101 Flirty Ways to Say “You’re Welcome”

Have you ever found yourself in that slightly awkward moment when a guy or girl you like says thank you for something?

Maybe you just passed them a pen, helped them solve a tricky problem, or simply held the door open.

Suddenly, they’re looking at you with those grateful eyes, and all you can think of are boring ‘No worries’ or ‘You’re welcome’.

The fear of overdoing it and the thoughts of potential embarrassment might be pushing you toward playing it safe. But hey, no great love story started with playing it safe, right?

So how about we take a look at some other more flirty ways to say “you’re welcome” to spark some chemistry with your crush?

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How to Say “You’re Welcome” in a Flirty Way?

1. “Just finding any excuse to talk to you again.”

2. “Anytime, just for you.”

3. “Honestly, it was my pleasure.”

4. “Part of my daily mission to make you smile.

5. “For you? I’d do anything, anytime.”

6. “Happy to help… what else do you need?”

7. “Hope that brightens your day a bit.”

8. “Next time, it might cost you a coffee date.”

9. “I take my thanks in coffee dates, just so you know.”

10. “That smile? Best thanks I could ask for.”

11. “You owe me one. Dinner?”

12. “For you? Always a pleasure.”

13. “Anything to make your day a bit brighter.”

14. “Seems like I’m doing something right after all.”

15. “What’s next on the list? My day’s open for you.”

16. “Thrilled to be of service… especially to you.”

17. “I’ll take any excuse to make you happy.”

18. “I’ll do anything for that thank you… within reason.”

19. “Here for your daily rescue.”

20. “Just doing my duty as your unofficial Superman.”

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21. “Want to thank me over dinner?”

22. “Chivalry isn’t dead… especially not for you.”

23. “Your knight in shining armor at your service.”

24. “I just couldn’t resist to help such a lovely lady.”

25. “Careful, or you’ll owe me a coffee!”

26. “Anytime, as long as you promise to smile like that”

27. “At your service, now and always.”

28. “A smile from you is all the thanks I need.”

29. “For you? I’d do it all over again in a heartbeat.”

30. “Hope that made your day a bit brighter!”

31. “Now, don’t go telling everyone I’m this nice.”

32. “Just adding a spark to your day!”

33. “That was fun. Let’s do it again sometime!”

34. “Just doing my part to make sure you have a good day!”

35. “You’re welcome! Now, what’s the next mission?”

36. “I accept thank you’s in the form of pizza.”

37. “Hope that made your day 2% better!”

38. “Is it too soon to expect a ‘thank you’ gift?”

39. “Your smile is my favorite reward.”

40. “Just doing my part to spread some cheer!”

41. “Consider it a gift from me to you.”

42. “For you, always.”

43. “Happy to be of service!”

44. “I aim to please.”

45. “Making you happy makes me happy.”

46. “Let me know when I can do it again!”

47. “Always here for you.”

48. “That’s what friends are for, right?”

49. “Your happiness is my priority.”

50. “Glad to be of use!”

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51. “Just keeping the good vibes going.”

52. “Who says chivalry is dead?”

53. “Eager to assist again soon!”

54. “I’m just one call away for help!”

55. “For you, I’d do it a thousand times over.”

56. “Just part of my charm.”

57. “Ready for round two?”

58. “Just making sure you keep smiling.”

59. “Making your day better, one favor at a time.”

60. “Earning brownie points, aren’t I?”

61. “Glad to be of service to someone as special as you.”

62. “Just doing my bit to make the world a better place, starting with you.”

63. “Does this mean I’m your favorite person now?”

64. “I’ll be expecting my thank you note in the mail.”

65. “Keeping my favorite person happy!”

66. “Just so you know, I’m pretty good at this kind of thing.”

67. “My pleasure, as always.”

68. “Glad I could make your day a bit more sparkly.”

69. “Doing my part to keep your spirits high.”

70. “Glad to be your knight in shining armor today.”

71. “Here to make sure your day goes smoothly.”

72. “Consider it a gift from me to you.”

73. “Happy to help. What’s next on your wish list?”

74. “Just giving you more reasons to miss me.”

75. “Making your day, one favor at a time.”

76. “I aim to please and clearly, I’m nailing it.”

77. “File that under ‘Things I do for you.’”

78. “Your smile is my favorite thank you.”

79. “Delivering smiles, one good deed at a time.”

80. “Please leave a review.”

81. “Aren’t you lucky to know someone like me?”

82. “You’re welcome! Now, about my reward…”

83. “Absolutely free of charge, this time.”

84. “See? I come with benefits.”

85. “Hey, making people happy is my thing!”

86. “Happy to help, especially when it’s you.”

87. “Anything to make you smile.”

88. “Just part of my charm, you know?”

89. “I do what I can for those who deserve it.”

90. “Well, now you owe me one smile.”

91. “I’m here to make your life easier.”

92. “For you, always.”

93. “Just giving you another reason to think of me.”

94. “Consider it a gift from me to you.”

95. “You’re welcome, but next time, dinner’s on you!”

96. “Always a pleasure to help a friend in need.”

97. “You know I’ve got your back.”

98. “For you, the world.”

99. “Because who could say no to that face?”

100. “There’s more where that came from.”

101. “I’m all about giving, especially to someone like you.”

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