105 Funny Relationship Deal Breakers

Did a guy or girl ask you about your relationship deal breakers and you couldn’t think of anything?

Or maybe you want to add a few examples of personal deal breakers to your online dating bio but have no idea what to write?

The best way to approach this is to use humor because making someone laugh is one of the easiest ways to break the ice and build attraction.

Today we will share with you a list of funny, flirty, and silly dating deal breakers you can use whenever someone asks you about your relationship boundaries and preferences.

From silly habits to pet peeves, these funny deal breakers will help you to show your creative side and get more dates.

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List of Funny Relationship Deal Breakers

1. Refusing to do yoga with me

2. Not knowing the difference between a yeti and a sasquatch

3. Having a pet named after an ex

4. Refusing to put the toilet seat down

5. Not understanding the importance of pizza in my life

6. Refusing to watch Rick and Morty with me

7. Refusing to share the remote control

8. Not knowing the difference between a yeti and a sasquatch

9. Not wanting to share the popcorn at the movies

10. Being terrible at giving foot massages

11. Refusing to engage in pillow fights

12. Refusing to take selfies

13. Not being able to handle my occasional mood swings

14. Being uncomfortable with my passion for Star Trek

15. Refusing to wear matching outfits for special occasions

16. Not having the same taste in movies as me

17. Never giving me a massage

18. Not being able to recognize any of my favorite 80s songs

19. Not laughing at my dad jokes

20. Having an irrational fear of clowns

21. Refusing to sing karaoke with me

22. Not sharing my passion for football

23. Not wanting to do some crazy stuff together

24. Refusing to watch scary horror movies with me

25. Not understanding the importance of cuddling

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26. Not appreciating my weird talents

27. Refusing to get up and dance with me at a nightclub

28. Refusing to go on silly adventures with me

29. Not being able to appreciate my singing in the shower

30. Being obsessed with their phone during our dates

31. Refusing to get up and dance with me at a nightclub

32. Not being able to take a joke

33. Taking themselves too seriously all the time

34. Refusing to make silly faces with me while taking photos

35. Believing that pineapple belongs on pizza

36. Not knowing how to dance

37. Hating my favorite movies

38. Refusing to let me pick the restaurant for date night

39. Having a suspiciously close relationship with their hairdresser

40. Refusing to play board games with me

41. Not appreciating my cooking talents

42. Not liking dogs as much as I do

43. Refusing to indulge in food fights

44. Refusing to go on long walks together

45. Not being able to make up stories on the spot

46. Being unable to name 5 types of dinosaurs

47. Refusing to dance with me in public

48. Being overly competitive in board games

49. Not understanding the importance of dance-offs

50. Having a fear of karaoke

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51. Refusing to try new foods

52. Refusing to let me name our pets

53. Not understanding the importance of my morning coffee

54. Refusing to be affectionate in public places

55. Not having any dance moves

56. Refusing to share embarrassing childhood stories

57. Refusing to watch romantic comedies

58. Telling me what I should and shouldn’t be wearing in public

59. Using my toothbrush without asking first

60. Not being able to hold their liquor

61. Being unable to cook a decent meal

62. Having more than 10 exes

63. Having an obsession with selfies

64. Refusing to share food

65. Bringing up the ex all the time

66. Thinking your opinion is always right

67. Being unable to give compliments

68. Leaving socks lying around

69. Spending too much time on TikTok

70. Not liking the same sports teams as me

71. Excessive use of emojis in text messages

72. Refusing to wear matching socks

73. Not being able to make a good cup of tea

74. Not knowing the difference between a jalapeño and a habanero

75. Listening to Nickelback

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76. Not willing to share their secret stash of candy

77. Always wanting to use their own blankets and pillows

78. Refusing to cuddle

79. Claiming that all horror movies are bad

80. Expecting me to pay for all the dates

81. Not being able to properly pronounce ‘tiramisu’

82. Having a negative opinion about cats

83. Refusing to play Monopoly with me

84. Insisting on drinking skim milk

85. Being a terrible singer

86. Hesitating to try new hairstyles

87. Having a pet that I’m allergic to

88. Refusing to let me drive their car

89. Not enjoying a good gaming session

90. Refusing to try anything out of their comfort zone

91. Not understanding the difference between “your” and “you’re”

92. Not appreciating classic movies

93. Refusing to ever eat anything green

94. Preferring fiction books over non-fiction books

95. Not owning a pet

96. Not being able to handle spicy food

97. Not believing in astrology

98. Refusing to share an ice cream

99. Being too lazy to take out the trash

100. Not liking to cook

101. Not being able to tolerate cold weather

102. Refusing to watch reality TV shows

103. Refusing to share their Netflix password with me

104. Not knowing the lyrics to at least one love song

105. Refusing to hold hands in public

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