59 Ways to Get a Guy to Call You Without Asking

You’ve been messaging for a while now but you want more. You want to hear a voice on the other side of the line, not just words on a screen. You want a call.

But here’s the problem – you don’t want to ask him directly. Something about the thought of asking him to call makes you incredibly nervous.

It makes you feel vulnerable and forward in a way that’s uncomfortable even to contemplate. You also don’t want to seem needy or desperate.

You dread the thought of making him uncomfortable or pushy. But at the same time, something needs to be done.

So how can you hint for him to dial your number without explicitly asking him?

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How to Get a Guy to Call You Without Asking?

1. “I’m terrible at typing on my phone; I always misspell everything.”

2. “I just got my nails done and it’s so hard to type.”

3. “I’m going for a walk, perfect time for a phone call.”

4. “This conversation is getting too serious for texting.”

5. “There’s something exciting I would love to tell you, but it’s too complicated to text.”

6. “I’m driving at the moment, can we talk on the phone?”

7. “Texting takes the fun out of hearing your reactions.”

8. “Are you not tired of typing yet?”

9. “Isn’t it easier to just talk instead of type?”

10. “I’d rather hear your voice…”

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11. “I think I need a break from texting. Call me?”

12. “I’ve had such an interesting day, but it’s too much to type out.”

13. “I’ve got some exciting news! But, I want to share it over a call.”

14. “Just realized we’ve never actually spoken on the phone!”

15. “You’re not scared of phone conversations, are you?”

16. “I’m really bad at responding to texts, but I promise I’m better over the phone.”

17. “Making dinner and my hands are all messy! Can we continue this over call?”

18. “You know typing is not my best skill. Help a girl out here!”

19. “Feels weird, we’ve spent all this time messaging but never talking!”

20. “Sounds way more fun if you explained it over the phone.”

21. “I miss hearing voices other than Siri’s, shall we talk?”

22. “Been correcting my typos for the last 5 minutes! Let’s just call now.”

23. “Let’s have a conversation the old-fashioned way – through a call!”

24. “We’ve never actually spoken before. Let’s change that.”

25. “It feels somewhat impersonal to have such a great conversation over text.”

26. “Let’s not hide behind these screens, let’s go old school and actually talk.”

27. “I wish I could hear your voice right now.”

28. “It’s much easier to discuss this over a phone call, don’t you think?”

29. “You know, I miss hearing your laughter.”

30. “I feel our conversations would be so much better if we could just talk instead of typing.”

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31. “Remember the last time we talked over the phone? I loved that.”

32. “I bet your voice sounds as good as your texts.”

33. “I want to tell you a story, but it won’t do it justice via text.”

34. “Texting is cool, but nothing beats good ol’ phone calls.”

35. “Let’s spice things up and switch from texts to a call sometimes.”

36. “Would love to hear from you, and I don’t just mean texts.”

37. “Don’t hide that charming voice behind the texts.”

38. “Have you ever tried the old-fashioned calling? I hear it’s making a comeback.”

39. “There’s something I think would be easier to explain on a call…”

40. “Oh no! My thumbs are tired from all this texting. Maybe we could call and save them?”

41. “Don’t you miss hearing people actually laugh instead of just typing ‘LOL’?”

42. “Would you be comfortable with a phone call sometime? I’d love to hear your thoughts rather than read them.”

43. “I have a funny story to tell you, but it’s too long to text.”

44. “I wish we could talk instead of typing out these long messages.”

45. “I’d rather call and tell you than have to type it all out.”

46. “You won’t believe what happened today! It’s easier if I tell you on the phone.”

47. “My phone’s acting up, and I don’t know if my text messages are going through. Does a call work for you?”

48. “Let’s switch up the format. How about a call instead?”

49. “It’s time we graduate from texting to actual phone calls, don’t you think?”

50. “There’s something about hearing your voice that brightens up my day.”

51. “Oh, darn autocorrect! It’s driving me nuts, I’d rather call you.”

52. “We’re always messaging late at night, wouldn’t a call be much more convenient?”

53. “Do you remember those times when people used to just call each other? Let’s bring that back.”

54. “Had the craziest day! Would love to share it over a call.”

55. “My hands are busy cooking, but I can put you on a speaker.”

56. “My autocorrect is embarrassing me today, I think a call would be safer.”

57. “Been practicing my guitar skills, want to check it out over a call?”

58. “I wish I could hear your voice rather than your texts.”

59. “Just finished this book and I desperately need someone to discuss it with. How about over a call?”

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