77 Ways To Ask A Guy To Sleep With You Over Text

Do you like a guy and want to take things to the next level, but are unsure how to do it?

Maybe you’re worried about sounding too forward or desperate. Or worse – that nagging fear of rejection or making things awkward if he doesn’t feel the same way.

These thoughts might be playing on a loop in your mind, making it challenging to tell him how you really feel.

I get it. It can be downright scary to tell the guy you like that you want to get intimate with him. We all have our insecurities. We fear judgment; we fear being perceived as too easy or too aggressive.

The concern that he might misunderstand your intention and think less of you can be paralyzing.

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But, let me remind you, it’s okay to be direct about your feelings and desires, as long as it’s done tactfully and respectfully.

Remember, effective communication is vital here. It requires choosing the right words and the right moment. You don’t want to rush this or sound too pushy.

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How to Let a Guy Know You Want to Hook Up Over Text?

1. “Have you ever thought about us… together?”

2. “I’ve been fantasizing about you lately.”

3. “What do you say we spend an unforgettable night together?”

4. “I feel like there’s a lot of chemistry between us. Should we test it?”

5. “Picture this: you and me, my bed, and no regrets. Thoughts?”

6. “You + Me + My bed = what do you think about this equation?”

7. “What’s your opinion on late-night hangouts… in bed?”

8. “Just wondering how you’d feel about some pillow talk tonight.”

9. “How about we make tonight extra memorable?”

10. “Have you ever imagined us together… in bed?”

11. “Have you ever considered taking our friendship to a more intimate level?”

12. “Quick question: how do you feel about sleepovers – as adults?”

13. “I think it’s time we explore the physical side of our relationship, don’t you?”

14. “I feel we’d be really good together… in bed.”

15. “There’s a side of me I’d like you to get to know better… and it doesn’t involve clothes.”

16. “If I told you I want to wake up next to you tomorrow, what would your reaction be?”

17. “What would you do if I invited you over for more than a movie night?”

18. “Dinner at my place with a chance of breakfast? No pressure.”

19. “I won’t beat around the bush. I’m attracted to you and I think we should hook up”

20. “Hey, no rush but… would you like to wake up next to me one of these days?”

21. “Too direct if I say I’m finding it hard to control my physical attraction to you?”

22. “How about a night at my place and let’s see where it leads us?”

23. “If I were to tell you that I want you in my bed, what would you say?”

24. “If I invited you over for more than a Netflix night, would you come?”

25. “So, hypothetically speaking, if I suggested we sleep together what would you say?”

26. “I just bought new silk sheets and need your opinion on them.”

27. “What are your plans for tonight? Want to make them more exciting?”

28. “Ever thought about changing the location of our conversations to somewhere more… comfortable?”

29. “My room is cold, need someone to come and warm it up.”

30. “Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep with me? I have.”

31. “I have this wild idea… us in bed together. Interested?”

32. “Would you be open to some casual intimacy?”

33. “How do you feel about a no-strings-attached night of fun?”

34. “What would you say if I asked you to come over tonight?”

35. “I’ve been thinking about us… in a more intimate setting. You?”

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36. “There’s something I want to discuss with you. It involves us and my bedroom.”

37. “Would you be okay if things between us got a bit more… physical?”

38. “My bed’s way too big for just one person…”

39. “What if I told you that I’ve been having some naughty thoughts about us?”

40. “I’ve got a surprise waiting for you at my place tonight.”

41. “Ever thought about what we could be like, without any clothes on?”

42. “I’ve been fantasizing about you lately, do you want to make it real?”

43. “Dinner at my place? And maybe something more…”

44. “Do you believe in ‘friends with benefits’?”

45. “I’ve got a surprise that requires you and my bedroom.”

46. “Ever tried a sleepover with a twist?”

47. “Ever wondered how it feels being in bed with me?”

48. “What’s better: spooning or forking?”

49. “It’s cold tonight, wouldn’t mind some company to keep me warm.”

50. “I bet you’re as wild in bed as your star sign suggests.”

51. “I think my bedroom would look great with you in it.”

52. “Ever thought about ‘us’ in a less friendly and more intimate context?”

53. “Netflix and Chill? With an emphasis on ‘Chill’?”

54. “You’re in my morning coffee thoughts and my late-night fantasies.”

55. “What’s your view on being cozy with me… in bed?”

56. “How about we turn up the heat between us?”

57. “I’ve been fantasizing about us being more than friends. Thoughts?”

58. “Let’s play a game. The winner gets to decide if we stay at your or my place tonight.”

59. “I’m curious how you’d react if I said I want you… in my bed.”

60. “I need someone to keep me warm tonight, any volunteers?”

61. “My bed’s big enough for two – what do you say?”

62. “So how would you feel about sleeping over at my place tonight?”

63. “What’s your take on cuddles, and maybe more?”

64. “What would you say if I told you I want to kiss you right now?”

65. “Want to see how compatible we really are?”

66. “Are you a fan of late-night talks and… other things?”

67. “You, me, a bottle of wine, and a comfy bed. Sounds good?”

68. “What if we went from chatting over text to chatting in bed?”

69. “Here’s a wild idea – let’s sleep together.”

70. “Have you ever fantasized about me… in a less friendly way?”

71. “I keep having these… interesting dreams about you. Want to hear more?”

72. “Let’s try something fun and new – one bed, two of us.”

73. “Let’s try this – me and you, a blanket, and nothing in between.”

74. “You ever wondered how well we’d fit together…in bed?”

75. “I’m free tonight, and my bed’s empty… any plans?”

76. “Curious what your thoughts are on us… crossing the line.”

77. “Ever been curious about what it would be like…us…naked?”

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