13 Examples of How To Break The Touch Barrier With A Girl You Like

Knowing when and how to touch a girl is important if you are interested in her more than a friend.

Touching increases physical attraction and can help you to avoid the friend zone.

That’s where most “nice” guys fail. They wait too long to initiate physical contact with a girl until she loses interest in them and starts to see them only as friends.

If you have a crush on a woman you should try to break the touch barrier as soon as possible as long as you can do it without freaking her out.

This is especially important on a first date. You don’t need to kiss her but try to at least get a hug. The girl will need to be comfortable with you touching her before she will be ready for a kiss.

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Also keep in mind that, the shy girl might hesitate to initiate physical contact while an outgoing girl who is into you will likely be the one who breaks the touch barrier.

It is very important to make a girl comfortable before you try to touch her for the first time. You can’t just approach a random girl and try to touch her.

She either needs to know you or you need to be in an environment where this type of behavior is acceptable like for example a bar or club.

Lastly, whenever you want to break a touch barrier with a girl, you need to be relaxed and playful. If it doesn’t feel natural, don’t force it, especially on a first date.

Also remember that you should never touch her thighs, 🍑, or chest until you make out or sleep with a girl.

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How to Break The Touch Barrier With A Girl?

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1. Give Her High Five

This is one of the easiest and safest ways to break the touch barrier with a girl. Whenever she does something well give her a high five.

2. Touch Her Legs With Yours

This works the best if you are sitting at the table or a bench next to each other. Touch her leg with yours and make it look like it wasn’t intentional but remove your leg slowly so that she knows that you liked it.

3. Brush Up Against Her

When walking or standing next to her brush up against her lightly.

4. Touch Her Hand or Waist to Get Her Attention

When touching her do it lightly and make it look like your only intention was to get her attention.

5. Whisper in Her Ear

When you are in a loud environment use it to your advantage to get closer to her. If she is having a hard time hearing you, whisper into her ear and lightly touch it with your lips. Let her wonder if you did it on purpose or not.

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6. Hug Her

Some guys make the mistake of going for the kiss when the girl is not ready yet. So if you are not sure, go for a hug instead. Hold her a little longer than usual or even whisper in her ear to make her remember this moment.

7. Ask About Her Jewelry

If she is wearing a bracelet, necklace, or watch, ask her where she got it and what it means. When touching it, lightly touch her skin as well.

8. Touch Her Hand When Teasing Her

Teasing a girl is also the best way to make her touch you first.

9. Touch Her Waist to Protect Her

If there are a lot of people and you want to move or protect her from the crowd lightly put your hand on her waist or grab her hand.

10. Offer to Hold Her Hand

Be ready to hold her hand whenever she might need some extra help. For example, getting out of the car or even crossing a busy street.

11. Put Your Hands on Her Waist to Guide Her

Whenever you are going inside, open a door for her and let her go first by gently putting your hand on her waist to guide her inside.

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12. Give Her Your Jacket

When she tells you that she is cold, put your jacket on her and hug her.

13. Shake Her Hand

Depending on where you meet the girl it might be more appropriate to shake hands instead of hugging her. Lightly shake her hand when you first meet her.

When shaking her hand, do it slow and hold on to it a little longer than you usually do with your buddies.

Signs That a Girl is Comfortable With You Touching Her

  • She smiles after you touch her
  • She touches you back
  • She doesn’t move away
  • She doesn’t flinch
  • She moves closer to you
  • She looks at your lips
  • She keeps eye contact

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What to Do If the Girl Doesn’t Like It When You Touch Her?

If you can clearly see that she didn’t enjoy your touch, wait before trying to break the touch barrier again. This usually means waiting until you meet her again.

This way she will have time to think about your touch and decide if she is still interested in hanging out with you.

Maybe you didn’t do the first touch the right way or she wasn’t prepared and that’s why on the second time she might be more open to you.

However, if she still has the same negative reaction to your second attempt to break the touch barrier it is a pretty clear sign that she is not interested in you intimately and only likes you as a friend.

Don’t try to pursue and waste time on her and instead focus on meeting other girls that will be much more interested in you.

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