259 Hot Flirty Questions to Ask a Girl on Tinder or Bumble

Trying to spice up your conversation with a girl you are chatting with online?

What can be better than asking her some questions that will make her imagination go wild?

We came up with 259 flirty questions that will help you to get to know a girl on a more intimate level and create some tension.

Keep in mind that it is important to build some rapport and make the girl comfortable with you before you start to ask her these questions.

These are not the messages you should be sending to random girls on Tinder.

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See how the girl reacts and if she is comfortable don’t be afraid to try a few more intimate questions.

This can be a lot of fun with the right girl.

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What Flirty Seductive Questions to Ask a Girl on Tinder or Bumble?

1. Do you ever go outside without wearing a bra or underwear?

2. What type of food turns you on?

3. Do you consider yourself to be a good kisser?

4. How do you like to be kissed?

5. What do you think is your most attractive body part?

6. Did you ever sleep with a guy on a first date?

7. Would you sleep with a guy on a first date if you knew that nobody would ever find out about it?

8. Did you ever send intimate photos to anyone? Do you regret it?

9. What’s the naughtiest thing you did lately?

10. How important is physical attraction in a relationship?

11. Did you ever reject a guy based on his look?

12. Do you want to have kids in the near future?

13. Do you believe in destiny and dreams?

14. Did you ever have a dream about sleeping with a guy at your work?

15. Do you like it when people touch you?

16. Where do you like to be touched?

17. Do you believe in love at first sight?

18. Did you ever fall in love at first sight?

19. If we were laying together under the stars on a beach, what would you do?

20. At what age do you think girls become mature? How about guys?

21. What do you think is the appropriate age difference between two partners?

22. How often do you make decisions just based on your emotions?

23. What do you daydream about?

24. Who is your favorite movie actor? Would you sleep with him if you had a chance?

25. Do you have many guy friends?

26. Do you think some of your guy friends want to sleep with you?

27. Did you ever cheat on your boyfriend? Do you regret it?

28. Would you date a much younger guy?

29. Do you consider yourself to be a jealous person?

30. Have you ever been on a blind date? How did it go?

31. Did you ever kiss a random guy?

32. Do you like going out clubbing?

33. Do you ever make out with random guys on a dancefloor?

34. What are your thoughts on the “50 Shades of Grey” movie?

35. What was your first kiss? How old you were back then?

36. Did your boyfriend ever cheat on you?

37. Did you kiss anyone today? Do you want to fix it?

38. Have you ever felt attracted to someone much older than you?

39. Do you like a massage? Do you like giving a massage?

40. Did you ever have a one-night stand? If you had a chance, would you do it again?

41. Did you ever consider being a model?

42. When was the last time you were rejected by a guy?

43. Do you make the first move in a relationship?

44. When do you want to get married?

45. Did you ever ask a guy out? How was it?

46. Do you consider yourself to be a romantic person?

47. Have you ever been truly in love?

48. Are you a flirty person?

49. Have you ever been to a clothing-optional beach?

50. Did you ever make out in the ocean?

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51. When was the last time you went out on a date?

