114 Best Booty Text Examples

Have you ever wanted to invite a guy or girl you like for a fun night but found yourself at a loss for words?

The anxiety of typing the perfect text message can leave many of us staring blankly at our screens, unsure of what to say or how to say it.

The fear of coming off as too forward or, worse, unintentionally disrespectful can be paralyzing. And let’s not even get started on the worry of being rejected.

How do you perfectly balance between straightforward and subtle? How do you show your intentions without sounding desperate or cheesy?

Is there a foolproof way to send an invitation that clearly states your intentions, without sounding overly eager?

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What is a Booty Text?

Before we jump into some examples you can use to invite someone over to your place, let’s clarify what exactly a booty text is.

A booty text, also known as a ‘late-night text’, is a message that you send to someone with the primary intention of meeting up in person for some casual intimate fun.

A successful booty text strikes a delicate balance – it’s open about your intentions but leaves just enough room for the recipient to decline gracefully, without either of you feeling awkward.

It should be flirty but also respectful and considerate. It’s important to remember that while a booty text may be playful and fun, it should always maintain an underlying level of courtesy and respect.

Now that we understand what a booty text is, let’s take a look at some actual examples that will surely get your creative juices flowing.

Lastly, don’t forget to use protection to prevent pregnancies and STDs and check if you are clean online.

Booty Text Examples

1. “I promise I’ll make your night worth remembering. Interested?”

2. “My place. Tonight. Sounds good?”

3. “Missed me? How about you do something about it?”

4. “Hey, I’ve got some wine…”

5. “I seem to have an extra pillow that could use some company.”

6. “Why don’t we continue our conversation face-to-face at my place?”

7. “You + Me + Popcorn + Movies – Does that sound good?”

8. “Interested in a midnight adventure at my place?”

9. “How about we make some memories tonight, just you and I?”

10. “What are the chances you’re free tonight for some fun times?”

11. “Too cold outside… How about we heat things up at my place?”

12. “My couch has room for two, interested in filling up the space?”

13. “How about we skip the small talk and jump to the fun parts?”

14. “My Netflix account is feeling lonely, want to join me for a cuddle session?”

15. “Got plans tonight? How about canceling them and heading over here instead?”

16. “I could use a dose of your energy… and maybe some cuddles too.”

17. “Stargazing from my balcony tonight, want to join?”

18. “I think my home misses you as much as I do.”

19. “Hold on, did I mention that I have a bottle of your favorite wine?”

20. “I promise, my company is way better than another night of scrolling through social media.”

21. “Just realized how much fun we could have if you were here…”

22. “My couch is feeling lonely… want to cheer it up?”

23. “Help! The stars from my balcony are too beautiful to enjoy alone.”

24. “Just one minor problem tonight – I’m missing you.”

25. “My night could use a bit more ‘you’ in it…”

26. “The weather outside is frightful, but my apartment is so delightful…”

27. “Thinking of a cozy evening with hot chocolate and you.”

28. “Your presence would make this perfect night even better…”

29. “Issuing a formal invitation for an informal night at my place.”

30. “I can’t sleep… can you come over and help?”

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31. “Come over, I promise I’ll behave…”

32. “I had a wild dream about you last night… want to hear about it?”

33. “Netflix is on, but I’d rather focus on you.”

34. “I don’t have any plans tonight… except for you.”

35. “Do you know what would make my night really amazing? You.”

36. “Do you remember the last time? How about a round two?”

37. “Let’s be spontaneous tonight.”

38. “My place. One hour. Clothes optional.”

39. “Current status: missing your touch.”

40. “Do you believe in love at first night?”

41. “I’ve got wine, candles, and an irresistible proposition for you.”

42. “Got any plans for tonight? Wanna change them?”

43. “I think we should end this day on a high note… together.”

44. “My roommate is out of town this weekend… just saying.”

45. “Let’s play some adult games tonight.”

46. “This comfy bed is missing something – you.”

47. “Let’s take advantage of this chilly weather.”

