How to Find a Boyfriend Online in Less Than 7 Days?


The fastest way to find a boyfriend is by taking advantage of online dating sites and apps. Yes, you can meet guys offline but it will take much more time and will be more expensive as well.

Let’s quickly take a look at some of the advantages of meeting guys online vs offline.

  • It is much faster to get a date online. You can find someone to chat with today and have a date tomorrow. If you choose to only meet guys offline it might take much longer to meet someone before you can even consider going on a date.
  • Much larger number of guys to select from. When you are online you can chat with anyone from thousands of guys available. When offline, you are highly restricted to whoever comes around.
  • Much easier to get a better sense of who a guy is before going on a date.
  • Meeting guys online are cheaper than going to places such as bars or clubs to meet them.

Steps that will help you in finding boyfriend online

  • Pick the right dating website to join

The first step in starting your online search for a boyfriend is to join a good reputable dating website that has a large number of members. is a good place to start. Today there are thousands of dating websites in all kind of niches from singles who are into traveling to Christian singles however from personal experience it is better to stick to bigger websites. Niche websites might not have enough singles to chat if you live in a smaller town. After that, the next step will be creating a dating profile and uploading pictures. View pics for free now on, the #1 dating site!

  • Create unique flirty profile

Your profile should project that you are a cool girl who knows how to have fun but is also serious enough for a long term relationship. Avoid mentioning anything on your profile related to flings and one night stands to keep away the crowd that will just waste your time. Also as a tip remember that saying that you are not looking for one night stand on your profile doesn’t work. From my personal experience, I found that most girls who are mentioning that they are not looking for flings are actually interested in flings when you go on the date with them.

  • Upload good photos

Uploading great photos is the next important step. As you probably know uploading half naked photos will get you many messages from guys who are just looking to get laid. If you are not looking for a fling but for a boyfriend, avoid uploading photos where you are wearing swimsuit or bikini. Next big NO is uploading photos with other guys. I would also avoid photos with your girlfriends. Make sure that there are some photos showing your full body or otherwise most guys will assume that you are hiding something.

  • Start messaging guys

Many girls are too shy to contact guys first and that’s why they end up going on a date with someone they might not be fully interested in. Contacting guys first will give you much more control and this way if you see a profile of the guy you think you might like you don’t have to wait until he initiates the contact because by that time another girl might get him. When sending a message to a guy make sure you sound unique and flirty.

  • Phone numbers and going on a date

Should you ask for a phone number or should you wait until the guy asks first? I would personally wait a few days to avoid coming across as too desperate. You can ask for Facebook though to make sure you are not just one of the girls that a guy might be chatting with. In most cases, the guy will be the one who asks you for the number and then asks you on a date. If he doesn’t, it is either he is not into you or he is too shy. In that case, ask for his number by telling him that you want to chat with him via WhatsApp. After chatting on WhatsApp for half a day tell him to call you. In most cases, almost any guy will give you a call and from that point, it should be easy to get a date. If on another hand a guy doesn’t call you then it should raise a red flag.

The whole process from joining dating website to chatting with a guy you are interested in on the phone and then going on the date shouldn’t really take more than a week unless you intentionally will try to prolong it. Have fun and don’t feel bad if the first guy you meet will not be your type. It takes some time to find the right guy but when you do find him all your efforts and time you put in will worth it!

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online