The Pros & Cons of Dating or Marrying a Younger Woman


Because of influence from pop culture and media, a man is not often looked upon well when he is in a relationship with a younger woman. He may be considered perverted or tasteless, or she may be considered a gold digger (if he is rich, of course).

However, successful relationships are not defined by age, and of every kind, there are goods and bads that are inevitable. In a relationship of the significant age gap, there are some pros that wouldn’t be present in a same-age relationship, as well as cons.

One con is mentioned in the first sentence: there will be judgment. Because it’s not the norm, people are going to have their opinions, especially those of the woman’s family. Her parents might feel strange with the idea of having a son-in-law only a few years younger than them. Or, perhaps, that might actually have the opposite effect and they like you more for your closeness in age. Only good thoughts may be limited to those who know the man personally. No one is forced to follow social norms, though, and one shouldn’t feel limited and ashamed, not if it’s a healthy relationship. There are limitations to the legality, of course. Another con is, say, if you’re dating a woman younger than twenty-one, it would be illegal for her to drink, and you would miss out on sharing that with your wife (for a little while, anyway).

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Being a part of different generations also means different kinds of childhood, and you could miss out on having that common ground. Something from your past can be completely strange to her, and there’s a gap of familiarity. However, that could add some depth to your relationship. You could share your different memories and learn about experiences outside of your timeline. Plus, with a younger wife, she may still be learning how to do some things, which you can have the pleasure of teaching her. She would probably learn it quicker than if she were alone or with someone her age.

Physicality is an important role in relationships, regardless of how we want to perceive it. A younger wife means a wife with more energy, beauty, and youth. The pro is you can avoid losing her to old age; the con would be hers, as she could lose you to old age sooner than most wives. That may inspire you to enjoy more good experiences together. A younger wife also means a better chance at a family you always wanted. It may also not mean a chance at a family, as your age might hinder your ability to conceive. Still, your wife will have the energy to do more. You may not be able to match that energy, and that could mean missing out on having some of those memorable experiences.

Different ages mean different levels of maturity, so there may be a maturity gap, big or small. Knowing more than her because of your longer experience at life can both benefit and hinder the marriage. She could be clueless about certain things that you have to take off, including financially. Also, different ages mean different stages of life. If you’re in your fifties and she’s in her early thirties, both your physical and mental stages are in two separate places. The fifties are the time to think of retirement; thirties are the time to excel in your career. You may not be able to enjoy life at the same time as it progresses and end up on different pages. Also, a younger wife could mean she’s still exploring the world and “finding herself,” whereas you could be comfortably established. She can take you on adventures, though; that you would otherwise miss if you both were content staying in one place.

Different ages also mean different concerns. Perhaps you’re worried about your health; she may not even pay attention to hers. She could be determined to get a promotion at work; you could be hoping to start a hobby. She may have more social needs and wanting to go out with friends; you might have had your fill of socializing and desire to stay home. The influence of one on the other can open up experiences as well as be a pressure on them.

When you take a look at a lot of couples, you’d be surprised to discover that large age gaps are not actually as strange and uncommon as they seem, and many of them are successes. That success takes the same kind of work that every married couple has to put in, regardless of their ages. So, if a younger woman is the one, then she’s the one.

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