16 Reasons Why a Married Man Flirts Then Ignores You

You’re at work, and your married coworker starts showing signs that he’s attracted to you.

He might be giving you compliments on your looks, saying how great your new haircut looks or how stunning you are in that outfit.

Or perhaps it’s the guy at the gym who always seems to stay around your workout area, making conversation and offering to help you with your exercises, even though you’ve never asked for assistance.

However, suddenly, he stops doing all of that. Instead, he starts mentioning his wife or sends mixed signals, leaving you feeling confused and unsure of what to do.

What makes this even more complicated is that you find yourself genuinely attracted to him, even though you know it is wrong because he already has a wife.

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You might feel frustrated, hurt, or even embarrassed by the situation. What happened? What did you do wrong? Did you misinterpret his intentions?

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Why Married Man Flirts Then Ignore Me?

1. He was just being friendly

It is important to keep in mind that even married people flirt sometimes.

However, there is a line that should not be crossed. So try to figure out what kind of flirting the guy you are interested in was doing. Was it something inappropriate or was he just friendly?

Examples of inappropriate flirting, when married, include touching someone in a suggestive or intimate manner, sending explicit messages or pictures, making intimate innuendos, or sharing intimate details about their marital problems with someone they barely know.

2. His wife found out

It is possible that the man’s wife found out about his flirtatious behavior. Maybe she saw a text message or overheard a conversation between the two of you.

In this case, he might be distancing himself from you to protect his marriage and avoid any further conflict with his spouse.

If you suspect this is the reason, it’s important to respect his relationship and maintain professional boundaries.

3. He realized he crossed a line

Sometimes a married man might not be aware that he’s flirting until someone else points it out or he starts feeling guilty.

He might have thought his actions were harmless, but then realized they could jeopardize his marriage.

For example, he may have been sending you flirty messages and then suddenly stopped after realizing the potential consequences.

4. He wants to see how you react

Some married men flirt with others to see what kind of reaction they’ll get.

They might be unsure about their feelings or their marriage and are looking for validation from other women.

5. He’s dealing with personal issues

A man might be going through some personal issues and that’s why he stopped flirting with you.

This could be problems in his marriage, work-related stress, or mental health struggles.

In this situation, it’s best to be understanding and offer support if appropriate, but also maintain boundaries and not become too involved in his personal life.

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6. He’s trying to make his wife jealous

Some men flirt with other women to make their wives jealous or test their commitment.

For example, he might intentionally flirt with you in front of his wife or mention your name at home.

In this case, it’s important to recognize that you’re being used as a pawn in their relationship issues and distance yourself from him.

7. He wants to keep things casual

The married man might enjoy the thrill of flirting with you but doesn’t want anything more serious than that.

He may ignore you if he feels the situation is getting too intense or there’s a risk of his wife finding out.

In this case, it’s best to accept that he doesn’t want anything more and avoid pursuing him.

8. He’s afraid of getting caught

Some men flirt with women but then become fearful of getting caught by their spouse or someone else who might expose their behavior.

For example, he may have been flirting with you at work but then became worried that a coworker would notice and report his actions.

In this scenario, it’s best to respect his decision to distance himself and not push for anything more.

9. He’s feeling guilty

The married man may have initially enjoyed flirting with you but then started feeling guilty about his actions, especially if he genuinely cares for his wife. This guilt might cause him to pull away and stop flirting or even chatting with you.

In this case, it’s essential to give him space and not pressure him into continuing something he’s uncomfortable with.

10. He’s seeking attention

The man might be flirting with you simply because he enjoys your attention.

However, once he’s received the validation he’s looking for, he may lose interest or move on to someone else.

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11. He’s trying to manipulate you

Some men use flirtation to manipulate you, whether it’s to get you to do something for them or simply to boost their ego.

Once they’ve achieved their goal, they may ignore you since they no longer need your attention or help.

12. He was just bored

Some men flirt with women simply out of boredom.

Once the novelty wears off or they find another source of entertainment, they may lose interest and stop flirting with you.

If this is the reason, it’s best to not take it personally and move on.

13. He’s having a midlife crisis

Sometimes, men going through a midlife crisis may flirt to feel young and desirable again.

However, once they’ve fulfilled their need for excitement or reassurance, they may return to focusing on their marriage.

14. He’s trying to boost his self-esteem

A married man may flirt with other women to boost his self-esteem.

He might be feeling insecure in his marriage or unhappy with his appearance, and flirting with you temporarily makes him feel better about himself.

Once he’s achieved that boost, he may lose interest and stop flirting.

15. He’s unhappy in his marriage

Sometimes, married men flirt with other women simply because they are unhappy in their marriages.

They may be seeking an emotional connection or a temporary escape from the problems they’re experiencing at home.

However, once they’ve had their fill of excitement outside the marriage, they may decide to focus on fixing their relationship and stop flirting with you.

16. He’s looking for an affair

In some cases, a married man might be flirting with you because he’s considering having an affair.

He may initially flirt to check your interest and see if he can potentially sleep with you.

However, if he ultimately decides against cheating on his wife, he’ll likely stop flirting and distance himself from you.

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