150 Dirty Notes to Leave for Your Husband

Marriage is a beautiful thing, but let’s face it, sometimes the daily grind can make things a bit monotonous and boring.

One way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting is to leave mysterious, dirty notes for your husband to keep him on his toes and build anticipation throughout the day.

It’s like a game of hide and seek, where he’s constantly on the lookout for your next message. This anticipation makes the eventual “reward” even more satisfying.

Leaving notes is also a fantastic way to remind your husband of that initial chemistry you two had when you first started dating.

It’s easy to forget the passion that once consumed you both, but these little reminders can reignite those feelings.

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Communicating your desires with your notes can help you explore your fantasies and be more open about what you want.

Your notes can also serve as a form of affirmation. Complimenting your husband and expressing your attraction to him through these notes will make him feel desired and appreciated.

Lastly, leaving these notes is just plain fun! It adds an element of playfulness to your relationship, which is essential for a healthy and happy marriage.

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Examples of Flirty, Funny and Dirty Notes to Leave for Your Husband

1. Let’s play a game tonight. You win if you can make me scream your name.

2. I’m craving some alone time with you. Can we make that happen?

3. I’ve got a surprise for you and it involves whipped cream.

4. I want you to kiss every inch of my body tonight.

5. I’ve been a bad mommy today and I need to be punished.

6. I can’t wait to feel your hands all over me… when the kids go to sleep

7. I want to try something new with you. Are you up for it?

8. I want to do naughty things to you when you get home from work.

9. I want to be your personal masseuse tonight.

10. Do you know what would be hot? A steamy shower together.

11. Let’s make our bedroom feel like a honeymoon suite again.

12. How about a sensual massage after work?

13. I’ve been daydreaming about you all day! Want to help me make those dreams come true?

14. Can’t wait for you to come home and unwrap your present – me!

15. Let’s see how many times we can make each other scream tonight.

16. Want to try something new? Bring home a blindfold and handcuffs.

17. I love feeling your hands all over me. Can’t wait for that tonight.

18. I can’t wait to feel your breath on my neck and your lips on my body.

19. How about some morning fun before work?

20. Meet me in the bedroom for a private show.

21. Let’s leave the lights on tonight so I can watch you enjoy yourself.

22. Tonight, let’s get so lost in passion we forget our own names.

23. I want to make love to you until we’re both exhausted and satisfied.

24. I had a naughty dream about you last night… can’t wait to tell you all about it.

25. Let’s have a quickie before dinner…

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26. Meet me in the kitchen for some appetizers… and by that, I mean me.

27. How about a little roleplay tonight? You pick the characters.

28. Let’s have a contest tonight: Who can make the other moan the loudest?

29. Remember that one time we couldn’t keep our hands off each other? Let’s do that again.

30. I want to wake up in your arms after a wild night of passion

31. Let’s make out like teenagers tonight and then some.

32. How about a hot photo shoot? You can be the photographer.

33. I want to do that thing you love tonight – you know what I’m talking about.

34. Can’t wait to feel your lips all over me later.

35. Tonight, let’s set a new record for how many times we can make each other climax.

36. I bought some new lingerie today… can’t wait to model it for you. (Even better send him a photo of you wearing them)

37. I’ve been craving your touch all day… please don’t make me wait any longer.

38. I want to try something new and naughty with you tonight.

39. Let’s take a bubble bath together and see where things go from there.

40. You’re going to need your strength… I’m feeling insatiable.

41. Let’s have dessert in bed tonight and by dessert, I mean each other.

42. I never knew I could crave someone so much until I met you.

43. I want you to do that thing that drives me wild tonight.

44. Let’s spend the whole night teasing each other until we can’t take it anymore.

45. I can’t wait to feel your skin against mine tonight.

46. I can’t wait to rip your clothes off when you get home.

47. I’ve got a naughty surprise waiting for you when you get home.

48. I want you to tease me until I can’t take it anymore.

49. I’m so lucky to have such a hot husband.

50. Let’s make our own hot movie tonight.

51. I just bought some new lingerie for you to enjoy.

52. I want you to be my dessert tonight.

53. I’m in the mood for a long, slow, passionate night.

54. Let’s make love like it’s our first time.

55. I want to be your naughty schoolgirl tonight.

56. Let’s have a steamy shower together.

57. I can’t decide what to wear tonight. Can you help me choose?

58. Let’s skip dinner and go straight to dessert when the kids go to sleep.

59. I’m feeling extra flexible today. Let’s put it to good use.

60. Let’s make love under the stars.

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61. I want to hear you whisper dirty things to me.

