The Signs That Your Barista Really Likes You And How To Get Her Number

You walk into your favorite coffee shop, snuggle gently into your favorite seat, and your regular barista smiles and comes over to your table and engages in a short chat with you, takes your order, and returns with your coffee.

She even stays behind for a minute or two to ask about your day before leaving to take somebody else’s order.

Boom! Could it be that your barista is into you?

“Man! She definitely likes me” you think to yourself.

You might even start thinking of how to get her number or take her out on a date.

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But, what if she is not really into you but instead is just being friendly?

How do you tell if your Barista really likes you?

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Top 5 Signs That Your Barista Likes You

gns that your Barista likes you

1. She goes happy and giggly the moment she notices you

As you walk into the shop, notice the barista.

If her face lightens up as you enter the coffee shop and she smiles at you and goes giggly, then she most definitely likes you.

You might even catch her whispering into her co-worker’s ears.

2. She takes more time with you

She will probably exchange a few words with all the customers. It’s called customer service.

But if you notice that she pays more attention to you than the other customers, you know that she is attracted to you.

3. She remembers your name

A lot of customers come in and go out of a coffee shop every single day, so, a lot of baristas will really not have any care in the world if they don’t know your name or do not spell it right.

If your barista remembers your name clearly and spells your name without mistakes, it likely means that she is into you.

4. She tells you what she likes, about her weekend and her shifts at the coffee shop

This means that she likes talking to you and probably feels somewhat attracted to you.

She likes to see more of you and so she wants you to come to the coffee shop when she is on shift.

5. She makes a big deal of your absence

Okay, she wouldn’t really make a big deal, a big deal. Do you know what I mean?

But she’ll show some concern.

She might say something like “Oh my! I was wondering why you’ve not been coming around for some time, I hope all is well?”

To a regular customer, she’d probably just say “Hello sir, we’ve not seen you around for some time, how is everything?”

Notice the use of ‘I’ and ‘we’!

She uses ‘we’ for the regular customer because she is concerned on behalf of the coffee shop.

But for you, she uses ‘I’ because she is truly concerned about you and was worried that she hasn’t seen you for a long time.

So, there you have it, take these cues the next time you feel that your barista is into you and you might just get lucky and get her number.

And oh, a quick add: Baristas have a way of making designs with the latte.

So if your barista makes smileys or hearts on your coffee, it might be another sign that she likes you.

Now that you have decided that your barista likes you, you might want to move ahead to the next stage and maybe get her phone number and ask her for a date.

She probably gets this from a lot of other customers, so you need to be careful here.

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How to Get Your Barista’s Phone Number?

Be direct: You’ve been a regular customer and probably had a lot of conversations over time.

To get her number, you can simply just say “You know you have been really nice to me, and I would really love to hang out with you, what do you say?”

If she likes you, she’ll say yes and you can then ask for her number.

Be witty and funny: While being direct can be very easy to pull off, you stand a better chance at yes with a witty and funny approach than being direct.

So you can try this when she comes to serve you a coffee next time: “Thank you so much! You know you’ve been the one serving me coffee for a long time now, let me return the favor today at 6 pm. There’s a little bar around the corner, I’ll take over from the bartender and serve you your favorite drink!”

She’ll probably laugh a little and you can quickly follow it up by asking her to write her number down for you or give her your phone to type. “Here! Punch in your number and I’ll send you a text!”

If she, however, turns you down and says NO, don’t take it personally and ghost out on the coffee shop.

Just play it cool and continue like nothing ever happened and maybe over time, she might actually end up writing down her number for you.

Lastly, if you feel like you can’t pull any of this off, you can simply write down your number on a piece of paper and slip it to her.

If she likes you, she’ll give you a call.

If not, you don’t have anything to lose.

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