9 Steps to Get a Guy to Kiss You for the First Time

Are you tired of waiting for your guy to finally get enough courage to kiss you?

It happens. You meet a guy you really like but he never kisses you.

What can you do to make him kiss you for the first time without actually asking him for the kiss?

It is not a big deal if he doesn’t kiss you on the first date but if you have been dating for a month and he never tried to kiss you, it is time to do something about it.

Some guys are shy or don’t have enough dating experience to tell when it is the right time to kiss a girl.

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That’s why, if you want a guy to make out with you, you might need to start sending him hints on what you want him to do.

There are a few ways to get your boyfriend or guy you just met to kiss you for the first time.

The most important step is to make him physically comfortable with you.

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How to Get a Guy to Kiss You for the First Time?

The following 9 tips will help you to get a kiss from the guy even if you just started dating.

1. Make Him Feel Comfortable Hugging and Touching You

Even if the guy is confident, he may be unsure when it comes to kissing.

It is important to send subtle hints to show him that you want him to kiss you.

If you wish to have a more physical connection, you need to convey with your body language that you want him physically.

First, make sure that both of you are comfortable with touching each other.

This can be done, for example, by holding his hand playfully.

For instance, joke about something he said and slightly touch his shoulder or nudge him.

Again, make your physical communications non-threatening and fun.

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2. Get Closer to Him

If you want him to finally kiss you, get into his personal space and see how he reacts.

Do his pupils dilate and his heartbeat increases?

If the setting is right, most guys will try to kiss you at that point.

3. Seduce Him with Your Lips

To get him to notice your lips, make them stand out.

Use red lipstick to attract the guy subconsciously.

There is something seductive about a woman wearing red lipstick and biting her lips while looking at the guy.

Even if the guy is completely clueless when it comes to dating cues, he will get your message.

4. Look at His Lips

When the romantic moment comes, give his lips a long glance – one that he will notice.

This will subconsciously tell him that you want to kiss him.

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What is Coffee Meets Bagel

5. Romantically Look Into His Eyes

While staring at his lips may be too obvious, looking into his eyes is a romantic gesture.

Long glances into eyes of each other turn most people on if they are physically attracted to each other.

Just remember not to stare especially if you just met the guy.

This can make some guys nervous.

6. Start Slowly by Kissing Him on a Cheek

While you want him to kiss you on the lips first, you can get him into the mood by kissing him on the cheek at the right time.

Again, you want to be playful and not too intense.

Lean toward him and kiss him on the cheek if he makes you laugh or says something sweet.

7. Pretend That You Need Help

For example, tell your guy that you feel cold.

At that point, most guys will either give you their jacket or hug you.

If he tries to give you his jacket you can tell him that you don’t want him to be cold as well and just share it with a guy.

This romantic move will help you to get some physical contact with a guy and if used in combination with the other tips that we discussed above will help you to get a kiss.

8. Go to the “Point of View” at Night

Most cities have a point of view where you can see the city skyline.

Ask a guy to drive to one of those spots.

When the right moment comes, tell him that you want to go outside and just hug him while watching the city lights.

The combination of darkness and a romantic atmosphere should make it easier for your guy to make the first move.

If the guy is too shy, try looking into his eyes and getting closer to him.

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9. Ask Him if He Wants to Kiss You

If everything else fails, just be a bit flirtatious and say, “Do you wanna kiss me?”

Remember, your guy likely wants to kiss you but is afraid to make the first move to avoid scaring you.

Or maybe he feels a little self-conscious.

Telling him that you want a kiss will eliminate all his self-doubts.

Once you do kiss, make sure you are gentle and don’t rush into sticking your tongue down his throat.

You don’t want to get carried away.

Pull away from the kiss slowly but surely.

You want to tease the guy with the kiss and make him beg for more to build more tension.

Don’t forget to close your eyes while you kiss him.

Lose yourself in the moment – make it both magical and romantic.

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How to Kiss Your Boyfriend Romantically for the First Time? Tips

Now that you know how to get a kiss from the guy you like, let’s look at some tips to make this first kiss more memorable and romantic.

Don’t go directly for a French kiss

You might really like the guy but it is important to take it slow on your first kiss.

Build anticipation before going for the kiss

If you get a feeling that the guy finally wants to kiss you. Start by looking into his eyes and move closer.

Wait for him to initiate a kiss and then pull back a little and look into his eyes again before leaning forward for another kiss.

Don’t turn your first kiss into a one-night stand

It is easy to get too excited during the first kiss but you don’t want to take things too far by touching the guy all over the place. Save this for the next time.

Make sure you have a fresh breath

Bad breath will kill any romance during the first kiss. Carry some gum with you just in case.

Don’t go too aggressive on his lips or neck

A little bit of biting can be romantic but hickeys in the morning after are not.

Find the right place

Private secluded locations are ideal for the first kiss.

You don’t want to do your first kiss in the middle of a busy food court.

Some girls find it romantic to kiss a guy in a movie theatre. It might work but you have to make sure that no one can easily see you making out.

Otherwise, it might get a little awkward especially if there are a bunch of children sitting around you.

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