75 Flirty Responses to “How Did You Sleep?”

It’s a bright and sunny morning, you’re feeling refreshed after a long night’s sleep, and suddenly your phone vibrates with the “How was your night?” text from a guy or girl you like.

Now, you could respond with the standard “I slept well, thank you!” but where is the fun in that?

Instead, why not make things a bit more interesting by adding a little twist to your response?

A flirty response to a seemingly mundane question like “How did you sleep?” can be the perfect way to make someone smile, let them know you’re thinking about them, and tease them at the same time.

Whether you just started dating, trying to keep the spark alive in a long-term relationship, or simply looking for a cheeky way to tease a close friend, we’ve got you covered.

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So let’s take a look at some examples you can use the next time you don’t know how to reply back to the “How Was Your Night?” text.

Funny and Flirty Responses to “How Did You Sleep?” and “How Was Your Night?”

1. Like a baby, but I kept dreaming of you, so maybe it’s time we shared a crib.

2. I slept well, but I’m pretty sure it would’ve been better with you beside me.

3. I was counting sheep and they all had your face on them

4. Like a log, but I’d rather be wrapped up in your arms.

5. If only my pillow could talk – it’s been listening to me whisper your name all night.

6. I slept on cloud nine, but it would’ve been cloud ten if you were here.

7. I was all snuggled up, but my blanket is no match for your warm arms.

8. I tossed and turned all night, probably because my pillow wasn’t as soft as you.

9. Like a rock star, but I wouldn’t mind having you as my groupie.

10. I dreamt of you, so I’d say pretty great but waking up without you was a bummer.

11. Just like Sleeping Beauty, waiting for your wake-up call.

12. Alone and cold, but I’m sure you could’ve fixed that problem.

13. I kept waking up because my dreams of you were too good to be true.

14. Better than usual, but that’s probably because I knew you would message me

15. My bed missed you – it told me so itself.

16. Not bad, but next time, can you leave a goodnight kiss on my pillow?

17. Full of sweet dreams until I realized they weren’t real and you weren’t there.

18. Like a burrito wrapped in blankets and the only thing missing was your hot sauce!

19. Great! But my dreams could always use more of you.

20. I had a dream that you were my personal teddy bear.

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21. Like a bear in hibernation but I would’ve woken up sooner for you.

22. I don’t remember how I slept, but I woke up thinking of you, so it must’ve been good.

23. Not too bad, but it would be better with a bedtime story from you.

24. Decent, but the only thing missing was your lullaby.

25. With one eye open – I didn’t want to miss any texts from you!

26. Snuggled up like a penguin, but I’d rather be snuggled up with you.

27. Cozy and warm, but it could have been warmer with your body heat.

28. Like a peaceful mermaid – but I’d rather swim through dreams with you.

29. Not too well – my bed couldn’t stop complaining about your absence.

30. I slept like an angel, but of course, that’s because I was dreaming about you.

31. Almost perfect, but I kept waking up realizing you weren’t here.

32. I slept well, but my pillow didn’t like all the drooling when I was dreaming about you.

33. I didn’t sleep much since I was busy thinking about you.

34. Not too bad, though I kept trying to cuddle with my pillow, pretending it was you.

35. My bed was a little jealous that I spent the whole night dreaming of you instead of enjoying its comfort.

36. Good, until my alarm clock rudely interrupted our dream date.

37. I had a dream I was a sleeping beauty and you were my prince charming

38. I slept well, but my dreams were filled with thoughts of you so it felt like we were together all night.

39. Like a cat, but I could use some more cuddling. Are you free tonight?

40. I had sweet dreams, but my dreams would be sweeter with you in them.

41. Like a baby, but my teddy bear is no match for your cuddles.

42. I tossed and turned all night because my bed was missing its other half – you.

43. I slept like a panda, but I’d rather be cuddling with you instead.

44. I slept well, but I bet it would have been even better if you were there to cuddle with me.

45. Like a baby, but I was dreaming of you all night long.

46. Honestly, I spent more time thinking about you than sleeping.

47. I would have slept better if I had your arms wrapped around me.

48. It’s hard to sleep when all I can think about is you.

49. Surprisingly well, considering I couldn’t get you off my mind.

50. Better than ever, because all my dreams were filled with your gorgeous smile.

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51. All I know is that every time I closed my eyes, there you were!

52. Let’s just say my dreams were more than sweet, thanks to you.

53. Not too bad, but it would’ve been better if we had a pillow talk session beforehand.

54. Surrounded by pillows, but all I really wanted was to be wrapped up in your arms instead.

55. Like a baby – drooling and waking up every two hours!

56. I slept so well that I think my bed deserves a performance bonus.

57. Like I was practicing for a snoring competition.

58. My dreams were so sweet, I woke up with cavities

59. Better than sleeping beauty, but where’s my prince charming’s wake-up kiss?

60. So well that I almost didn’t hear my alarm.

61. On a scale of 1 to 10, I’d rate it a solid Zzz…

62. I slept like a baby – a cute, snuggly baby, but I’d sleep even better if you were here.

63. Let’s just say if you were here, I wouldn’t sleep at all.

64. If my dreams were a movie, they’d be rated R for raunchy.

65. I tossed and turned like a salsa dancer.

66. My sheets and I played an intense game of Twister in my sleep.

67. I slept like a teenager after prom night – exhausted but satisfied.

68. My dreams were so wild the neighbors called for noise complaints.

69. My mattress had to sign an NDA after the scandalous dreams I had.

70. My pillow’s going to need therapy after what we did last night.

71. I rolled around like a beach ball during spring break.

72. I slept like a bottle of champagne waiting to be popped.

73. My dreams were so wild they’d put Mardi Gras to shame.

74. My dreams were naughtier than a sailor’s vocabulary.

75. Let’s just say my alarm clock needed a cold shower after waking me up.

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