal questions.

By sharing those intimate details with you the guy will start to feel more closely connected to you.

To start small, ask about things like “So, how many siblings do you have?” and build from there.

Men are known to appreciate and fall for those who take a genuine interest in their lives.

4. Become His “Go-To” Person

Once he has opened up to you, you need to take the role of his go-to person, someone he can rant to and ask for advice.

This won’t happen in a day or even a week, it is important to be patient and not be too straightforward, let him come to you.

While doing so continue to build physical chemistry with the guy.

You don’t want to become his platonic “best friend”.

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How To Make A Guy Want You on The Phone

5. Find The Balance Between Being Playful And Sensitive

Whether you’re talking to someone you just met or someone you’ve known for ages, it is important to find that balance.

Each topic of conversation requires its own appropriate reaction.

Keep your texts playful for the majority of the conversations so that he knows that you are fun to be around.

However, if he is opening up to you, make sure to keep your replies appropriate but not too formal.

It takes most men some time to truly open up, so make sure you are sensitive to their emotions.

6. Don’t Me Available All the Time

Not being available and taking the time to reply to his messages can help you to improve your chemistry.

You don’t want to take one hour to reply to his messages all the time but every once in a while just stop replying for half a day to make him think about you and what you might be up to.

Also, try to be unpredictable every once in a while to keep the guy guessing what you are going to do next.

The goal is to make him think about you as much as possible when you are not around.

7. Seduce Him The RIGHT Way

Many girls make the mistake of sending intimate photos to guys to make them interested.

It might work if your only goal is to sleep with the guy.

But if you are looking for something more serious don’t send any intimate photos to him.

It doesn’t mean that you can’t tease him and send pictures of yourself.

You can send him photos of you wearing slightly revealing clothes like a short skirt and ask him if he thinks it is too short.

But don’t send him intimate photos of yourself asking him what he thinks

You want to keep the guy interested and let him fantasize about how you might look without that short skirt.

You can also experiment with sending him overly playful and seductive texts as these few examples:

“My body is so sore, I think I need a massage. Can you help?”

“I feel so dirty today…I think I will take a nice bath”

“I got caught in the rain and now I am so wet”

“My friend told me that I am dirty-minded, is it bad?”

“Hey I bought a bra today and I need a second opinion if it looks good. Can you take a look I will send you a photo in 5 mins” – Just send him a photo of the bra laying on your bed.

If he says that he was expecting the bra on you, tease him about how naughty he is.

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When following all these steps, many people can get swept up with the flow and can make themselves form a personality that is not their own; always be yourself.

This may sound like cliche advice, but it is the most important of all.

What it really means is that it is important to maintain honesty.

Don’t make up a fake interest or hobby, and don’t lie about the type of personality you have.

You never know what type of person he may be looking for, so don’t be a fake one.

It is important to value yourself and be sincere with yourself and him.

Just focus on building anticipation and making a guy think about you all the time.

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