110 Painful Messages to a Cheating Boyfriend to Make Him Feel Bad

Did you just find out that your boyfriend (or husband) has been cheating on you and now you’re looking for some ways to make him feel bad so that he knows what he did was so wrong?

Cheating is one of the most painful experiences someone can have and it can leave you questioning everything you thought was true about love, trust, and commitment.

So what can you text your cheating boyfriend to make him see that what he did was so unforgivable?

The best way to do it is to tell him how he made you feel. It’s time for you to show your pain and hurt, and make him realize that you are never taking him back.

Even though making your boyfriend feel bad will not undo his betrayal it can make you feel a little better and help you to move on.

To make it easier, we have compiled a list of painful messages that you can send to your cheating boyfriend. You can change them to fit your situation and needs, or use them as they are.

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What to Say to a Cheating Boyfriend (or Husband) to Make Him Feel Bad?

1. I thought our relationship meant something to you but I guess I was wrong. All the effort and all the love I gave you was for nothing.

2. I was so foolish to think that someone like you could be faithful and honest

3. I cannot believe that I ever thought that you were my forever or that I ever considered spending my life with you

4. You don’t deserve to be called a man, only a coward who can’t even keep his vows and promises

5. I can’t even look at you without feeling disgusted and betrayed

6. I thought we had something special, but obviously, it was all a lie to cover up what a pig you are

7. I never want to see you again. Stop texting and calling me and just stay far away from me

8. How could I have been so blind? How did I not see that you weren’t the man I thought you were?

9. I’m so angry that you would treat me this way after I gave you my all. You are a coward and a liar, and I can’t stand to be around you anymore.

10. You have shown me who you really are and I want nothing more to do with you or your lies

11. The things that happened between us will haunt me forever and make trusting someone else extremely difficult for me.

12. You made me feel like a fool for believing in you. You made me second-guess everything I thought I knew about us.

13. I never thought someone I cared about could do something so cruel to me. You had my trust and loyalty, and you threw it away like it was nothing.

14. You are not a good person, and I can’t believe that I was once in love with someone like you.

15. I can’t believe I ever trusted you and your so-called love for me

16. I regret ever trusting you with my heart and believing everything you said

17. You are not the man I thought you were. You are selfish, dishonest, and without remorse for how much pain you have caused me

18. You destroyed the love I had for you and the future we were supposed to have together.

19. You promised to be there for me, to love me unconditionally, but all of these promises were nothing more than empty words meant to make me feel safe and secure in our relationship as you continued to play around behind my back

20. You are not the man I thought you were. I can’t believe how easily you threw away our relationship for someone else

21. To think of all the promises you made, only to break them so easily, makes me sick to my stomach

22. I feel like such a fool for believing in the lies, deception, and manipulation that you used to keep our relationship alive until you found someone else to satisfy your desires

23. You don’t know what real love is because you clearly had no problem destroying it

24. You have shown me what it truly means to be hurt and betrayed by someone you love

25. You don’t deserve my forgiveness or compassion

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26. Nothing can make up for the pain that you have caused me, no matter how much you try to apologize and ask for forgiveness

27. You have no idea the pain and sorrow that you caused me, but now it’s too late for apologies or excuses.

28. Your lying and cheating have left me feeling drained and exhausted. I can’t even look at you without feeling like I want to throw up because of what you did

29. You promised me a future filled with love and happiness, but all that I am left with are sadness and regret for wasting my time on you

30. I will never understand why you chose to hurt me in such a way when all I wanted was your love and loyalty

31. You have taken away the trust and love that I once had for you. You have broken my heart in too many pieces to count

32. The person I loved no longer exists, so why should I be in a relationship with someone who is not who they said they were?

33. How could you do this? How could you hurt me in such a way when all I wanted was to love you?

34. I cannot even find the words to express how much you hurt me.

35. You took away my faith in love and relationships by lying to me and cheating on me.

36. The pain you caused me will haunt me for a lifetime, as will the fact that I was so foolish to trust you

37. Do you know what it feels like to have your heart ripped out and torn apart? That’s how I feel when I think about what you did to me.

38. You have betrayed my trust in ways that I could never have imagined, leaving me completely devastated and alone

39. You are a liar and I cannot trust anything you say. All the lies you told me, all the secrets you kept hidden, and all the hurtful words you said

40. All the good things that happened between us were nothing more than a big lie. How could I have been so naive?

41. You’ve shown me that love doesn’t have to be real, that it can be fake and used as a tool to manipulate someone else’s emotions and feelings.

42. You have taken away everything I ever loved and believed in. You’ve decimated my spirit and shattered my heart.

43. You have no respect for me, and I can never forgive you for that.

44. I used to think that I had found a guy who would love and cherish me, but instead, you chose to betray me in the worst way possible.

