62 Flirty Responses to Drunk Texts

It’s 4 am and your phone buzzes with a new text. Groggily, you squint through sleep-heavy eyes to find a text from someone you’ve been casually seeing. It’s a little incoherent, the spelling is off, and the emojis are over the top.

It’s undeniably charming in its clumsiness and you can’t help but smile as you read it, your tiredness momentarily forgotten.

Ever found yourself in a similar situation?

The thought of someone you like texting you at such an unconventional hour, and in such an unconventional state, is both exciting and terrifying. Will whatever they’re feeling last by morning? What if it doesn’t?

How do you reply to their drunk text without coming across as too desperate or boring? Say too little, and you might appear disinterested. Say too much, and you might scare them away.

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It’s a delicate dance between revealing just enough to keep them interested but not so much that it overwhelms them.

To make it easier for you here are some examples to get you started so that the next time you get the drunk test from your crush you know how to reply back.

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Examples of Flirty and Funny Replies to Drunk Texts

Drunk Text: “Heyyyyyyyyyy… wut u up to?”
Flirty Response: “Just counting stars. Wish you were here to help me do that!”

Drunk Text: “I miss u guysssss”
Flirty Response: “Missing you too! Let’s plan to catch up soon!”

Drunk Text: “Ever thought about us?”
Flirty Response: “Every single day”

Drunk Text: “I need pizza… and you”
Flirty Response: “Always knew I belonged in the same category as pizza lol”

Drunk Text: “Dreamin bout u”
Flirty Response: “You’re probably having some pretty good dreams then!”

Drunk Text: “Why are we not dating?”
Flirty Response: “Hmm, good question! Shall we discuss it over coffee?”

Drunk Text: “U up?”
Flirty Response: “Just about to drift off. Are you dreaming about me?”

Drunk Text: “I heard our song…”
Flirty Response: “Only the first of many, I hope.”

Drunk Text: “Ur the only one who gets me…”
Flirty Response: “Well, I do enjoy trying to solve a good mystery.”

Drunk Text: “Can’t stop thinkin bout u”
Flirty Response: “What exactly are you thinking about?”

Drunk Text: “I can still smell you on my shirt…”
Flirty Response: “I guess it is time to take a shower.”

Drunk Text: “Remember our first date?”
Flirty Response: “How could I forget?”

Drunk Text: “Why aren’t u here?”
Flirty Response: “Saving the best for later”

Drunk Text: “Did I tell u I like u?”
Flirty Response: “Maybe once or twice, but I wouldn’t mind hearing it again.”

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Drunk Text: “I saw something that reminded me of u.”
Flirty Response: “Oh really? Can’t wait to hear all about it tomorrow.”

Drunk Text: “I can’t forget that last kiss.”
Flirty Response: “Neither can I. Maybe it is time for another one?”

Drunk Text: “Why aren’t we cuddling right now?”
Flirty Response: “Good question…”

Drunk Text: “U smell like happiness.”
Flirty Response: “And you taste like sweet temptation.”

Drunk Text: “Wanna see me right now?”
Flirty Response: “Desperately, but let’s save all the excitement for the morning.”

Drunk Text: “U stole my heart.”
Flirty Response: “Only borrowing it, promise to take good care of it.”

Drunk Text: “I’m too drunk to say this but I love u”
Flirty Response: “I’ll hold you to that in the morning!”

Drunk Text: “U sure know how to make a girl smile”
Flirty Response: “Only when the girl is worth it!”

Drunk Text: “I could use some company”
Flirty Response: “Oh, what I’d give to be your company tonight…”

Drunk Text: “Whys it so hard to stop thinking about you?”
Flirty Response: “Probably becasue I am so sweet…”

Drunk Text: “Wish u were here tbh…”
Flirty Response: “Maybe next time you’ll have to take me with you”

Drunk Text: “U+Me… think about it”
Flirty Response: “Got it. You + Me + Coffee tomorrow?”

