When to Make It Facebook Official Relationship?

There are many reasons why couples choose to make their relationship “Facebook official”.

Some do it to show everyone that they are off the market while others want to make their exes jealous.

Many people take Facebook dating status very seriously and expect their partner to change it as soon as they start dating and if they don’t they get upset or even start questioning their commitment.

So let’s take a look at when is the right time to make your relationship Facebook official while keeping your partner happy.

Why Do People Choose to Make Their Relationship Facebook Official?

1. To Show Everyone That They are Taken

Making your relationship Facebook official lets all your friends know that you are currently seeing someone.

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Some people use Facebook to keep in touch with old friends or people that might be living in different cities or even countries and changing their relationship status keeps all of them up to date.

Changing your relationship status also helps to keep other people from messaging you and trying to get your number.

2. To Show That They are Committed

Showing your relationship status in public means that you are serious about your current partner.

You don’t want to be someone that changes their status back and forth every few months.

That’s why some people believe that making their relationship Facebook official makes it more serious and shows more commitment.

3. To Boost Their Self-esteem

Showing everyone that you are now dating someone can be a self-esteem booster especially if your partner is very attractive or popular.

This also serves as a reminder that you are not single anymore each time you go to your Facebook.

4. To Make Their Exes Jealous

Some people make their relationship Facebook official to show their exes that they missed their chance and make them jealous.

Often this means that they still have some feelings for their exes and care what they think.

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Why Some People Don’t Want to be Facebook Official?

1. They Don’t Care

Many couples don’t care if they are official on Facebook because they know that the people that need to know about their relationship status already know it.

Usually, teenagers and couples in their early twenties worry about being Facebook official while older people are not.

The same applies to people that barely use Facebook anymore.

2. They Like to Keep Their Personal Life Private

Some people don’t like to put their personal life in the spotlight and keep their relationship status private.

You never know who might be browsing your Facebook or what might be their intentions.

Showing too much personal information to the general public can make you vulnerable to anyone from stalkers to your nosy bosses or coworkers.

3. They Think It is Shallow

Some people especially older folks that don’t use Facebook much often think that showing who they are dating on Facebook is pretty childish so they just keep their relationship status hidden.

4. They are Having Second Thoughts

If you just started dating or your partner is having second thoughts he might try to keep your relationship private because this way it is much easier to end it.

5. They Want to Keep Their Options Open

People that have a tendency to cheat like to keep their relationship off social media to decrease the chances of getting caught when their mistress finds out that they are taken.

This might be more common if you are in a long-distance relationship and don’t spend much time with your partner.

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When to Make It Facebook Official Relationship?

Don’t rush to make your relationship Facebook official especially if you just started dating because it can make you look desperate and insecure.

Instead, wait for at least six months if you really want to do it.

Before changing your status on Facebook talk to your partner to explain why you want to make your relationship Facebook official.

If your partner doesn’t want to be Facebook official, either ask him to change his relationship status to “in a relationship” or at least hide it so that it doesn’t look like he is still single and available.

How to Ask Your Boyfriend to Make Your Relationship Facebook Official?

If you want to make your relationship Facebook official but are afraid to ask your boyfriend, here are some examples that you can use to ask him without scaring him away.

1. It feels like we’re the only couple not on Facebook together. Do you think we should make it Facebook official?

2. It would mean a lot to me if we could take our relationship public on Facebook. Would you do that with me?

3. I think it would be really cute if we announced our relationship status on Facebook together. Are you up for it?

4. I know it’s kind of silly, but I really want to change my relationship status on Facebook to “In a Relationship” with you. Would that be okay?

5. I know this might seem like a silly request, but can we please make our relationship Facebook official?

6. My friends have been asking when we’re going to make our relationship Facebook official. What do you say? Shall we do it now?

7. I was just thinking how nice it would be to change my relationship status on Facebook and include your name next to mine! Will you make it happen?

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