50 Things a Cheating Wife Will Say

As the saying goes, “Trust, but verify”. A big part of being in a committed relationship is having trust in each other while also keeping your eyes open to ensure this trust is not being misused.

Anyone in a long-term relationship will tell you that maintaining a healthy balance here is easier said than done. While it is important to trust your wife, it is equally crucial to pay attention to any changes in her behavior.

Infidelity can be shattering. It is something that no one wants to face, but unfortunately, it happens all too often, leaving deep scars.

For some people, there might be subtle signs or gut feelings that something is amiss in their marriage.

These signs are perhaps not enough to accuse your wife of cheating, but they do raise some anxiety-provoking questions that deserve answers.

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If you have this lingering suspicion about your wife, it’s time to find some answers.

Before we proceed it might be a good idea to do a quick reverse email search to check if your wife is using online dating apps to meet other guys.

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Examples of Things a Cheating Wife Will Say

1. “You’re just being paranoid.” – This may be a defensive tactic to throw you off course by making you question your suspicions.

2. “Why would you think that?” – This shows defensiveness and can sometimes indicate that your wife is trying to shift the focus away from her.

3. “I have to work late tonight.” – While this could be true, frequent nights spent at the office could be a sign that she’s meeting someone else.

4. “It’s just harmless flirting.” – If she downplays her interactions with other men, it might indicate she is doing more than just innocent flirting.

5. “I need more space.” – Wanting to have alone time is normal but if it becomes constant, it might be because she’s spending that time with someone else.

6. “He’s just a friend.” – This could be true, but if her relationship with that ‘friend’ is causing tension in your marriage, there may be more to it than she’s admitting.

7. “You’re suffocating me.” – This may be her way of asking for more freedom to engage in extramarital activities.

8. “He’s not my type.” – If she’s trying to convince you that she could never be attracted to someone else, it is probably a lie.

9. “I’m going out with the girls again.” – While this could be true, it could also be a cover to spend time with someone else.

10. “Don’t you trust me?” – This is a classic deflection and an attempt to make you question your suspicions.

11. “You’re just insecure.” – Accusing you of being insecure may be her way of shifting blame.

12. “We’re only good friends.” – If she’s spending a significant amount of time with a new ‘friend’, it may signal potential infidelity.

13. “I would never do that to you.” – Repeatedly assuring you that she would never cheat can sometimes be a sign that she already has.

14. “Don’t worry about him.” – Dismissing your concerns about another man may indicate more than a casual relationship.

15. “I feel like I’m living with a detective.” – She might say this to make you feel guilty about your suspicions.

16. “You’re always overreacting!” – Accusing you of overreacting is an attempt to invalidate your feelings and concerns.

17. “Why can’t we just be happy?” – This question could be used to divert attention from her lies.

18. “I think we need a break.” – If she suggests a break, it might be because she wants to pursue another relationship guilt-free.

19. “I think we’re growing apart.” – These words might signal a drifting interest, indicating she is having an affair.

20. “Why are you always so suspicious?” – An effective way to shift the focus to your insecurities.

21. “He’s just helping me out with some work.” – A common excuse used by a cheating spouse to justify the excessive time spent with someone else.

22. “It’s all in your head.” – Gaslighting is often used as a manipulation tactic by cheating spouses to question your sanity and avoid suspicion.

23. “You’re controlling.” – Accusations of being controlling might be intended to buy herself some extra freedom on the side.

24. “You’re imagining things.” – Similar to gaslighting, this is another attempt to make you second-guess your suspicions.

25. “I need more independence.” – Does she suddenly want a lot of independence, even after years of marriage? This may be a sign something’s amiss.

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26. “We barely talk anymore.” – If she blames the lack of communication while she’s the one pulling away, it might be a deflection tactic.

27. “You’re exaggerating!” – Another way of invalidating your feelings and allegations.

28. “I’m not happy.” – Though this could indicate multiple issues, it can also be used as an excuse for infidelity.

29. “My phone? I must have left it in the car/office.” – Regular ‘forgetfulness’ about her phone might indicate she’s hiding something.

30. “Why don’t we spend some time apart?” – This could be her way of saying she needs space to spend time with someone else.

31. “I need privacy.” – Everyone does, but the excessive need for privacy might indicate cheating.

32. “I don’t feel connected to you anymore.” – This could be her way to justify cheating on you.

33. “I’m confused about my feelings.” – If her feelings for you are suddenly under question, it could mean she might be developing feelings for someone else.

34. “I don’t know what I want.” – Commonly used when someone is caught between two options. If your wife now seems torn and confused, infidelity might be the reason.

35. “We’re just not compatible anymore.” – This could indicate that she’s found someone else with whom she feels more ‘compatible’.

36. “You never listen to me anyway.” – This is often used when she wants to divert attention from her to your flaws.

37. “Leave my phone alone!” – A sudden over-protectiveness about her phone might indicate she has something to hide.

38. “Do I need to report everything I do?” – She might use this to create boundaries, making it easier for her to hide her indiscretions.

39. “I’m going shopping with my girlfriends.” – This could be legitimate, but if it happens more often than before, it can be a red flag.

40. “I need a girls’ weekend away.” – Occasional getaways with girls are normal, but if it happens all the time, it could be a cover-up.

41. “I don’t feel appreciated.” – If she constantly feels unappreciated, she might be seeking appreciation elsewhere.

42. “I just need to figure things out.” – This indecisiveness might indicate she is contemplating about her ongoing affair.

43. “I need some time to myself.” – If ‘me time’ starts becoming more frequent, it could mean she’s spending time with another person.

44. “Why are you always checking on me?” – Defensive behavior like this might be because there’s something she doesn’t want you to find.

45. “I always have to justify myself.” – It might be her way to silence your doubts and questions.

46. “I think we should see other people.” – This might be a sign that she’s already seeing someone else.

47. “I had a late meeting.” – This could very well be true, but frequent late-night meetings are worth investigating.

48. “I’m going on a business trip.” – Multiple business trips could be a clever cover-up for meeting someone else.

49. “You don’t understand me.” – This could mean that she feels understood by someone else.

50. “You’re always creating drama.” – Deflecting blame onto you is a classic sign of defensiveness.

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