53 Examples Of How To Make A Guy Jealous Over Text

A little bit of jealousy can help you in getting more attention from your crush or the guy you just started seeing.

The goal is to make a guy a little jealous but not take it to the point where he backs off thinking that you are only interested in other guys and not him.

That’s where most girls struggle.

They either mention that they like the other guy or say that they are going out with him.

This is not the right way to make your crush jealous unless your goal is to hurt and push him away.

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Today we will share with you some examples of how you can make a guy a little jealous over text without scaring him away.

However, before we proceed you should keep in mind that the examples below should only be used on the guys you just met and not your long-term boyfriend or husband because they may worry that you are having an affair.

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How To Make A Guy Jealous Over Text?

How To Make A Guy Jealous Over Text?

1. Tell Him About Your Day

Tell him about your day at work or school and mention that you had coffee with a guy friend or how you ran into a guy you used to date before.

1. “Mark and I went out for lunch today and he told me you guys went to the same high school”

2. “I saw an old friend today, haven’t seen him in forever.”

3. “Can’t believe I ran into Chris today. It was nice to catch up”

4. “I went to the movies with Sally and her brother.”

5. “I saw Joe today, do you remember him?”

6. “I didn’t know you went to high school with Mark!”

2. Send Him Your Hot Selfie

Take a hot selfie of yourself wearing something revealing and tell the guy that you are going out with your girlfriends.

7. “Just a pic from the night out with the girls :)”

8. “I really like my new outfit, but I can’t decide if it’s a little too much.”

9. “I guess you liked my last selfie. So here is more for you”

Another example is to send him a photo of you in a bikini and tell him that you are ready to hit the beach.

3. Mention Your Relationship Status

Play with his emotions by saying something like:

10. “Yesterday was so much fun! I guess being single has its perks lol”.

11. “I am so over my ex. He was such a jerk. I’m so glad I’m single now”

This will drive him crazy.

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4. Make Him Wait for Your Texts

One of the best ways to make a man jealous is to keep him guessing where you are and what you are up to.

If you wait before replying to his texts, he’ll wonder if you are with someone else.

It’s always good to leave him wondering if your goal is to make a guy jealous.

You can even text and tell him that you will reply later.

12. “I’m at the coffee shop with my friends. I’ll text you later.”

5. Tell Him About a Guy Who Has a Crush on You

13. “This guy at work keeps inviting me for lunch. I think he has a crush on me lol”

14. “This guy keeps flirting with me. I don’t know how to tell him I’m not interested.”

15. “I can’t believe this guy in my class. He keeps inviting me out to go out with him.”

16. “There’s a guy at school who keeps trying to talk to me and it’s so annoying.”

17. “There’s a guy at school who keeps asking me out on a date but I want to stay friends.”

18. “There’s this guy in my gym class who keeps trying to get close to me and I don’t know how to tell him I’m not interested.”

6. Compliment Other Guys

19. “We have this new guy at work and he looks like Brad Pitt”

20. “I’m so glad I have a friend like Ryan. He always knows how to cheer me up when I’m feeling down.”

21. “All the girls in the office were checking out our new intern lol Poor guy was so nervous from all this attention”

22. “I saw a really cute guy at the gas station today. I thought about you.”

23. “Did you see that new guy at the bar? He’s so funny.”

7. Tell Him That You are Having Fun

24. “I’m going out with the girls. So excited to finally go dancing again!”

25. “I’m so excited for tonight. I just got invited to the party at Kate’s place.”

26. “I’m so tipsy right now. I’m going to regret this tomorrow morning.”

27. “I’m having so much fun with my girls tonight.”

28. “I’m having so much fun! I never knew university bar was so fun!”

29. “I’m so embarrassed, I was dancing at the club with my best friend and I fell!”

30. “I’m so tired! I just got home.”

31. “I’m so drunk, I’m going to have such a hangover tomorrow.”

32. “I have the worst hangover. I’m never drinking again.”

8. Send Him a Picture With Another Guy

If you really want to make a guy jealous, send him a picture of you with another guy.

33. “This new club is so awesome! I ran into my old friend from school”

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9. Make Plans to Hang With Another Guy

34. “I’m going to meet up with Chris to help him with his math homework. I’d invite you but I’m sure you’d be bored.”

35. “So excited to go to Mike’s birthday party. Can’t believe he is already 30!”

36. Apparently, Mike is a fitness instructor at YMCA and he offered to give me a few free sessions. So excited to get back in shape again!”

10. Tell Him That You’re Getting a Lot of Attention

37. “I’ve been getting so many compliments today. Must be my hair lol”

38. “Not sure what happened but I literally had 5 guys staring at me at the gym”

39. “Can’t believe the fitness instructor in my gym winked at me today! Wonder what he is thinking”

40. “I’m tired of these guys at work talking to me all the time. I don’t know how to tell them I’m not interested.”

41. “I was at the bar last night and the bartender kept staring at me lol”

42. “I’ve been trying to work out more, but I can’t get over guys staring at me at the gym”

43. “There’s a guy checking me out right now lol What should I do?”

11. Talk About Your Ex

44. “I’m so happy I broke up with my ex. He was such a jerk. Can’t believe he keeps texting me. I should probably block him lol”

45. “Guess who I ran into today? My ex and he tried to ask me out. Unbelievable lol”

45. “I ran into my ex-boyfriend on the street. He looked really sad. Wonder what happened to him”

47. “I have a feeling that my ex is trying to get back together with me.”

48. “My ex just texted me. I should block him”

12. Dream About Someone Else

49. “I had a dream last night that I was making out with Ryan Gosling. I woke up so turned on.”

50. “The other day I was talking to my best friend, and she told me that she had a dream that I was making out with her. This is so messed up lol”

51. “My friend had a dream that I was sleeping with her boyfriend. I’m not sure how I feel about that”

52. “I had a dream that my friend’s boyfriend was making out with me. I don’t know why I’m feeling so guilty about it.”

13. Ask Him a Question About a Guy

53. “Do you know if Ryan is single? Did he break up with Ashley”

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