52. When was the last time you had a French kiss with a guy?

53. Do you like holding hands with a guy?

54. Did you ever kiss a girl? How did it feel?

55. Did you ever go skinny dipping?

56. Did you ever hook up with a guy in public?

57. Would you feel comfortable walking without your clothes on if it was allowed?

58. Have you ever been attracted to your friend’s boyfriend?

59. What is the number one trait in a guy that turns you on?

60. What is your favorite kind of lingerie to wear?

61. Do you prefer slow and sensual, or passionate and rough?

62. What’s your favorite time of day to do it?

63. What is your favorite dirty movie scene?

64. Do you like to be teased?

65. Have you ever had a fantasy involving a complete stranger?

66. Do you enjoy giving or receiving compliments during intimacy?

67. Have you ever had a dirty dream involving someone famous?

68. Do you like to leave love bites?

69. If we were alone and I started to give you a foot massage, what would your reaction be?

70. Have you ever experienced an uncontrollable attraction toward someone at first sight?

71. What’s the hottest novel that you’ve ever read?

72. Have you ever written or received a steamy love letter?

73. Do you like to whisper sweet nothings or talk dirty in bed?

74. Are there any particular scents that turn you on?

75. Do you prefer hot candlelit baths or steamy showers?

76. Have you ever had a secret admirer? How did it make you feel?

77. What’s the most seductive thing someone has done for you that completely caught you off guard?

78. What is the most passionate experience that you’ve had in your life?

79. Have you ever been physically attracted to someone purely based on their voice?

80. If we were to play a dirty game of truth or dare, what would be your first question or dare for me?

81. Have you ever had a passionate kiss in the rain, like in the movies?

82. What is your go-to move to seduce someone you’re attracted to?

83. If you could have an intimate encounter anywhere in the world, where would it be and why?

84. Would you consider yourself adventurous and open-minded when it comes to relationships and intimacy?

85. Have you ever been involved in a love triangle? How did it end?

86. How do you feel about trying new and exotic foods as aphrodisiacs?

87. What’s the most creative or unusual date that you’ve ever been on?

88. If you could plan the perfect romantic evening for us, what would it involve?

89. What’s the most sensuous thing you’ve ever tasted?

90. Have you ever fallen in love with someone just by looking into their eyes?

91. What’s the most intense or passionate kiss that you’ve ever had?

92. Have you ever played strip poker or dirty Truth or Dare?

93. If we were to explore each other’s fantasies and desires, what would be the first thing that comes to your mind?

94. Do you enjoy cuddling and spooning after making love?

95. What’s the most unforgettable thing that someone has ever said to you while making love?

96. Do you like having your hair played with or your scalp massaged during cuddling?

97. What’s the most intoxicating scent that makes you weak?

98. What’s the most deliciously sinful dessert that you’ve had?

99. What’s the most seductive or irresistible thing that someone has ever done for you?

100. Have you ever fantasized about a celebrity?

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101. What is your favorite part of a guy’s body?

102. How would you react if I told you I find you irresistible?

103. Have you ever used body chocolate or whipped cream during intimacy?

104. When was the last time someone made you blush?

105. If you had to choose between intellect and good looks, which would you choose?

106. Do public displays of affection make you feel uncomfortable or do they excite you?

107. What kind of touch sends shivers down your spine?

108. How do you feel about cuddling after being intimate?

109. Can you share one thing that instantly puts you in a mood?

110. Did you ever give or receive a lap dance? How did it make you feel?

111. If we were trapped on a deserted island, how would you keep the romance alive?

112. Have you ever been caught in a compromising position?

113. Have you ever had a friend with benefits? How did it work out?

114. How would you feel about sharing a steamy shower with someone special?

115. Do you prefer being dominant or submissive in the bedroom?

116. What kind of dirty talk turns you on the most?

117. What’s the most risqué place you’ve ever had an intimate encounter?

118. Do you like it when a guy talks dirty to you?

119. Have you ever been tied up or blindfolded?

120. Have you ever been caught in the act? How did that feel?

121. Do you enjoy watching others getting intimate, like in a movie scene?

122. How open are you to trying new things in the bedroom?

123. Did you ever fantasize about one of your teachers in school?

124. Did you ever try anything “taboo” when it comes to intimacy?

125. What kind of foreplay drives you wild?

126. What’s the longest amount of time you’ve spent making love?

127. Are there any celebrities that you find extremely attractive? Why?

128. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done in the name of love or lust?

129. Do you have any specific “moves” or techniques that you use to drive your men wild?

130. Have you ever hooked up with someone just because of their accent?

131. What type of role-play do you find most exciting?

132. How do you feel about being dominated or dominating in the bedroom?

133. How do you like to be seduced?

134. What’s the longest you’ve gone without making love?

135. Did you ever use toys? What’s your favorite one?

136. Do you have any dirty nicknames for yourself?

137. How many times per week do you think about making out?

138. Are there any intimate acts you refuse to participate in?

139. When was the last time you pleasured yourself?

140. When was the last time you had a one-night stand?

141. Would you be interested in an open relationship or swinging with other couples?

142. What do you think about role reversal in the bedroom?

143. Have you ever had a secret affair with someone? Why did it end?

144. If there was a sequel to “50 Shades of Grey,” what would the next level of kink be for the main characters?

145. If we were to dance closely together, what song would you want to be playing?

146. Do you prefer cuddling or passionate kisses?

147. What’s the most attractive thing a guy can wear on a date?

148. If you could change one thing about your body, what would it be?

149. Do you like being called cute or hot better?

150. How do you feel about making out in the rain?

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151. Would you rather date someone who’s passionate about their career or someone who knows how to have a good time?

152. If a guy cooked dinner for you, what meal would turn you on the most?

153. Would you rather receive flowers or chocolates from a guy on a first date?

154. What’s the boldest thing you’ve ever done to grab a guy’s attention?

155. Do you prefer one long, passionate kiss or several short, sweet ones?

156. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your cuddling skills?

