How to Get a Girl to Text You First?


Gentlemen, you probably are familiar with this situation: you meet a nice, attractive girl, and you think there’s some possibility there. You want her number. When you get it, you’re probably going to be texting her within a day’s time. That’s normal. But then you’re always the one to text first. You really wish that once in a while she would text first. How do you make that happen?

That goal begins at the first meeting. When you meet a girl and are getting to know her, open up opportunities for her to volunteer the number exchange first. You can attempt to leave; if she’s interested, she might bring it up first before you get away. Or perhaps say something along the lines of, “This was nice. I’ll call you sometimes,” without getting her number. Again, if she’s interested, she’ll notice and offer you her number. This is a good way to figure out from the beginning if she’s equally attracted back. When the numbers are exchanged, leave on a high note. End the conversation with something left off, making her wanting more. As that first interaction ends, the seeds are planted.

But perhaps she doesn’t text first after a few days? You may text her. Most importantly, in this moment, be short and sweet. A gentle, “hey, how’s it going?” or, “So it was great to meet you yesterday,” and nothing more, will be just the remedy to stir things up. Then, if she does reply, keep the conversation short. Even if you have the time, leave off on a good note so, again, she’ll want more. Yes, you texted first, but this will open up opportunities for the opposite to happen in the future.

Be confident in her memory. Do not add on a little, “…remember me?” This will never look good. Even if you don’t really believe it, be confident in her memory of you. If you portray this confidence, you’ll be even more unforgettable in her eyes. The more she remembers you, the more likely she’ll text first.

Give her the freedom of feeling that she owes you nothing. A desperate man will turn away every woman very fast. A man who expects some sort of debt will do that even faster. At the beginning, let her know she is free to chat anytime she likes. Let her feel that the control is hers and she is in no way required to give something back to you. This will influence her to text first.

Share the chase. If there are some mystery and adventure on both sides, then both sides will be inspired to keep going. It’s natural and traditional to be the initiator and pursuer, but let her feel like the pursuer once in a while. Having more kinds of decisions other than whether she should give a man attention or not will help her feel empowered and inspired, and all the more influenced to give a little chase herself.

A nice little trick is to time a message to where she can’t respond right away. Perhaps send a “What’s up?” just before she goes into work, or during a meeting, or as she’s traveling. Knowing that you’re waiting for her reply, she’ll be waiting to reply. She’ll feel that the ball is in her court. Before long, she might even begin to text first even when you didn’t check in a few hours ago while her hands were full.

It’s important to be careful with timing, though. This method can backfire. It can just as easily annoy her if you make her phone go off at inopportune moments, which will definitely not make her want to text you first. It would be reasonable to use this trick later on when you’re more familiar with her schedule and routine.

In order to change things up a bit, be the one to end the conversation sometimes. A simple, “Got to run,” or, “Sorry, my meeting just started. I’ll be out in an hour,” will suffice to end the conversation. Perhaps pull it off when it’s in the middle of story sharing or an interesting topic. She’ll want to finish it later with you, so she just might hit you up first when you’re available again. This also makes you come across not clingy and a reasonable, responsible human being. A prioritized man is an attractive man.

And, naturally, ignite her passions. If you know of something that she is passionate about, leave off a conversation on that topic. She will associate you with that topic that she loves so much and be more in the mood to keep talking about it later.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online