9 Signs of Chemistry on a First Date

There is nothing more amazing than feeling the spark when you meet someone for the first time.

Chemistry is all about that initial attraction you feel for the other person.

It is the result of pheromones, body language, and hormones.

When all of those things come together it creates an electric attraction that is hard to ignore.

When the chemistry is there, communication will be effortless and you will feel that you can yourself around your date.

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If it is not there, you may feel a little awkward or even uncomfortable around each other.

Common signs of chemistry on a first date may include being at ease with your date, enjoying each other’s company, and feeling fully comfortable with physical touch.

If you are both enjoying yourselves and feel drawn to one another, then there is already some chemistry between you too.

However, just becasue you don’t feel chemistry on a first date doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not compatible and should go separate ways.

Some people need more time to open up and get to know the person before they start to feel any attraction.

Others can feel chemistry and an instant connection within a few minutes of meeting someone.

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Signs of Chemistry on a First Date

1. Conversation Flows Easily

When you have chemistry with your date, your conversation will feel natural and easy.

You may feel like you’ve known each other for years, and you’ll be able to talk about anything without feeling that conversation is forced.

If on the other hand chemistry is not there, you may feel like the only reason you are having a conversation is to be polite to your date and not becasue you want to get to know them.

2. You’re Physically Attracted to Them

Physical attraction plays a huge role when it comes to chemistry on a first date.

If you find yourself attracted to your date physically, it is a strong sign that you already have some chemistry.

This happens because your brain releases dopamine and norepinephrine, which are feel-good hormones when you’re around someone you’re attracted to.

3. Eye Contact Is Intense

When you look into your date’s eyes and feel an intense connection, it is another sign of strong chemistry.

Eye contact is a very intimate gesture, so if your date is always looking into your eyes, it means they’re really interested in you.

4. You Laugh and Smile a Lot

If you notice that you are constantly smiling and laughing when you’re with your date, it’s a sign of great chemistry.

Laughter is one of the best indicators of a good connection and means you’re enjoying yourself and feel comfortable around your date.

When you’re around someone you’re attracted to, you will find yourself laughing at their jokes, even if they’re not that funny.

5. You’re Comfortable With Silence

Silence can be a very powerful thing.

It means you’re not feeling the need to fill every moment with chatter and that you’re fine just being in each other’s company.

Most people feel like they need to avoid silences to prevent any awkwardness on a first date but if you really have a connection silences will feel completely natural and will give you time to admire each other.

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6. You Feel a Little Nervous

When you’re around someone you’re attracted to, your body releases hormones, that can make you feel nervous and excited at the same time.

You may feel that your heart rate increases and your mouth becomes dry.

If you’re feeling a little anxious but also excited when you’re around your date, it’s likely due to the chemistry you share.

7. You Feel Comfortable Touching Them

Touching someone you’re attracted to feels natural whether it is a first handshake or hug.

If there is strong chemistry, you may find yourself trying to move closer to your date so that you can have more physical contact.

Whether it’s a simple touch on the arm or a long hug, if you can’t keep your hands off your date, it’s definitely a good sign.

8. Kissing Them Feels Natural

Kissing someone you’re not attracted to can feel awkward, forced, or just plain strange.

But if the chemistry is there it will feel natural and right even if it is your first date.

9. You Don’t Want the Date to End

When you’re really enjoying someone’s company, the thought of the date ending can be a bit of a bummer.

If you find yourself not wanting the date to end, that’s definitely a sign of great chemistry.

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What If You Don’t Feel Chemistry On a First Date?

If you don’t feel any chemistry on a first date, it’s probably a sign that the two of you are not compatible.

It’s important to feel a connection with someone you’re potentially going to spend a lot of time with and if you don’t it’s likely not going to work out in the long run.

However, as we briefly discussed at the beginning of this article some people need more time to feel the chemistry.

If you never feel anything when going on dates, you might be one of those people who needs to spend more time with your date to feel that special connection.

When you meet someone you are interested in but don’t feel that initial spark, give yourself more time by going on a few more dates with that person before deciding whether you should give them a try or you should move on.

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20 Signs He is Interested in You After The First Date

So you had a great first date and the chemistry seems to be there but is he really into you?

Here are some telltale signs he’s interested in you after the first date.

1. He texts or calls you the next day.

2. He wants to see you again.

3. After the date, he invites you to a different venue.

4. He compliments you on your looks or personality.

5. He initiates physical contact.

6. He pays for your meals or drinks.

7. He makes plans to meet up again.

8. He teases and flirts with you.

9. He kisses or gives you a long hug at the end of your date.

10. He doesn’t want you to go home.

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