18 Funny Ways to Punish Your Girlfriend For Bad Behavior

Are you tired of your girlfriend’s less-than-ideal behavior? Fed up with her constantly canceling plans at the last minute or breaking all the promises she makes?

If yes, then you probably are feeling a sense of unease and discomfort. When the girl you love begins to change her behavior, it’s easy to start wondering what went wrong.

Is she falling out of love? Is it just a stage that will pass soon? Or, scariest of all, is there someone else? (Check if she is using online dating!)

However, even amidst this chaos, remember: love is as much about resilience as it is about romance.

Relationships go through phases, and while these may feel akin to nightmares right now, understand that they’re temporary.

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So let’s try shaking things up a little by addressing your concerns through humor and friendly nudges instead of worry or confrontation.

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How to Punish Your Girlfriend For Bad Behavior?

1. Replace Her Snacks

She’s expecting a satisfying bite of her beloved Snickers bar hidden deep in the cabinet. But what does she find there? A low-calorie granola bar.

Yep, replace her favorite snack with a healthier one to remind her that promises should be as dependable as her snack stash.

Do recount details of the promise that was broken with a smile to help her join the dots.

2. Love Letters

Who doesn’t adore being on the receiving end of love letters? But this time, it is a ‘citation’ letter for that promise she didn’t keep.

Remember to write it in a playful tone to maintain the fun element. How about adding a postscript reminding her how much you love her, despite the ‘offence’?

3. Playful Lockdown

Picture her face when she finds the pantry door locked after she neglected your weekend trip. Don’t worry, no malnutrition is intended here.

Simply hide her favorite packet of chips and tell her the key to unlocking the pantry lies in rescheduling that missed trip.

4. Subtle Switch

After she canceled the plans to watch a movie together, change your Netflix password and play a scavenger hunt.

Hide clues on how to get back the password while asserting it can be retrieved only after she rearranges her priorities.

5. Sticky Notes

Post sticky notes around reminding her of each promise she broke.

An ‘I owe you one dinner date’ note on the refrigerator can do wonders!

6. Comfort Food Coup

Hide the comfort food which she often binges on if you get stood up again. Tell her that she can reclaim her goodies once she starts honoring commitments.

7. Coding Prank

Change the language settings of her phone to a foreign language she barely speaks.

The resulting confusion should be a mild but effective reflection of how broken promises can lead to misunderstandings between two people.

Remember, do this with love and not as an act of frustration!

8. Jogging Punishment

When she breaks another promise, why not suggest a wellness punishment strategy?

Schedule a morning jog for both of you. Your health should benefit from the added exercise, and it would also serve as a gentle, healthy reminder to be truthful to her promises.

9. Kitchen Humor

Did she break another promise again? Time to turn on your inner chef and indulge in some kitchen humor.

Slip a little extra spice into her food which she won’t see coming! As she detects the unexpected spice in her food, use this opportunity to subtly throw in a comment about spicing things up in your relationship by keeping promises.

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10. Ice Cream Trick

Did she forget about those plans you both made again? Try the ice cream trick next time you have a movie night.

Whoever forgets their promises has to be the one to get the ice cream next time, turning the sourness of forgotten plans into a sweet takeaway.

11. Fitness Punishment

Create a rule where for every overlooked promise, she must do ten push-ups or any other light workout activity.

Not only will this add an element of fitness to your routine, but it will also serve as a playful reminder about forgotten commitments.

12. Join her in Her Negligence

If she’s late all the time, play along. Start showing up late too, just a little more than she does.

This gentle, humorous pushback could make her realize how annoying it is to wait for someone!

13. The ‘I Forgot’ Game

Start forgetting important dates like your anniversary or her birthday, just like she forgot your movie night plans.

But make amends with a surprise gift or plan just in time to keep the humor and avoid hurt feelings.

14. Silent Treatment

Talk less, way less, but do it so absurdly that it becomes comical.

Answer her long, thought-out texts with just an ‘Ok’. One-word replies can be very frustrating and might make her rethink her actions.

15. Inner Child

Show her how it feels to deal with her irresponsibility by behaving as a child yourself. Suddenly forget how to cook or how to do the laundry. Let her deal with a big baby for a day!

16. Social Media Prank

Upload hilarious and embarrassing (but harmless) photos or videos of her on social media. Tag her with funny captions and see her racing to delete them!

17. Play Hide and Seek

If she misplaces your things, start hiding her stuff too. Of course, not the crucial ones – just things like her favorite mug, novel, or a hairbrush.

18. Snoring

If she’s annoyed by your snoring, exaggerate it. Play snoring sounds on your phone when she least expects it!

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