What to Do if Your Girlfriend Flirts with Other Guys?


When a couple of people decide to begin to date, it can be a magical and thrilling ride, but over time, it can become tempting for a woman to flirt with other men. It can be harmful and hard to handle for the man to know what to do about it or how to express what they are feeling in regards to the act, but no matter how impossible it may seem, there are ways to address the issue without causing an argument. There are some tips what a man can do if his girlfriend is flirting with other guys.

Talk to her.

Communication is a vital component in a relationship and when flirting becomes an issue, talking it out to find a solution is much more productive than any argument. Before the conversation begins, it is a good strategy to tell the girlfriend that the man wants to talk about the relationship to mentally prepare her for it and to minimize the chances of her feeling as though it is suddenly sprung on her. It is also wise to choose a time that is free of distractions and one in which the couple has plenty of time to talk. If the time is picked out beforehand, it can also minimize the chances of the man exploding on his girlfriend because it gives him time to consider what he will say as opposed to arguing with spur of the moment thoughts that can cause more harm than good.

Practice “I” Conversation

The idea of a talk is to express how the boyfriend is feeling without making the girlfriend feel as though she is being blamed and attacked. It is far more important to tell her how he feels about the situation as opposed to throwing out accusations to make her aware of what her actions are causing. Instead of telling her that she flirts too much, the boyfriend might say something like, “It hurts me when you flirt with other men.” If there is a specific reason why this action bothers the man, it is also important to express that so that she will understand where the problem sprouts from.

Let Her Speak

It’s often nerve-wrecking and uncomfortable to wait for her to respond, but the most effective communication is when both sides can explain their side of the story. It is entirely possible that she does not realize she comes off as flirtatious or does not see it as a big deal because she did not realize that it bothered her partner. In either case, she deserves to tell her side and when her boyfriend listens, he should not be planning on what to say next. Instead, it is more effective to show that he is listening by nodding his head or asking follow-up questions pertaining to her response.

Ask Pertinent Questions

Some women feel that making their men jealous is a turn on or can spice up their relationships, so it may be a good idea to ask if she is trying to make her boyfriend jealous on purpose to discover why she feels she needs to do it. He should make it clear that he is not blaming her, he just genuinely wants to know why she feels the need to make him jealous. If she says yes, it is very beneficial to ask her to explain why without becoming defensive, as this conversation may be tense already and an explosion will close the conversation. How to Make your Girlfriend or Boyfriend Jealous?

Talk about Solutions

Once the couple’s feelings have been expressed, it is important to find a compromise that works for both parties. One suggestion could be a signal so that the boyfriend could let his girlfriend know that she is flirting so that she becomes aware of when she is doing it if she has expressed that she was not aware that she was doing it. If this is not the case, the boyfriend can bring it to discussion whenever the flirtatious behavior occurs and it is recommended that he not bring it up in the moment, but rather wait until they have privacy to avoid an argument. It is important that the boyfriend try to accept that her manner may just be friendly and that flirting may mean something else to his partner.

It is easy to let jealousy and insecurity run rampant when a boyfriend thinks his girlfriend is flirting with other men, but it can be far more effective to communicate and build a foundation of trust to strengthen the relationship. He should start by suggesting a conversation about the relationship, express his feelings, listen to her side, and then discovering a solution that works best for both people. When the conversation about the issue has finished, it is important not to stalk the girlfriend, as this can lead her to believe that her boyfriend does not trust her and instead of building a solid relationship, the courtship would finish before it started.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online