157. Do you enjoy talking about your fantasies with your partner?

158. Have you ever had a secret admirer?

159. What’s the craziest place you’ve ever had a romantic encounter?

160. If you could spend a day with any celebrity, who would it be and what would you do?

161. Do you like it when someone whispers in your ear?

162. Do you prefer dating someone older or younger?

163. Did you ever hook up with someone at a work event?

164. Have you ever had an office romance?

165. Do you like it when guys play hard to get, or do you prefer them to be straightforward with their feelings?

166. Do you prefer being called “cute” or “hot”?

167. Have you ever dated more than one person at the same time?

168. Do you like it when someone plays with your hair?

169. Have you ever been in an open relationship? How did it work out?

170. Have you ever had a crush on one of your friend’s siblings?

171. Did you ever have a crush on one of your close friends? How did it turn out?

172. Have you ever had a secret fantasy you were too shy to share?

173. What’s the most scandalous location you’ve ever had a hookup?

174. What is your favorite position in bed?

175. What is the most sensitive spot on your body?

176. Have you ever made love to more than one person at a time? Would you consider it?

177. Do you enjoy watching dirty films? If so, what type of content do you prefer to watch?

178. What is your most memorable one-night stand experience?

179. Have you ever had an intimate encounter with someone famous or well-known?

180. Do you like to be teased during foreplay?

181. Do you prefer morning or nighttime intimacy?

182. How do you feel about making out in a shower or bath?

183. What is the kinkiest thing you have ever done with a partner?

184. Do you like to take control in the bedroom or allow your partner to take charge?

185. What’s the biggest age difference you’ve had between you and a partner?

186. Do you enjoy watching your partner pleasure themselves?

187. How do you feel about sharing your most intimate desires and fantasies with your partner?

188. Do you have any special talents or tricks in the bedroom that always impress your partners?

189. What is your favorite part of foreplay? What do you enjoy doing to your partner during this time?

190. Do you believe that people should wait until marriage to sleep with each other? Why or why not?

191. How do you feel about discussing your intimate history with your partner?

192. What’s the most intense intimate fantasy you’ve ever had?

193. Would you ever engage in a steamy makeout session in an elevator?

194. Have you ever used food during intimacy?

195. Have you ever fantasized about being with more than one person at once?

196. What’s your favorite type of lingerie to wear for a special someone?

197. Do you like to be spanked or tie someone up?

198. What’s your favorite way to be seduced by a partner?

199. Have you ever fantasized about someone else while being intimate with your partner?

200. Do you like the idea of being watched or watching others while making love?

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201. Have you ever had a one-night stand that turned into a regular thing?

202. Do you enjoy watching your partner undress or undressing them yourself?

203. What’s your favorite way to tease a partner before getting intimate?

204. Have you ever had a crush on someone much older or younger than you?

205. Do you like wearing high heels during intimacy?

206. What’s the most sensitive part of your body that drives you wild when touched?

207. Have you ever tried using ice cubes while getting intimate?

208. Would you ever engage in an intimate relationship with someone who is already in a committed relationship?

209. Do you enjoy giving or receiving hickeys?

210. What’s the most risqué photo you’ve ever taken of yourself?

211. How do you feel about dirty talk during intimacy?

212. Have you ever tried edible underwear or body paint?

213. Do you like wearing lingerie, or do you prefer being all-natural?

214. What’s your favorite place to be kissed, other than your lips?

215. Have you ever had a steamy make-out session in a movie theater?

216. What kind of outfit would you wear on a “special” night with someone you’re interested in?

217. Have you ever had a romantic, candlelit bath with someone?

218. Have you ever had a secret crush on a coworker or boss?

219. Would you prefer a sensual massage or skinny dipping at midnight to relax and relieve stress?

220. What are your thoughts on relationships with no boundaries or limits when it comes to exploring your desires together?

221. Do you prefer slow, sensual intimacy, or wild, passionate encounters?

222. How would you react if you caught your partner watching adult content?

223. Have you ever been involved in a steamy public display of affection?

224. How do you like to unwind after a long day at work – with a massage, a glass of wine, or something else?

225. If we could have one last intimate encounter before the world ends, where would it be, and what would make it unforgettable?

226. Do you enjoy leaving dirty notes for your partner to find throughout the day?

227. Have you ever had a dream about hooking up with someone you shouldn’t?

228. Have you ever fantasized about making love to more than one person at a time? Would it be with another girl and a guy, or two guys?

