112 Flirty, Witty and Funny Replies to Compliments on Instagram

Do you get a lot of compliments on Instagram but have no idea how to respond to them?

You might be wondering, “What if your response is too cocky, or worse, comes off as insincere?” “What if you unintentionally offend the person who was only trying to be nice?”

Sometimes, the fear of saying the wrong thing can feel paralyzing.

Should you send them a flirty reply or keep it casual? Is there a hidden message in their compliment? How do you keep the conversation going after a simple “thanks”?

These questions can make something as simple as responding to a compliment feel like a puzzle.

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But it doesn’t have to be this way.

When done right, responding to compliments can be an opportunity to engage with your followers, show your personality, or even flirt if you are single and interested.

And guess what? It’s easier than you might think.

To show you how to do it here is a list of sample common compliments and replies you can use to respond.

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How to Reply to Compliments on Instagram?

Compliment: “You’re very photogenic.”
Response: “Thank you! The camera and I have a mutual understanding.”

Compliment: “You’re looking hot!”
Response: “Well, I can’t let the sun outshine me, can I?”

Compliment: “You have a beautiful smile.”
Response: “It can be infectious!”

Compliment: “You’re a real heartbreaker.”
Response: “Oh, I hope not! I prefer to keep hearts intact.”

Compliment: “You’re such a tease.”
Response: “Just keeping things interesting!”

Compliment: “You’re very attractive.”
Response: “Why, thank you! Being attractive isn’t a choice, unfortunately.”

Compliment: “This photo is so hot.”
Response: “I’m delighted you think so!”

Compliment: “You look younger every day.”
Response: “Thank you! I’ve found the fountain of youth.”

Compliment: “You’re quite a mystery.”
Response: “Aren’t we all full of surprises?”

Compliment: “You have a great body.”
Response: “Thank you! I’ve been working on it.”

Compliment: “You’re really cute.”
Response: “Thank you! You’re not so bad yourself!”

Compliment: “You’re a dream come true.”
Response: “Well, life is but a dream, isn’t it?”

Compliment: “I can’t stop staring at your photos.”
Response: “That sounds like a good way to spend the day!”

Compliment: “You’re simply irresistible.”
Response: “Thank you! Better not resist then.”

Compliment: “You’re a real gem.”
Response: “Well, diamonds are a girl’s best friend.”

Compliment: “You look ravishing.”
Response: “Thank you! You’ve just made my day.”

Compliment: “I can’t get enough of you.”
Response: “Good thing there’s always more where that came from!”

Compliment: “Your hair looks amazing.”
Response: “Thank you! It behaves on some days.”

Compliment: “You look stunning in this photo.”
Response: “Thank you! I had a great photographer.”

Compliment: “Your posts are always so inspiring.”
Response: “That means a lot, thank you!”

Compliment: “I love your taste in music.”
Response: “I’m glad! Music is a huge part of my life.”

Compliment: “You’re amazingly talented!”
Response: “Wow, thank you! I’m flattered.”

Compliment: “Your workout routine is impressive!”
Response: “It’s hard work but totally worth it!”

Compliment: “You’re so funny!”
Response: “Glad I could make you laugh!”

Compliment: “You have great taste in books.”
Response: “Appreciate that! I love sharing what I read.”

Compliment: “Your makeup looks flawless.”
Response: “Thanks for noticing! I put a lot of effort into it.”

Compliment: “Looking great as always!”
Response: “Thanks, you’re too kind!”

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Compliment: “This picture is perfection.”
Response: “Wow, thanks! Just having fun with the camera.”

Compliment: “You’re glowing in this pic.”
Response: “Thank you! Must be all the happiness.”

Compliment: “Your outfit is on point.”
Response: “Thank you! Fashion is one of my passions.”

Compliment: “Your skin is flawless.”
Response: “Thank you! It’s all about hydration, isn’t it?”