Drunk Text: “Can’t wait to see you”
Flirty Response: “That makes two of us!”

Drunk Text: “You make me crazy”
Flirty Response: “Crazy enough to do what?”

Drunk Text: “You are the best thing ever happened to me”
Flirty Response: “Even better than that late-night pizza?”

Drunk Text: “You’re too hot to handle”
Flirty Response: “But you seem to handle me just fine”

Drunk Text: “Would love to see you in that red dress”
Flirty Response: “I will think about lol”

Drunk Text: “I’m lonely without you”
Flirty Response: “Then let’s make sure you’re not lonely tomorrow, dinner at 8?”

Drunk Text: “You’re all I think about”
Flirty Response: “Should I be flattered or worried?”

Drunk Text: “I need your hug”
Flirty Response: “Sending you a virtual one for now, real one tomorrow?”

Drunk Text: “I can’t resist you”
Flirty Response: “Why do you need to resist?”

Drunk Text: “U+Me=Perfect Night”
Flirty Response: “Your math seems intriguing, let’s discuss it over brunch?”

Drunk Text: “U R my sunshine”
Flirty Response: “And you’re my moonlight”

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Drunk Text: “Wish I could kiss you Goodnight”
Flirty Response: “Well, you’ve got me blushing now…”

Drunk Text: “I’ve been fantasizing about you”
Flirty Response: “Oh, do tell! Preferably when you’re sober.”

Drunk Text: “I can’t stop thinking about your lips”
Flirty Response: “They’re missing you too.”

Drunk Text: “Wish I could feel your body next to mine”
Flirty Response: “Let’s start with a coffee date first!”

Drunk Text: “You’re the hottest guy I’ve ever met”
Flirty Response: “So you finally admit it, huh?”

Drunk Text: “I can’t get you out of my head, even when I’m drunk”
Flirty Response: “Maybe we should try getting coffee together when you’re sober?”

Drunk Text: “I miss the taste of your kiss”
Flirty Response: “Sounds like someone is feeling a bit nostalgic tonight.”

Drunk Text: “Your voice turns me on”
Flirty Response: “I love that my voice has such a powerful effect on you.”

Drunk Text: “Your touch drives me wild”
Flirty Response: “You haven’t seen anything yet.”

Drunk Text: “I dream about you in ways I can’t describe”
Flirty Response: “Should I be flattered or worried?”

Drunk Text: “Your body is a wonderland”
Flirty Response: “Wait until you explore the amusement park!”

Drunk Text: “Wish I was waking up next to you”
Flirty Response: “Well, aren’t you a romantic!”

Drunk Text: “Thinking about you gets me all hot and bothered”
Flirty Response: “Drink some water, cool down, and save those thoughts for later”

Drunk Text: “Excited for our next date”
Flirty Response: “That makes both of us!”

Drunk Text: “You know just how to turn me on”
Flirty Response: “And that’s just scratching the surface”

Drunk Text: “Craving your touch right now”
Flirty Response: “Raincheck until you’re sober?”

Drunk Text: “You and me, naked?”
Flirty Response: “We haven’t even had our first date yet!”

Drunk Text: “Remember our first kiss?”
Flirty Response: “Hard to forget it”

Drunk Text: “I want you so bad”
Flirty Response: “Patience is a virtue”

Drunk Text: “Just the thought of you sends shivers down my spine”
Flirty Response: “Can’t wait to give you the real deal”

Drunk Text: “Missing your body against mine”
Flirty Response: “I guess we’ll have to fix that soon”

Drunk Text: “Can’t wait to make you scream my name”
Flirty Response: “Whoa there, let’s take things slow!”

Drunk Text: “You + Me + Bed? Think about it.”
Flirty Response: “How about You + Me + Ice cream instead?”

Drunk Text: “Just thinking of you makes me hard”
Flirty Response: “Let’s save that for when you’re sober”

Drunk Text: “Imagine if we were alone right now…”
Flirty Response: “Sounds tempting”

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