80 Contact Names for Ex-boyfriend

So, you’ve decided to keep your ex-boyfriend’s number. Perhaps children are involved, shared responsibilities, or even a pet. Maybe your relationship ended on good terms and you’re hoping to maintain a friendship, or perhaps it’s for those just-in-case moments that can unexpectedly creep up on us.

Whatever your reason, it’s completely okay.

However, seeing his name pop up on your phone can sometimes spark a lot of mixed emotions and memories – both sweet and bitter.

It might even catch you off guard while you scroll through your contacts, leading you down memory lane when you least expect it.

It can also induce anxiety when he texts you, causing you to overthink. We get it and we’re here to help you tackle this.

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One simple yet effective step to help you better deal with this situation is to change the contact name for your ex on your phone.

This small step can create a gentle cushion of emotional distance, saving you from those jolts of nostalgia or twinges of what-if thoughts.

It can also serve as a reminder of why you two aren’t together anymore, helping you maintain perspective when needed.

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Examples of Contact Names for Ex-boyfriend

1. “The Past”: This one serves as a reminder that he is part of your history, not your present.

2. “Mistake Maker”: If things ended badly, this can be a way to remember why it didn’t work out.

3. “Time Waster”: Again, if he didn’t respect your time and energy, this name will remind you of that.

4. “Mr. Not Right”: He just wasn’t the right one for you.

5. “Been There, Done That”: This can help keep you from repeating past mistakes.

6. “Old News”: Because he is exactly that, old news.

7. “Non Priority”: A good reminder of where he stands in your life now.

8. “False Alarm”: Sometimes, we think we’ve found ‘the one’ but it turns out to be a false alarm.

9. “Reality Check”: To remind you of the real image of him, not the rose-tinted version in your memory.

10. “Caution Sign”: To alert your heart when he sends you drunk texts.

11. “Plan B”: Because he is no longer your plan A.

12. “Do Not Answer”: Useful if you’re tempted to pick up his calls.

13. “Closed Chapter”: To show closure and reinforce the need to move forward.

14. “What Was I Thinking?”: To remind you of the lessons learned.

15. “Distant Memory”: To help put emotional distance between you two.

16. “History Lesson”: Because every past relationship is a lesson learned.

17. “Irrelevant”: A harsh but effective way to remind yourself of his current relevance in your life.

18. “Don’t Go Back”: This can save you from getting back into a toxic relationship.

19. “Wrong Turn”: To remember that he was a detour, not the destination.

20. “Life Lesson”: Helpful in keeping perspective about what that relationship taught you.

21. “Never Again”: A clear and firm reminder not to repeat past mistakes.

22. “Just An Ex”: A straightforward name that says it all.

23. “Moving On”: To mark an end to that chapter of your love life.

24. “No Regrets”: To remind yourself to view past relationships without regret.

25. “Bitter-Sweet Memories”: A beautiful reminder of the good and the not-so-good times.

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26. “Not Worth It”: Sometimes, we need reminders that some people are just not worth our time or energy.

27. “Better Off Alone”: Great for realizing you’re happier without him.

28. “Next!”: A positive push to keep moving forward in your love life.

29. “Been Better Since You Left”: A personal affirmation that life goes on, and sometimes it even improves after a breakup.

30. “Repeated Mistake”: If he’s someone you broke up with multiple times, this could help prevent another round.

31. “Lesson Learned”: Sometimes, people come into our lives just to teach us valuable lessons.

32. “Glow Up Ahead”: Because every end is a new beginning and sometimes breakups lead us to our best selves.

33. “Wish You Well”: If your breakup was amicable, this can help you remember that there’s no ill will there.

34. “No Reply Needed”: Useful if you don’t want to encourage ongoing communication.

35. “Onward and Upward”: To remind yourself to keep moving forward, not backward.

36. “Unanswered Call”: Helpful when you’re trying to avoid picking up his calls.

37. “Friend Zone”: Perfect if your relationship has transitioned to friendship post-breakup.

38. “Healthy Distance”: A reminder that maintaining some space from exes can often be the healthiest choice.

39. “Avoid the Drama”: In case interactions with him often lead to emotional drama.

40. “Chapter Closed”: Another way of reminding yourself that this chapter of your life is closed now.

41. “Remnants of the Past”: If he’s someone from your distant past and doesn’t have much present relevance anymore.

42. “Wrong Decision Reminder”: To remind you of the consequences of wrong decisions.

43. “Just Another Human”: Because he’s just that now.

44. “Blurry Past”: A helpful reminder that he is from a part of your life that’s now hazy and unimportant.

45. “Never Respond”: If you want to discourage yourself from responding to his messages.

46. “Wrong Direction”: To remind you he was a detour, not the path.

47. “Emotional Baggage”: Useful in remembering not to let past feelings burden you.

48. “Do Not Engage”: Handy if you are afraid of getting dragged into unnecessary conversations with him.

49. “Ship Has Sailed”: For that sense of closure that relationships sometimes need.

50. “Ancient History”: Because he’s just that – old news.

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51. “Ex-Oh-Ex”: A funny take on the traditional “ex”.

52. “Bad News”: If he was someone who brought more negativity than positivity into your life.

53. “Closed Book”: A gentle reminder not to reopen old chapters of life.

54. “End of Story”: To mark the end of your romantic saga with him.

55. “Disconnection Notice”: A funny way to remind yourself not to reconnect romantically.

56. “Not In Use”: To remind yourself that this contact is no longer needed.

57. “Blocked Road”: Your journey together has reached a block and it’s time to find a new route.

58. “Error 404”: Because sometimes humor can be the best medicine.

59. “Significant Other But Not Mine”: To emphasize and internalize that he may be important, just not to you anymore.

60. “Dusty Corner”: A place where you keep things you don’t need anymore.

61. “No More Drama”: Because you deserve peace in your life now.

62. “Old Flame”: To acknowledge the spark that once was, but isn’t anymore.

63. “Unfinished Business”: If there are lingering things left unsaid or undone even if they’ll stay that way.

64. “Vanishing Act”: For those whose exes disappeared from their lives as quickly as they appeared.

65. “Expired Affection”: Just like expired milk, some feelings can go bad too.

66. “Not Today”: In case some days are harder than others, this can remind you today isn’t the day to deal with him.

67. “Exit Only”: A one-way street where only exits are allowed, no re-entries.

68. “Expired Subscription”: Because sometimes we have to let go of outdated subscriptions that don’t serve us anymore.

69. “Lost Signal”: Ideal when trying to lose emotional signals connected with him.

70. “Unplanned Trip”: To recognize your relationship as an unexpected detour in your journey.

71. “Returned Parcel”: Sent back because it wasn’t what you ordered in life!

72. “Under Construction”: Useful if you’re still rebuilding yourself after the breakup.

73. “Recycled Memories”: A gentle reminder that while the past was important, it’s been recycled into something new now.

74. “Deflated Balloon”: Depicting how the air went out of your relationship.

75. “Don’t Look Back”: A firm reminder not to dwell on the past.

76. “The One That Got Away”: If he was someone that slipped away but shouldn’t influence your current life anymore.

77. “Outdated Version”: Because people change over time and your ex might not be the same person that you remember.

78. “Sinking Ship”: If your relationship was a ship that unfortunately sank, this would be a good reminder of that.

79. “Burned Bridge”: An important reminder that some connections are better off severed forever!

80. “No Longer in Service”: As straightforward as it gets, indicating that he is no longer an active part of your life!

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