Compliment: “Your laugh is infectious.”
Response: “Thank you! Life’s too short not to laugh”

Compliment: “You’re a breath of fresh air.”
Response: “Wow, that’s a new one! Thank you.”

Compliment: “You’re timeless.”
Response: “Thank you! Timeless like a good wine, I hope.”

Compliment: “You’re my inspiration.”
Response: “Wow, that’s touching! I’m just doing my best.”

Compliment: “You make everything fun!”
Response: “That’s because I’m having fun too!”

Compliment: “You light up every room.”
Response: “Thank you! It’s all about positive vibes.”

Compliment: “You’re a dream come true.”
Response: “That’s really sweet! Thank you!”

Compliment: “Your sense of humor is refreshing.”
Response: “Glad you think so! Laughter keeps us young.”

Compliment: “You’re beautiful inside and out.”
Response: “Thank you! So are you.”

Compliment: “You’re a ray of sunshine.”
Response: “That’s sweet! I do love to spread positivity.”

Compliment: “You make me look forward to every day.”
Response: “Wow, thank you! Your words mean a lot.”

Compliment: “You’re always so stylish!”
Response: “Thanks! Confidence is my favorite accessory.”

Compliment: “You’re an angel!”
Response: “Flattered! Just trying to do my part in making the world a better place.”

Compliment: “You’re full of surprises.”
Response: “Thanks! Life’s too short to be boring.”

Compliment: “You’re one in a million.”
Response: “Wow, thank you! So are you.”

Compliment: “How can someone be as good-looking as you?”
Response: “Geez, you’re making me blush!”

Compliment: “I love your energy!”
Response: “Thank you! It’s powered by coffee and positivity.”

Compliment: “You have the most amazing body.”
Response: “Thanks! It is all about self-love?”

Compliment: “Wow, your smile!”
Response: “Aww and your comment just made me smile even more!”

Compliment: “I can’t stop scrolling through your pictures.”
Response: “I’m glad to make your thumb work out!”

Compliment: “Your dog is as cute as you.”
Response: “Guess cuteness runs in the family.”

Compliment: “You seem so adventurous.”
Response: “Yes, life’s too short to stay at home.”

Compliment: “Your eyes sparkle like stars.”
Response: “Well, everyone needs some stardust in their life.”

Compliment: “I love your aura.”
Response: “Thank you! Just spreading some good vibes here.”

Compliment: “Is there anything you can’t do?”
Response: “Hmm… resisting dessert?”

Compliment: “Your energy is infectious.”
Response: “Thank you! I believe in spreading good vibes.”

Compliment: “You’re a natural beauty.”
Response: “You’re making me blush, but thank you!”

Compliment: “You’re so charming.”
Response: “Thank you! I try to be.”

Compliment: “Your posts are always refreshing.”
Response: “Thank you! I love keeping things fresh.”

Compliment: “Your sense of style is unique.”
Response: “Wow, thank you! I love experimenting with fashion.”

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Compliment: “Your fashion game is strong.”
Response: “Why, thank you! I love dressing up.”

Compliment: “What a breathtaking view!”
Response: “I know, right? Nature never fails to amaze me.”

Compliment: “You’re always glowing.”
Response: “Thank you! I drink water and mind my own business.”

Compliment: “You make that outfit look good.”
Response: “Really? Thank you! It’s one of my favorites.”

Compliment: “Your beauty is timeless.”
Response: “Wow, that’s one of the nicest things anyone’s ever said to me. Thank you!”

Compliment: “I’m loving your travel photos.”
Response: “Thank you! The world is full of beautiful places.”

Compliment: “You have a lovely home.”
Response: “Thank you! It’s my happy place.”

Compliment: “You’re always full of life.”
Response: “Life’s too short not to be! Thank you.”

Compliment: “Your cat is so adorable.”
Response: “Isn’t she? Thanks a lot!”

Compliment: “Your content always inspires me.”
Response: “That’s the goal – glad it’s working!”

Compliment: “I admire your strength and resilience.”
Response: “Thanks for that – we all have an inner warrior.”

