Arranged a Date But I Haven’t Heard From Him

You finally met a guy you really like. After chatting for a few days, you agreed to go on a date.

You were filled with excitement and anticipation as you waited for him to confirm the date, but he never called or even texted to say that you were still a go.

Did he forget? Did he lose your number? Or could it be something else?

As the day when you are supposed to finally meet arrives, there’s still no word from him.

You’re left with confusion, disappointment, and self-doubt. You scroll through every text trying to decipher any hidden messages.

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Did you say something wrong? Was there something he did not like about you?

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Why He Never Texted If We Made the Plans?

1. He may have gotten cold feet

Deciding to take a relationship from simple conversations to actual face-to-face meetings can be a massive leap for some. This leap can trigger second thoughts or self-doubt.

Perhaps he became nervous, and his excitement turned into apprehension. While he might still be interested in you, his fear could have overruled his earlier enthusiasm.

Does this mean it’s over? Not necessarily! Everyone needs time to process their feelings, so give him some space.

An open-ended question like “Are we still on for tomorrow?” leaves the floor open for his thoughts or fears, and it can start a talk where you can address his concerns without feeling too serious or confrontational.

2. He might have had an emergency

Sometimes, life throws curve balls our way that require immediate and complete attention.

He might have experienced such an unexpected event, causing him to lose focus on everything else including your date.

It could be a family emergency, a sudden need to travel, or a problem at work that ambushed him, leaving him no choice but to deal with it right away.

So, he may not be ignoring or avoiding you on purpose; he might simply have had his hands tied by an unforeseen crisis.

3. He might be playing the field

He might be talking to multiple women. In this scenario, his plate is full, and confirming your date isn’t at the top of his priority list.

To clarify this situation, you need absolute honesty. Not all people want the same things out of dating, and it’s essential to be on the same page.

Ask him what he’s looking for from dating right now. Based on his response, decide whether his intentions align with yours.

4. He might not have realized you’re waiting for a confirmation

Everyone communicates differently. Some men just don’t realize that you’re waiting for a confirmation.

This is a simple misunderstanding that can easily happen in the early stages before you learn about each other’s communication styles.

To avoid any confusion, remind him about the date. Do so in a gentle way without making him feel cornered or blamed.

Something along the lines of, “Hey, are we still on for Friday?” may be all it takes to get the conversation going.

5. He’s unsure about his feelings

Feelings can be complicated, especially when they’re new. It might be that he’s attracted to you but also confused about his emotions and looking to make sense of his feelings.

He may question whether he’s really ready for dating or may have some insecurities or past dating experiences clouding his mind.

Talk it out with him. Open communication about emotions helps build a stronger connection.

Reassure him that it’s totally acceptable to have doubts or uncertainties at this stage.

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6. He believes in spontaneity

For some people, a spontaneous lifestyle is exciting and stress-free. He might be one of these guys who prefer impromptu plans over set schedules.

The lack of confirmation you’re experiencing could be a reflection of his spontaneous nature rather than disinterest.

If spontaneity is something that you are comfortable with, embrace this side of him. Otherwise, discuss with him the importance of proper planning and how it affects you.

He might not realize the inconvenience caused and would probably start scheduling things better once he understands your perspective.

7. He simply forgot

We live busy lives juggling numerous tasks and responsibilities. There’s always a possibility that he simply forgets about confirming the date amidst all this.

He might have been swamped with work or personal issues, leading him to unwittingly neglect your planned date.

Rather than assuming the worst, give him the benefit of the doubt and drop a subtle reminder about the date.

8. He’s deliberately ignoring you

It’s a bitter pill to swallow, but some people miss or ignore messages intentionally. It could be due to personal reasons, their ongoing life situation, doubts about dating, or sadly, just inconsiderate behavior.

If you suspect he’s deliberately avoiding contact, ask yourself if this is the kind of man you want to be with.

9. He got back with his ex

It’s not uncommon for people to try filling the void of a recent breakup with dating again. He could’ve reconciled with his ex and hence the silence from his end.

While this is hard to accept, remember that you’re not just a placeholder and deserve someone who is fully invested in you.

Examples of What to Text a Guy to Confirm a Date

  • “Hey there! Just checking in to confirm our plans. Are we still on for 7 pm tomorrow at [Place]?”
  • “Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow. Just wanted to check if everything’s still okay on your side.”
  • “Hi! I was planning my day tomorrow. Are we still meeting at [Place]?”
  • “Hi, looking forward to catching up this weekend. Are we still going out?”
  • “Just making sure you’re still up for the movie tomorrow, can’t wait!”
  • “Hey, are we still on for dinner at that new Italian restaurant tomorrow night?”
  • “Was thinking about our meet up tomorrow. We’re still on, right?”
  • “Hey handsome, is our picnic at the park still on for tomorrow? Looking forward to it.”
  • “Got some funny stories to tell over coffee tomorrow. Are we still on?”
  • “Oh, I was shopping for the most perfect outfit for our date tomorrow! Can’t wait, it’s still on right?”
  • “Putting things in my calendar for the week – we’re still penciled in for Friday night?”
  • “Hello, just confirming our date tomorrow. I’ve been looking forward to it.”
  • “Hi, just making sure we’re still good to go tomorrow.”

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