21 Reasons Why Your FWB Kisses You Goodbye

Having rules when it comes to your friend with benefits (FWB) can keep things fun and drama-free.

However, sometimes the lines between a casual arrangement and a more serious relationship get blurred and that’s when things get a bit more complicated and confusing.

One such situation is when your friend with benefits starts to kiss you goodbye.

When this happens, it can make you feel confused and unsure about what it means.

Is this just a friendly kiss or is there something more to it?

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Could this be a sign that your fwb is starting to develop deeper feelings for you?

Or maybe they’re just trying to add more intimacy to your casual arrangement.

As these questions race through your mind, it’s important to remember that everyone’s fwb relationship is unique.

What might be a sign of deeper feelings in one could just be harmless flirting in another.

To help you better understand your specific situation, we’ve compiled a list of possible reasons why your fwb might be kissing you goodbye.

However, understanding the reasons behind the goodbye kisses isn’t enough – you also need to know how to react or what to say when this happens.

Should you address the kiss directly or simply let it slide and hope it doesn’t happen again?

In the final section of this blog post, we’ll explore different ways you can respond when your friend with benefits kisses you goodbye.

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Why Your FWB Kisses You Goodbye?

1. Habit

It’s possible that your fwb is just used to kissing people goodbye, and it has become an automatic gesture for them. They may not realize that this goodbye kiss could be interpreted as something else.

2. To see your reaction

Your fwb might be unsure about their feelings for you, and they could be using the goodbye kiss as a way to gauge your reaction and see if there’s potential for something more serious.

3. Trying to deepen the connection

For some people, a goodbye kiss can add more intimacy to a casual relationship. Your fwb might be attempting to create a stronger bond between the two of you, without necessarily wanting a full-blown romantic relationship.

4. Comfort

Sometimes, people just need a bit of physical comfort and reassurance.

Your fwb could be using the goodbye kiss as a way to feel more connected and supported, even if they don’t have deeper feelings for you.

5. Keeping things interesting

Your fwb might be using the goodbye kiss as a way to keep your relationship fresh and exciting, adding an element of surprise to your interactions.

6. Playfulness

For some people, a goodbye kiss could be a way of keeping things spontaneous and fun between the two of you.

7. Attraction

It’s no secret that friends with benefits are usually attracted to each other on some level. The goodbye kiss might just be a physical manifestation of that attraction.

8. Closure

For some, a goodbye kiss can provide a sense of closure at the end of a get-together, signaling that it’s time to part ways and return to your separate lives.

9. To make you feel special

The goodbye kiss might be your fwb’s way of showing you that they care about you even if it’s not in a romantic way.

10. Social norms

Some people are raised to believe that a goodbye kiss is a polite and courteous way to end a social interaction.

Your fwb might simply be following this social norm without realizing its potential implications.

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11. A power move

For some people, the act of kissing someone goodbye can be a subtle power move, asserting control or influence over the other person.

12. Emotional connection

While friends with benefits arrangements are usually focused on physical pleasure, it’s not uncommon for emotional connections to form as well. Your fwb might be expressing their emotional attachment through the goodbye kiss.

13. Flirting

Sometimes, a goodbye kiss is simply a playful way to flirt and keep the tension alive between the two of you.

14. Romantic feelings

It’s possible that your fwb has developed genuine romantic feelings for you, and the goodbye kiss is their way of showing this.

15. Craving intimacy

While friends with benefits relationships can be physically satisfying, they can sometimes lack emotional intimacy. Your fwb might be using the goodbye kiss as a way to fulfill this emotional need.

15. To create a sense of normalcy

In some cases, a goodbye kiss can help create a sense of normalcy in an unconventional relationship, making it feel more like a traditional romantic relationship.

17. To feel desired

The act of kissing you goodbye might give your fwb a boost of self-esteem and make them feel more desirable and attractive.

18. A form of manipulation

In some cases, a goodbye kiss might be used as a way to manipulate you or make you question the boundaries of your relationship.

19. To maintain romantic tension

The goodbye kiss could be your fwb’s way of keeping the romantic tension alive, ensuring that your relationship doesn’t become too platonic or predictable.

20. A sign of vulnerability

In some cases, the goodbye kiss could be an expression of vulnerability or insecurity on the part of your fwb, as they seek reassurance and connection.

21. An expression of love

While it might not be the most common outcome, it’s possible that your fwb has fallen in love with you, and the goodbye kiss is their way of expressing that.

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How to React and What to Say When Your FWB Kisses You Goodbye?

Smile and say thank you: If you’re comfortable with the goodbye kiss, a simple smile and “thank you” can keep things light.

Ask them about it: If you’re unsure about the meaning behind the kiss, ask your fwb directly. This honest approach can help clarify things and keep your relationship on the same page.

Kiss them back: If you feel comfortable, kissing your fwb back will show them that you are okay with a kiss.

Show your discomfort: If you’re not okay with the goodbye kiss, let your fwb know that it makes you uncomfortable and that you’d prefer not to kiss again.

Laugh it off: If you want to keep things light and casual, laughing off the goodbye kiss can help diffuse any tension or awkwardness.

Set boundaries: If the goodbye kiss crosses a line for you, take the opportunity to discuss your boundaries and what you’re comfortable with in your fwb relationship.

Change the subject: If you’re unsure how to react, try changing the subject to something unrelated, effectively brushing off the goodbye kiss without directly addressing it.

Ask if they meant anything by it: If you’re curious about their intentions, ask your fwb if they had any specific reasons for the goodbye kiss.

Be honest about your confusion: If you’re unsure what the goodbye kiss means, let your fwb know that you’re feeling confused and would like some clarity.

Discuss your relationship status: If the goodbye kiss has you questioning the nature of your fwb relationship, take the opportunity to discuss your feelings and expectations.

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