62. I’m craving a dirty massage from you.

63. I want to do it somewhere we’ve never done it before.

64. I want to be your dirty nurse tonight.

65. I’m in the mood for a little role-play.

66. I can’t wait to see the look on your face when you see what I have planned for tonight.

67. I want to be your hot maid tonight.

68. Let’s try a new toy I bought.

69. I want to make you beg for it.

70. I’m in the mood for a little light bondage.

71. I’m craving a late-night skinny dip with you.

72. Let’s have a hot picnic in bed.

73. I can’t wait to feel your lips on my neck.

74. Let’s make love in every room of the house when kids go to visit grandma.

75. What’s your favorite part of my body? I’ll make sure to give it some extra attention.

76. I’ve been practicing my flexibility, want to see?

77. Thinking of you has me all hot and bothered

78. I want to feel your strong hands on me tonight.

79. What would you like me to wear tonight? Or should I wear nothing at all?

80. Want to play a steamy game of truth or dare?

81. I can’t wait for our next vacation so we can make love in a new place.

82. How many times do you think we can make love tonight?

83. Have any new fantasies you want to try out this weekend when kids go on a school trip?

84. Let’s have a little fun in the shower tonight

85. Let’s make a naughty bucket list and start crossing things off tonight.

86. Want to join me for a midnight snack…in bed?

87. I’ve been saving my energy all day for tonight.

88. Let’s watch a steamy movie together and see what happens.

89. How about we skip dinner and go straight to dessert…in bed?

90. Let’s take a bubble bath together tonight.

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91. Want to try some edible body paint?

92. I’ve been a very bad wife today. Want to punish me tonight?

93. You should probably take a break from work and picture me naked.

94. I need a strong man to take care of me tonight… are you up for the challenge?

95. Pick a room, any room… and meet me there in 10 minutes.

96. Let’s try something new tonight… your choice!

97. Tonight, let’s pretend we’re strangers who can’t resist each other.

98. Want to know what I’m wearing under this dress? See you at home!

99. I bought a new toy for us to play with tonight. Are you excited?

100. Let’s make a naughty movie together. Don’t worry, it’s just for us.

101. Tonight, let’s take turns being in control.

102. I want to make love to you in every way possible tonight.

103. Let’s lock the bedroom door and lose ourselves in each other.

104. Tonight, let’s make each other feel things we’ve never felt before.

105. I want to be your naughty girl tonight.

106. Can’t wait to whisper dirty secrets in your ear tonight.

107. I’m wearing that lingerie you love, just so you know.

108. Thinking about the last time we made love. Can’t wait to do it again.

109. Let’s play a game tonight. You touch me and I’ll touch you, but no hands allowed.

110. Are you craving some dessert? How about you eat me out tonight?

111. Remember that amazing night in the hotel room? Let’s recreate it.

112. You + Me + Massage oil = Wild night

113. Want to try a new position tonight? I have a few ideas.

114. Meet me in the bedroom for a surprise.

115. When you get home, just follow the rose petals to find me.

116. I can’t wait to hear you moaning my name.

117. You make me feel so incredibly dirty, and I can’t wait to show you how much

118. Let’s try something new in bed tonight, any suggestions?

119. Feeling like a naughty girl today, want to give me a spanking later?

120. I love being your personal toy, use me however you want.

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121. Want to go skinny dipping later? Our pool seems perfect for it.

122. What do you think about trying out some handcuffs tonight?

123. I’m missing your touch right now, can’t wait until we’re together.

124. Let’s make love in every room of the house.

125. I’ve got a surprise waiting for you in the bedroom, hope you like it.

126. I want to worship your body tonight, every single part of it.

127. Whisper in my ear all the things you want to do to me.

128. How would you feel about a quickie before breakfast?

129. I want to tie you up and tease you until you can’t take it anymore.

130. I’m feeling so wet just thinking about you right now.

131. I want to taste you so bad, let’s 69 after work.

132. Let’s try some role-play, any fantasies you want to explore?

133. I want to wake up with your taste on my lips tomorrow morning.

134. Want to join me for a naughty lunch break rendezvous?

135. Can’t wait to ride you hard tonight, cowboy.

136. How about we skip dinner and just have each other instead?

137. I’m craving some late-night oral…

138. Let’s spend the whole weekend in bed together, just us and our desires.

139. Want to try a new toy? I’ll let you pick.

140. I love watching you get turned on, it makes me want you even more.

141. Let’s go shopping for lingerie and have a fashion show tonight.

142. Want to take a road trip this weekend? I’ll ride you the whole way.

143. I want to make you feel so good tonight, just tell me what you want.

144. Let’s play some poker tonight, the loser has to do whatever the winner wants.

145. How about we have a candlelit bath together tonight?

146. I want you to take me from behind tonight, hard and fast.

147. Can’t wait to taste your lips and so much more later.

148. I’m feeling extra dirty today, want to give me a thorough cleaning in the shower later?

149. Want to try a new flavored lube tonight? I’ll let you choose the flavor.

150. I want to watch a dirty movie with you and act out the scenes together.

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