What to Say If He Asks If You’re Dating Anyone Else?

So, you just started seeing a guy, and things are going pretty smoothly. But suddenly, after a couple of dates, he asks you, “Are you seeing anyone else?”

Caught off guard, your mind starts racing with all kinds of thoughts and responses. Is this a trick question? Or is curious if you’re one of those women who date multiple men at once?

How did the conversation even steer towards this topic? You weren’t prepared for that at all!

It’s not an easy question to answer, especially since it can mean different things. A wave of uncertainty washes over you and the fear creeps in. The fear of saying too much, the fear of not saying enough, and most importantly, the fear of disappointing him.

But here’s what to remember: Honesty is paramount in any relationship. Even in these early stages where both of you are trying to impress each other, pretending or sugar-coating never works in anyone’s favor.

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Ask yourself what you genuinely feel about this man, and most importantly, what are his intentions. Are you ready to take it to the next level, or are you still keeping your options open?

Remember, it’s not just about what to say but also about how to say it.

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What to Say If a Guy Asks If You’re Dating Anyone Else?

1. “No, I am not currently seeing anyone else. I prefer focussing on one person at a time.”

2. “Yes, I am also seeing other men. I believe in exploring my options before settling down.”

3. “There are some other people I am seeing but nothing serious.”

4. “No, it’s just you.”

5. “Currently, yes, there are others. However, none of them mean to me what you do.”

6. “No, there isn’t anyone else at the moment.”

7. “I believe in keeping my options open.”

8. “No, you’re the only one I’m seeing right now, and I’m interested to see where this goes.”

9. “Yes. In this stage of my life, I’m exploring various connections.”

10. “No, there isn’t anyone else. I don’t plan on changing that as long as we’re together.”

11. “I am not yet exclusive with anyone.”

12. “No, there’s no one else; as for now, it’s only you.”

13. “Yes, but it’s just casual dating, nothing serious.”

14. “No, you’re the only one and it feels right.”

15. “Yes, I’m still dating around but nothing is exclusive yet.”

16. “No, at the moment, my attention is solely focused on you.”

17. “Nope, there’s no one else on my radar right now.”

18. “I have been on a few dates but not committed to anyone yet.”

19. “No, right now I only have eyes on you.”

20. “Yes, I am seeing others. But honestly, I feel the most relaxed when I’m with you.”

21. “No, I’m not seeing anyone else at the moment. It’s all you, Mark.”

22. “Yes, I’m sure you’ve realized by now I’m quite a social butterfly.”

23. “No, it’s just you for now. Competition tends to mess with my Zen.”

24. “Yes, I’m still navigating the dating field right now.”

25. “No, you’re the only guy whose goodnight texts make me smile.”

26. “No, it’s just you making me blush these days.”

27. “No, since we’ve started going out, my dating life has become a lot less confusing!”

28. “No, it’s just you leaving the butterflies in my stomach.”

29. “Yes, but nobody else sings as terribly as you on karaoke nights.”

30. “Yes, but you’re the only one giving me the butterflies.”

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31. “Yes, I’m actually dating casually right now. I believe in being honest from the get-go.”

32. “No, I haven’t been seeing anyone else since we started dating.”

33. “I’ve been on a few dates here and there, but I haven’t met anyone quite like you.”

34. “I’m just trying to focus on one person at a time, and currently, that’s you.”

35. “Not at the moment. Honestly, I have really been enjoying getting to know you.”

36. “Why do you ask? Are you seeing anyone else?”

37. “Yes, and I’m straightforward about it. We’re still in the early days, aren’t we?”

38. “Isn’t that the whole point of dating? To meet different people and see who you connect with the most?”

39. “I was actually wondering about that myself. Are we heading towards exclusivity?”

40. “No, since we began going out, I haven’t wanted to date anyone else.”

41. “Honestly, yes. But that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in where this could go.”

42. “Not seriously, no. Especially not since we’ve started seeing each other.”

43. “Are we now at the label phase? This is getting serious too soon!”

44. “Why? Are you wanting to make our relationship exclusive?”

45. “No one that compares to you, really.”

46. “Honestly, yes. But, you’re the one I’m most excited about.”

47. “I was, but I’ve started to lose interest in them since we’ve begun spending more time together.”

48. “Currently, yes. But if you’re hinting at exclusivity, that’s something I’m open to discussing.”

49. “Are we at that stage already? Let’s take this slow!”

50. “Why, are you planning to ask me to date you exclusively?”

51. “As of now, you’re the only person I am interested in.”

52. “I’m focusing on this between us right now, there’s no one else involved.”

53. “Does it make a difference if I am or not?”

54. “I’m still figuring that part out…”

55. “There are friends I hang out with from time to time, but nothing romantic.”

56. “Why, are you worried about some competition?”

57. “Whether or not I am, I don’t see how it’s relevant yet.”

58. “I’m dating, but haven’t made any commitments yet.”

59. “I’m not seeing anyone else seriously if that’s what you mean.”

60. “I go out with friends, but you’re the only date.”

61. “Casual dates? Maybe. But is anything serious? It’s just you.”

62. “Not anyone worth mentioning!”

63. “Well, when it comes to you, I’m all in.”

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