48. “How about we exchange pillow talks tonight?”

49. “I can’t focus knowing you’re just a text away.”

50. “Interested in some late-night snacks? I’ve got whipped cream…”

51. “Do you want to see my new lingerie?”

52. “Why aren’t we cuddling right now?”

53. “What’s more satisfying than late-night pizza? I guess we both know the answer…”

54. “How about some midnight madness?”

55. “Interested in a sleepover?”

56. “Missing your touch… do something about it.”

57. “How does a no strings attached night sound?”

58. “Are you adventurous enough for a late-night rendezvous?”

59. “Want to come over and make my night?”

60. “I’ve got everything for the perfect night… except for you.”

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61. “Can’t sleep… what about coming over?”

62. “Got some recommendations for Netflix… or something better…”

63. “Why spend the night alone when we could share it?”

64. “Could use some company tonight…”

65. “Your Uber’s waiting… address is my place.”

66. “Cozy blanket, favorite cookies, good wine – all set, just missing you.”

67. “Hey, what’s a charming person like you doing tonight?”

68. “My night feels incomplete without you, want to change that?”

69. “How about some laughter and good vibes at my place tonight?”

70. “Interested in some pillow talk and midnight snacks?”

71. “Want to see a magic trick? Poof! You’re at my place!”

72. “How about a casual hangout at my place? No expectations, just fun.”

73. “I’ve got some ice cream that’s gonna melt if left alone…”

74. “Let’s do something spontaneous… like spending the night at my place.”

75. “Looking for a fun night? I think I can assist.”

76. “My deck, some drinks, and a beautiful sunset… Sounds tempting?”

77. “Just mixed up some cocktails. Want to try?”

78. “Let’s switch up the venue… how about my place?”

79. “Looking for some company to enjoy this full moon from my balcony…”

80. “How about we trade city lights for candle lights tonight?”

81. “Hey, have you tried midnight pancakes? Want to?”

82. “A cozy blanket fort awaits your company…”

83. “Mystery movie night at my place, you in?”

84. “My air conditioner works better when you’re around. Want to test it out?”

85. “Dessert tastes much better when shared. Hungry?”

86. “Feeling spontaneous? My door is open.”

87. “There’s a bottle of wine here that says we’re going to have a great night.”

88. “Tonight is perfect for stargazing from my bedroom.”

89. “Just thinking about how much fun we could have in person…”

90. “This couch is great but it’d be even better with you on it.”

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91. “Tonight’s forecast? 100% chance of fun at my place.”

92. “Why type when we can talk? Meet me at my place?”

93. “Every adventure begins with a simple invitation… Want to join mine?”

94. “There’s room for two on this comfy couch of mine.”

95. “Just in case you need an excuse to hang out, I’ve got a bottle of good wine.”

96. “My room has a vacancy. Need a place to crash tonight?”

97. “Need your opinion on a new candle scent, want to drop by?”

98. “Let’s not let the night go to waste. How about some stargazing from my rooftop?”

99. “Feeling brave? How about a horror movie marathon at my place?”

100. “My coffee machine feels neglected, want to come over for a late-night brew?”

101. “My place is too quiet without you, want to bring some noise?”

102. “I’ve got two glasses and a romantic movie. All that’s missing is you.”

103. “If you’re looking for a sign to come over, this is it.”

104. “The night’s just getting started. How about making it more exciting at my place?”

105. “My balcony + moonlight + us = perfect night, isn’t it?”

106. “In the mood for some fun and games tonight?”

107. “Your favorite movie, your favorite drink, and your favorite person (me). Interested?”

108. “I’ve two mugs of hot chocolate and nobody to share with…”

109. “There’s enough room under my blanket for two…”

110. “Interested in a cuddle session at my place?”

111. “How about we explore some fantasies tonight?”

112. “Let’s play truth or dare… at my place.”

113. “I’ll cook if you bring the dessert…”

114. “My sofa misses its favorite person…”

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