229. What do you like to wear when you want to feel hot and seductive?

230. Is there a specific part of your body that you love having touched or kissed?

231. What’s the longest you’ve ever gone without it, and how did it feel when you finally ended the drought?

232. How do you like your partner to initiate intimacy?

233. If we were to play a game of strip poker, what would be the hardest for you to remove?

234. Do you like being pampered or massaged by your partner before getting intimate?

235. What type of touch drives you wild?

236. How do you feel about quickies or spontaneous make-out session sessions?

237. What is your favorite body part on a guy, and what do you love doing with it?

238. What’s the most provocative outfit you’ve ever worn on a date or night out?

239. Do you enjoy watching your partner pleasure himself, or do you prefer to take matters into your own hands?

240. What are your biggest turn-ons and turn-offs when it comes to intimacy?

241. If we were alone right now, what would be the first thing you’d want to do with me?

242. Is there anything you’ve always been curious about trying in the bedroom but have been too shy or nervous to ask for?

243. Have you ever been seduced by someone’s intelligence or sense of humor rather than their physical appearance?

244. Have you ever tried using aphrodisiacs like chocolate, oysters, or wine to enhance your intimate experience? Did they work for you?

245. How do you feel about trying new things in bed? Are you open-minded and adventurous, or do you prefer sticking to familiar territory?

246. Do you enjoy being kissed or bitten on certain areas of your body?

247. Have you ever been so attracted to someone that just being close to them made your heart race and your body tingle?

248. Have you ever been involved in a secret or forbidden romance?

249. What’s your favorite way to tease someone before getting intimate?

250. Have you ever had any intimate encounters with someone of the same gender?

251. What’s the most number of times you’ve made love in one day?

252. What’s your favorite type of intimate touch – soft caresses, firm pressure, or something else?

253. What’s the most embarrassing intimate experience you’ve ever had?

254. Are you more turned on by visuals, sounds, or words?

255. Do you like it when someone talks dirty to you in a foreign language?

256. Are there any specific outfits or clothing items that make you feel extra hot and confident?

257. What’s the naughtiest thing you’ve ever done during a game of truth or dare?

258. Are there any words or phrases that turn you on more than anything else?

259. If you had the opportunity to have a one-night stand with anyone in the world, who would you choose and why?

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How to Turn Your Conversation With a Girl Flirty and Dirty?

Many guys fail to arouse a woman over text or online because they move too fast and come across as creepy.

You need to prepare a girl and make her comfortable before you start asking her intimate questions from the list above.

So how exactly do you go from “How was your day at school” to “What are you wearing right now”?

The most important step is to make her feel comfortable.

Example of How to Turn a Conversation Dirty

Girl: So do you have any hobbies?

You: I like skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. This past winter was actually my first time going on a week-long ski trip.

Girl: How was it?

You: It was awesome. There was a lot of powder in the mountains. I went with a couple of my workmates and everyone had a blast.

Girl: Sounds like you guys had a lot of fun.

You: Yeah. Actually, on the last night, we got so drunk that in the morning our receptionist woke up in bed with one of the engineers from the development department. The kicker is that both have no idea how it happened.

Girl: That’s crazy lol

You: I am still wondering if they were hooking up or were so drunk that by mistake ended up in the same bed.

Girl: lol they were probably hooking up

You: Do you think so? Do you know anyone who got too drunk and hooked up with a random guy?

Girl: Yeah actually my best friend ended up sleeping with a guy she met in the club.

You: You have some adventurous friends as well. What was the craziest thing you ever did? Did you ever make out with a random guy at a party?

Girl: Only happened once in junior high haha

You: You are a wild one lol Do you like French kissing or are you a more kiss-on-a-cheek kind of girl?

Girl: hahaha I don’t mind a little tongue action. How about you?

So you got the idea. Start slow, pay close attention to how the girl responds, and gradually escalate your conversation to more intimate topics.

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Where Else To Use These Dirty Conversation Starters?

You can also use the same questions to build more physical chemistry with the girl you are already dating.

If you are in a long-term relationship, the questions that we discussed can bring a new spark and excitement.

Another way to use these flirty questions is to play a game of truth or dare with your date or you can even play it with a bunch of friends as long as everyone has a partner.

You don’t have to stick to Bumble or Tinder when it comes to meeting girls online.

There are a lot of other dating apps and websites you can try like eHarmony, Zoosk, and EliteSingles.

Social media apps like Instagram and even TikTok can also be used to meet single girls.

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