111 Ways to Respond When a Guy Says He Wants to Taste You

You’re chatting with your guy crush, and as the night goes on, the conversation takes a more personal and intimate direction.

You’re both sharing stories, revealing secrets, and feeling the electric connection building between you.

It’s an exciting time, as you start to realize that your crush may be interested in more than just a casual conversation.

Your heart races as you begin to envision the possibility of taking things to the next level with him.

Suddenly, however, he says something that leaves you speechless: “I want to taste you…”

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Now your mind is racing even faster than before.

What does it mean when a guy says he wants to taste or eat you?

How should you respond?

The intensity of the moment has just gone up several notches, and you’re struggling to find the right words to say or even comprehend his intentions.

First, let’s clarify what it means when a guy says he wants to taste or eat you.

In most cases, it means that he really wants you both physically and emotionally.

This bold statement shows that he finds you incredibly attractive and appealing, and basically, he wants to kiss or even perform 👅🍑 on you.

This can be a bit shocking or awkward to hear, especially if you’re not prepared for it.

The phrase might catch you off guard and leave you struggling to find an appropriate response.

But don’t worry – there’s no need to panic!

Instead, take a deep breath and remind yourself that it’s perfectly normal for conversations between two people who are attracted to each other to become more intimate, as you get to know each other better and become more comfortable.

The way you respond should ultimately depend on your feelings towards him and your comfort level.

You can play along, laugh it off, or even tell him that you want to taste him as well.

To give you some ideas, we’ve compiled a list of possible responses when a guy says he wants to taste you.

Some are playful, some are flirty, and some are more serious so choose whatever you feel most comfortable with.

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How to Respond When a Guy Says He Wants to Taste You?

1. “I hope you have a good appetite.”

2. “Only if I get to taste you too.”

3. “What’s your favorite flavor?”

4. “Well, I’ve been told I’m quite a treat.”

5. “I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that ever happens.”

6. “You’ll need to wine and dine me first.”

7. “Careful, I might be too sweet for you.”

8. “Is that so? Tell me more…”

9. “That could be arranged, but only on my terms.”

10. “Why don’t we start with dinner first?”

11. “Maybe one day you’ll get the chance.”

12. “You’ll have to earn that privilege.”

13. “Only in your dreams!”

14. “Are you trying to make me blush?”

15. “Well, aren’t you forward?”

16. “And which part of me are you most curious about?”

17. “Let’s not skip any steps here, okay?”

18. “That’s quite an appetizing thought.”

19. “Feel free to fantasize for now.”

20. “I’m flattered, but let’s take things slow.”

21. “I can assure you I’m worth the wait.”

22. “What makes you think you deserve a taste?”

23. “Why don’t we save that for later?”

24. “You’re making me hungry too.”

25. “You’ll need to be patient for that.”

26. “Are you always this bold?”

27. “I’m not sure we’re at that level yet.”

28. “Let’s just say I taste like heaven on earth.”

29. “You must have quite the imagination.”

30. “I’m more of a main course than an appetizer.”

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31. “You’ll have to work your way up to that.”

32. “We’ll see if you can handle it.”

33. “That’s a new one, but I’m not opposed to it.”

34. “Now that’s an interesting proposal.”

35. “Only if you promise not to bite.”

36. “I must warn you, I’m quite addictive.”

37. “Are you a chef? Because you seem to have a taste for the finer things in life.”

38. “I hear I’m quite the delicacy.”

39. “I’m picky about who I share myself with, but I’ll think about it.”

40. “Guess you’ll have to take me on a date first and see if you can win that privilege.”

41. “Clever, but I’d like to get to know each other a little better before we go there.”

42. “I’m sure I taste even better than I look.”

43. “Well, I’ve been told I’m quite a treat.”

44. “You’ve got quite the appetite!”

45. “I guess that means you’re really into me, huh?”

46. “Well, aren’t you forward?”

47. “I’m intrigued.”

48. “I’m flattered, but let’s keep it PG for now.”

49. “Take me out to dinner first, and maybe we’ll see.”

50. “You must be hungry”

51. “What would you say if I told you the same thing?”

52. “That’s quite an unusual way of expressing your interest.”

53. “It sounds like you might be more interested in dessert than the main course!”

54. “Let’s not rush things – there’s plenty of time to explore our tastes.”

55. “Now that’s an interesting proposition.”

56. “Sounds like you have a sweet tooth!”

57. “Wow, you don’t waste any time, do you?”

58. “You’re quite the charmer, but let’s keep the conversation light for now.”

59. “Maybe one day, but not just yet.”

60. “I’m not sure I’m ready for that level of intimacy quite yet.”

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61. “Well, let’s see if we can satisfy each other’s appetites in other ways first.”

62. “That’s a tempting offer, but let’s get to know each other better first.”

63. “I’ll take that as a compliment, but let’s keep things friendly for now.”

64. “Flattered, but I’m more of a main course.”

65. “Are we talking about food or something else here?”

66. “How do you know I’m not too spicy for you?”

67. “Careful, too much of me might be addicting.”

68. “Sorry, I’m not on the menu tonight.”

69. “Why am I suddenly feeling like a snack?”

70. “I’m afraid I’m not available for sampling.”

71. “That’s one way to make me blush!”

72. “Well, what’s your favorite flavor?”

73. “I might be too sweet for your taste buds.”

74. “But only if you promise to savor every bite.”

75. “That’s quite the compliment.”

76. “Good things come to those who wait.”

77. “You must have quite the appetite!”

78. “Just remember, I bite back.”

79. “And what makes you think I’d let you?”

80. “Take a number and wait in line.”

81. “Some things are better left to the imagination.”

82. “Please, tell me more about your culinary interests.”

83. “Is that your way of saying you like me?”

84. “You’re definitely making things interesting.”

85. “Well, that’s certainly one way to break the ice.”

86. “What kind of flavor are you expecting?”

87. “Are we talking about a kiss or something more?”

88. “Is that your way of asking for a kiss?”

89. “Only in your dreams.”

90. “Careful, I might just taste you back.”

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91. “Let’s save that for another time.”

92. “You’re quite the adventurous one, aren’t you?”

93. “You must be quite the foodie.”

94. “How about we start with some appetizers first?”

95. “Why limit yourself to just a taste?”

96. “Dinner first, tasting later.”

97. “You’re going to need a reservation for that.”

98. “You’ve got some bold taste buds.”

99. “Careful, I’m addictive.”

100. “You might want to grab a napkin – I’m pretty delicious.”

101. “I’m not on the menu, but maybe I can make an exception for you.”

102. “Good choice, I’m quite the delicacy.”

103. “Just don’t bite too hard.”

104. “How about we save that for dessert?”

105. “The perfect midnight snack, don’t you think?”

106. “I am just like chocolate – irresistible and satisfying.”

107. “Are there any allergies I should be aware of?”

108. “Waiter, this gentleman would like the special of the day!”

109. “Would you like some whipped cream with that?”

110. “I’m finger-licking good.”

111. “Well, I’ve never been compared to a meal before!”

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