Compliment: “I can’t imagine my Instagram feed without your posts.”
Response: “Aww, and I can’t imagine not having amazing followers like you.”

Compliment: “Your photos are frame-worthy.”
Response: “Well, who knows, maybe one day they’ll be in an art gallery.”

Compliment: “No one can pull off this look as good as you have.”
Response: “Well, uniqueness has its perks!”

Compliment: “You’re so smart!”
Response: “Thank you! Learning never stops.”

Compliment: “Your home décor is beautiful.”
Response: “Thanks! It’s my happy place.”

Compliment: “You have beautiful eyes.”
Reply: “That’s so sweet of you to say. Thanks!”

Compliment: “Your makeup looks flawless.”
Reply: “Thank you! I’ve been working on my skills.”

Compliment: “This outfit is fire.”
Reply: “Wow, thanks! I love it too.”

Compliment: “You’re glowing!”
Reply: “Thanks! This just added to my glow.”

Compliment: “Your posts are always so inspiring.”
Reply: “That means a lot, thank you!”

Compliment: “You’re so talented.”
Reply: “Thank you for recognizing my hard work!”

Compliment: “You always look so happy.”
Reply: “Thanks. I try to spread positivity wherever I can.”

Compliment: “I love your confidence.”
Reply: “Thanks! It’s something I work on every day.”

Compliment: “You’re such a great role model.”
Reply: “That’s a huge compliment, thank you!”

Compliment: “Your skin is flawless.”
Reply: “Thank you! It’s taken time but I’m proud of my skin journey.”

Compliment: “You’re so down-to-earth.”
Reply: “Thank you! I believe in keeping it real.”

Compliment: “You are so funny.”
Reply: “Glad I could make you laugh!”

Compliment: “I love your art!”
Reply: “Thank you! Passionate about it.”

Compliment: “Your food pics always make me hungry.”
Reply: “Mission accomplished then!”

Compliment: “You have an eye for detail.”
Reply: “Thank you! I believe it’s all in the details.”

Compliment: “I’m always excited about your new posts!”
Reply: “So glad to hear that! Stay tuned for more.”

Compliment: “You are a natural beauty.”
Reply: “That’s so kind of you. Thank you!”

Compliment: “You have a great taste in music.”
Response: “Music is my therapy, thank you!”

Compliment: “Love your confidence!”
Response: “Thanks! It’s a constant work in progress.”

Compliment: “This photo is beautiful.”
Response: “I’m glad you like it! It’s one of my favorites too.

Compliment: “You’re so talented.”
Response: “That’s such a lovely thing to say, thank you!”

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Compliment: “Your posts always make my day.”
Response: “That’s my goal! Glad to know it’s being achieved.”

Compliment: “You’re so funny!”
Response: “Glad I could make you laugh!”

Compliment: “You have a great sense of humor.”
Response: “Thank you! I believe laughter is the best medicine.”

Compliment: “I admire your dedication.”
Response: “I appreciate that! It’s all about doing what you love.”

Compliment: “You’re very intelligent.”
Response: “Wow, thank you! I’m always learning more.”

Compliment: “You have the most beautiful eyes.”
Response: “Thanks! They’re the windows to my soul.”

Compliment: “I love your positivity.”
Response: “Thank you! Positivity makes life so much better.”

Compliment: “Your creativity is amazing.”
Response: “That means a lot! I love thinking outside the box.”

Compliment: “You’re really good at this!”
Response: “Thank you! Practice makes perfect, right?”

Compliment: “Your cooking looks delicious.”
Response: “Thank you! Wish I could share it with you all.”

Compliment: “You’re everything goals.”
Response: “I’ll take that as a sign I’m doing something right.”

Compliment: “I can’t stop staring at this picture.”
Response: “Keep staring, I don’t mind.”

Compliment: “You’re a heartbreaker.”
Response: “I try to be gentle.”

Compliment: “I’m in love with your style.”
Response: “I’m in love with your taste!”

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