45. You took away my hopes and dreams without a second thought, leaving me here alone with nothing but broken pieces to pick up

46. All of the moments we shared have been tarnished by your actions and I can never look at them in the same way

47. Our relationship was built on lies, deceit, and dishonesty, and that is something I cannot forgive or forget

48. I feel so foolish for believing all of your sweet words and empty promises. You’re nothing but a liar!

49. I hope you realize that a few moments of pleasure aren’t worth the agony of this breakup and the sorrow it created

50. I know the truth now. You never loved me. It was all just a lie.

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51. You destroyed my faith in true love and ruined what we had together

52. I am so done with being betrayed by someone who was supposed to be there for me through thick and thin

53. You always said you would never do this to me, yet here we are, saying goodbye because of your selfish actions.

54. I hope that one day you will realize that no momentary pleasure is ever worth the lifetime of pain that you have caused me by betraying me in such a way

55. How can you stand there and say that you never meant to hurt me? You knew exactly what you were doing and you did it anyway!

56. How could you do this to me? The person who loved, trusted, and cared for you?

57. You may not realize it now, but you will regret the day you decided to cheat on me for the rest of your life.

58. Everything we had together was built on a lie and false promises, which makes me sick to my stomach when I think about it now.

59. You are nothing but a heartless liar and a cheating scumbag. I never want to see your face again.

60. It’s over. I should have trusted my instincts from the beginning, but I kept giving you the benefit of the doubt. No more.

61. I never thought we would end up this way and it’s painful to accept that I was so wrong about you.

62. Thank goodness our relationship is over, so I can save myself from further emotional pain and suffering.

63. You betrayed me in the worst way possible and there is no going back now.

64. If I had known your true colors, I would have run away from you much sooner.

65. It’s sad that someone who claimed to love me could be capable of being so callous and selfish

66. How can you live with yourself knowing that you hurt the one person who put their trust in you?

67. I never thought I would be betrayed this way by someone who was supposed to love me unconditionally.

68. Instead of risking your own heart, you chose to break mine instead. Do you even realize how cruel that is?

69. You didn’t think twice before hurting someone who loved you the most. It’s clear now that I meant nothing to you at all.

70. You have thrown away every ounce of trust I had in you. How could you do this?

71. How can you even look at yourself in the mirror? Do you not feel any shame or guilt for what you have done?

72. You are disgusting and I want nothing to do with you.

73. I thought you were the one for me, but you turned out to be nothing more than a liar and a cheater who I should never have trusted in the first place.

74. You are nothing more than a coward who can’t face up to his own mistakes and take responsibility for his actions.

75. How could you do this to me? I thought that I was the only one in your life, but obviously, I wasn’t.

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76. Do you know how much pain and misery you have caused me?

77. I gave my all to you, and all you did was lie and cheat on me.

78. You didn’t even think twice about breaking my heart.

79. I feel like a fool for trusting you with my heart and soul.

80. You said you were the one, but all along, you were just another liar who never cared about me at all.

81. You will never be able to make up for what you have done to me.

82. Don’t expect that I will ever take you back after this cruel betrayal

83. What kind of man would do something like this? You are no man of mine!

84. You had no respect for my feelings or for our relationship when you decided to cheat on me with someone else behind my back!

85. The person that I thought was the love of my life has turned out to be nothing more than a lying, cheating scumbag!

86. Every time I think of what you did, the pain comes back in full force and reminds me how much of an idiot I was to believe in you.

87. You showed me you don’t know how to love. You only know how to break hearts and it is a lesson I will never forget.

88. I can’t believe I trusted you with my heart and all that you’ve done is break it.

89. You have broken me down so much, I don’t even recognize who I am anymore.

90. I will never forgive you for the way you treated me and the way you made me feel about myself.

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91. To think that I chose to stay with a liar like you is beyond comprehension.

92. I still can’t comprehend why someone would want to hurt another person so deeply. You have caused me so much pain and disappointment that it is beyond words.

93. You hurt me in ways I never thought possible. I can’t even begin to process what you’ve done.

94. I never imagined you were capable of doing something like this to me

95. Our relationship was based on lies and secrets. You played me for a fool and it breaks my heart.

96. You have shattered my dream of us being together forever, replacing it with a nightmare of pain, sorrow, and regret.

97. You have gone too far this time and there’s no going back from this.

98. All this time, you were leading a double life and I was too blind to see it coming until it was too late.

99. What you did showed me what kind of person you really are, and it’s not the kind of person I want in my life.

100. You have taken away my trust and respect for you. There is no way I could ever trust you again after this.

101. You keep talking about how sorry you are, but nothing will ever take away the pain and anger I feel.

102. It’s hard to believe that someone I loved so deeply could hurt me in such a stupid and selfish way.

103. What you did to me will stay with me for the rest of my life.

104. I thought we had something special, but obviously, it was nothing more than a fling to you.

105. You have taken away the one person who believed in and trusted you the most – me.

106. I am so disappointed that you would do something like this to me, of all people who trusted you so much.

107. The truth is, I just don’t love you anymore after what you did to me.

108. We were supposed to be there for each other, not cheat on each other with other people behind our backs!

109. You hurt me more than anyone ever has before, and it’s not something I’m going to forget anytime soon.

110. You have taken away all hope of us ever having a healthy relationship again after all of your lies

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