30 Ways to Tell If an Older Mature Woman is Attracted to You

Are you attracted to older women but not sure how to tell if they‘re interested in you as well?

Even though it is not always obvious, there are certain clues that can help you to figure out if an older woman is attracted to you. 

Today we will take a look at all the signs that you will notice if an older woman likes you so that you don‘t have to waste your time on women who are not interested in you. 

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What Attracts Older Women to Younger Men?

There are many reasons why older mature women (also known as cougars) might be interested in dating younger guys.

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Some women do it for the thrill of it while others don’t have much luck when it comes to dating men their own age so they do it to change things up.  

They are typically successful, confident, and selfassured women who know what they want and go after it.

It is also becoming more socially acceptable for older women to date younger men and many of them are not hiding the fact that they prefer younger guys. 

Below are some other reasons why older women are attracted to younger guys:

  • Younger men tend to be more openminded
  • They are usually in better physical shape than older men
  • Men their age may not have the same level of energy
  • Younger men are less likely to have baggage from past relationships
  • Younger men tend to be more spontaneous and adventurous
  • The novelty of dating a younger man can be very exciting
  • Younger men are less likely to be set in their ways
  • An affair with a young man can make an older woman feel vibrant and alive again
  • The taboo nature of the relationship can make it more excitement

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Signs an Older Woman Wants You

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1. She Ignores Advances From Other Guys

If she completely ignores other guys who hit on her or tries to make it clear that she is not interested in them while at the same time always flirting and touching you, she is probably into you.

2. Pay Attention to What She Wears

Have you noticed that when you bump into her at the grocery store she is fully covered, but when you invite her out for dinner she leaves nothing to the imagination?

That may be because she is giving you a little sneak peek of what is to come.

3. She Talks About Her Physical Needs

If the older woman you are seeing doesn‘t shy away from talking about her physical desires and needs, it‘s a sure sign she wants you.

This usually happens when you are both a little tipsy or when she texts you late at night. 

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4. She Gets Jealous

If an older woman gets jealous when hearing about your exes or any other women in your life, then it‘s definitely a sign that she likes you more than just as a friend.

It shows that she doesn‘t want to share you with anyone else even if they‘re just platonic female friends.

5. She Always Finds a Reason to Touch You

It could be something as simple as fixing your collar or hair, or gently patting your arm while laughing at one of your jokes.

It could also be something more obvious like hugging you or putting her hand on your thigh when sitting next to you.

6. She Compliments Your Appearance

Older women are not shy about giving compliments because they know the power of flattery.

If a woman tells you that she loves your new haircut or your cologne smells amazing, take it as a sign that she is interested in you and wants to make sure you know it.

7. She Looks Into Your Eyes

When a woman gazes deep into your eyes, it often means she is interested in knowing you better, both physically and emotionally.

Pay special attention if she keeps eye contact even when you are not talking and just sitting next to each other.

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8. Her Voice Gets More Intimate

If an older woman drops her pitch when she talks to you or starts speaking in a softer tone, its a sign that she likes you.

9. Her Pupils Get Dilated

Dilated pupils are involuntary and occur when someone finds something they like which could very well be you!

So next time you notice her looking at you, check out her eyes to see if her pupils have dilated – this might give you the answer you are looking for.

10. She Stares at You

When a woman stares at you, it could be an indication that she likes what she sees.

If an older woman is constantly staring at you when you are not looking and then averts her gaze as soon as your eyes meet hers, chances are, she has a crush on you.

11. She Buys You Gifts

If a woman starts buying you little presents, it might be a sign that she likes you.

Whether its tickets to a concert or game, or a coffee mug with your favorite cartoon character on it, these thoughtful gifts mean she is interested in you. 

12. She Shows Off Her Body

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If an older woman starts wearing more revealing clothes or doing little things to draw your gaze toward her cleavage or legs, it means she wants you on a more physical level.

13. She Asks You Personal Questions

If a woman starts asking you personal questions like your relationship status or if you have kids, it might be a sign that she wants to find out whether you are single and available. 

14. She Sends You Pictures of Herself

If an older woman starts sending you selfies or photos of her in revealing clothes, then it is a clear sign that she wants something more than just friendship from you.

15. She Always Finds Excuses to Be Near You

If the older woman you have your eye on always seems toaccidentally bump into you or sit next to you, it could mean she likes you.

16. She Makes Dirty Jokes

If the woman you like is constantly making dirty jokes or using innuendos, it could be a sign that she is really comfortable around you and probably interested in a more physical relationship. 

17. She Includes You in Her Future Plans

From talking about weekend getaways to planning a trip next year, if she includes you in her future plans, it shows that she sees long-term potential in you.

18. She Mirrors Your Body Language

When we are interested in someone, our brain unconsciously makes us mirror their body language.

So if you notice the older woman you like copying your gestures or posture, it means she likes you and is trying to create some rapport between the two of you.

19. She Accidentally Brushes Against You

An old-school yet effective way of flirting, an accidental touch usually happens when we want someone’s attention but are too scared to make direct contact.

If the older woman you like frequently bumps into you or grazes your arm while talking, then she definitely wants your attention and maybe more!

20. She Blushes Around You

If the woman you like blushes around you, it could be because she is attracted to you and feels a little nervous or even embarrassed. 

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21. She Introduces You to Her Friends

When an older woman starts introducing you to the important people in her life, it means that she sees potential in you.

It could also be a way of testing how serious your intentions are towards her whether or not you would make an effort to get along with the people who matter to her. 

22. She Cancels Her Plans to Spend Time With You

A woman who suddenly cancels all her other plans just so she can spend more time with you clearly likes you more than a friend. 

23. She Asks About Your Taste in Women

If she asks what type of women you like, then it pretty clear sign that she is interested in you and is trying to see if she has a chance.

24. She Invites You to Her Place

If an older woman invites you over to her place, its a pretty good sign she wants something more than just friendship especially if she also cooks for you. 

25. She Opens Up Emotionally

If an older woman is starting to open up to you about her hopes, dreams, fears, and insecurities, its a sign that she trusts you enough to let down her guard. 

26. She Likes To Be Alone With You

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If a woman you like consistently looks for ways to be alone with you, it‘s a pretty good sign that she wants to get to know you better in a more intimate setting. 

27. She Texts or Calls You First

Women generally dont reach out first unless they really like the guy. 

So if she frequently starts conversations or reaches out to say hi, take it as a green light that she is interested in more than just a friendship. 

28. She is Always Flirting With You

When youre talking to an older woman and the conversation always turns flirty or even dirty, it is usually a sign that she wants you.

29. Everyone Assumes That You Are a Couple

If everyone keeps asking if you are dating, it means they can see the chemistry between the two of you even if you are not seeing it yourself. 

30. She Asks You Out

Older women are usually more direct than younger girls and if they like the guy they are often not afraid to make the first step and ask him out.

So if she asks you out on a date or to meet up outside of work, its definitely a sign she likes you and wants to get to know you better in a more romantic setting.

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