How to Meet Girls or Guys in a Small Town?


Trying to meet someone while living in a small town poses many challenges. Everyone develops a set view about the people around them, and it can be hard as a local to think of your peers romantically if it conflicts with how you already see them.

Entering into a small town’s dating pool as a newcomer can have you viewed as an outsider and it can be difficult finding a spot within all of those pre-existing connections. However, all those issues do not necessarily mean that meeting someone in a small town is impossible. Regardless if you’re a longtime resident or are just rolling into town, here are a few things you can do to meet girls or guys in a small town.

Get Established in Your New Town

Sometimes, you need to do some added work in order to generate connections that can lead to a romantic interest. Be kind and neighborly—accept any welcomes and offer any thanks in person rather than ignoring them or sending a random thank you note. However, don’t outright lie about who you are—it can come back to bite you later on when the truth comes out. Develop some friendships first and then find out who and where the eligible singles are in the community. Word travels fast in small towns and first impressions are highly valuable, so putting yourself out there as a nice person is a crucial step in attracting someone. Having some good points about yourself established in the community will only increase your appeal when your single status is made known. Even if you find someone and things don’t work out, try to keep things amicable to prevent it from completely destroying your reputation as a decent person.

Be Active in Your Community

You can’t attract any kind of attention if you stay at home all day. Be active in activities, such as town-wide events or local charities. Doing so may offer you the chance to come in contact with a possible love interest and friends that you wouldn’t have found elsewhere. It is possible that the people you meet will also be much more appealing than who you would find at a bar or on dating app or site that may not be prevalent in your area. You’ll also create and strengthen necessary social ties within the community that could prove useful further in the future, even if it’s just friendship. Being active in the community will also positively impact your reputation and boost your appeal. However, we strongly recommend giving a try to online dating as well. In most cases on dating sites like Match, you will be able to meet people who you might not meet just by going out. Joining a dating website will also allow you to find out who is single and looking for the relationship in your community. View pics for free now on, the #1 dating site!

Embrace the Local Atmosphere

Small towns can be boring and dull at times, but they do have their good points. Look at the positive aspects of your small town and try to be upbeat about it. It doesn’t have to be anything major or a common belief shared by others. If you are open and honest about your town’s good points, then you’re more likely going to find someone who feels the same and shares your views. It will also make you more appealing if you have a positive outlook; people are attracted to those who are happy about their lives and situation. In addition, you may find hidden gems about the town and the surrounding area that could lead you to a potential date—both in regards to an actual person and dates the two of you go on.

Check Out the Surroundings

Unless your small town is intensely isolated, then chances are there are other populated areas nearby. Take a trip to the next town over and explore the area. You will at least learn about a few new places that may be of interest to you, but you will also likely expand and improve your dating pool. If you feel like you need a reason to go to a neighboring town other than to scope things out, pay attention to events going on there that may interest you. You’ll be able to make a connection with someone over something you have in common and be able to walk away with a fun memory even if you don’t meet anyone.

Change Up Your Tactics

Small towns usually have smaller dating pools and it can be very easy to quickly exhaust your romantic tactics. Again, remember that word travels fast and that may make it harder to woo someone. Rather than sticking with the same pick-up line for every guy or girl you meet, change it up. Look at what you do and think about how effective it has been in the past. Make adjustments or even retire it and try something new. Pay attention to what others around you are doing and look at what works for them. While you shouldn’t outright copy it, it can serve as the inspiration to help you develop new ideas.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online