How to Find Out if Your Boyfriend is Cheating on Tinder?


Once upon a time, if a boyfriend was cheating on his girlfriend, he was caught in bed with her or sending love letters, but these days, many men who cheat will using dating sites to do so and Tinder is no exception. Often, the women who are lured into helping him cheat are unaware of girlfriends or wives because he may go by a different name or lie about his relationship status. Luckily, or unluckily for him, there are ways to find out if he has been using Tinder.

Find his Information

If he put his name on Tinder, it is exceptionally easy to find out if he has an active account or not, but odds are that he will try to hide his account. When finding his name proves to be fruitless, she can try to search for his personal details and potential photos that he may have posted on his profile. This may include height, weight, age, locations, and in some cases, interests and though he may be trying to hide his name, he may feel comfortable enough to reveal other details about himself.

Catch Him in the Act

If he’s using his phone or computer to wander through Tinder, he’s probably using it away from his girlfriend so she won’t see what he is up to. The odds of his girlfriend being able to see it while he is using it are slim, but if he leaves the room, it may give her the opportunity to find out the truth. It can also help to hit the back button to find out if he’s been on any dating sites and if he is, it will turn up for his girlfriend to find. It may also be useful to check the history of his browser(s) to see if there are any dating sites listed and though finding none may be a good sign, remember that he may have erased his history so it is still a possibility.

Check his Emails

To be sure that he has not been on Tinder while he has been with his girlfriend, it is a good idea to check his email, if she has access. Though his browser history may be Tinder free, that does not mean he is as honest as he seems, but when he makes an account on Tinder, he will receive an email confirming his membership and may even receive notifications from the website that could prove he has been cheating. Even if she does not have access, if he has not signed out on his computer or phone, she should be able to sign in and check on her own. It is a good idea for her to only open emails she considers suspicious, as opening other types of emails could violate the privacy of his friends or family who have sent innocent emails.

Check his Money

Most dating sites have a charge for premium services and if he has erased his emails and browser history, it is not a far stretch to check where his money is going. She could check credit card and bank statements and registers to see if he has an account on Tinder. If he does, it will certainly show up there and if she has a shared bank account with him, it makes it that much easier for her to find out, but if he has his own account, it can be harder to dig for the information. Even if she cannot access them online, she can always check his computer to see if his password is saved for easy access.

Check his Phone

Though many women protest to this, if she thinks he may have found someone off the site it could show up in his phone via texts or phone calls. While he is asleep or away from his phone, his girlfriend can open it up and see who he has been texting, but like emails, it is only beneficial if she opens messages she deems suspicious. If there are texts or private messages asking to meet from strange women, there is a possibility that he is using Tinder to meet them.

Unfortunately for some women, their boyfriends decide for one reason or another to use Tinder while they are with their girlfriends. A quick check for his personal information on Tinder, computer history, money statements and bills, and his phone can give the woman the answers she needs to know for sure if her boyfriend is on Tinder. It is important to remember that unless there is a good reason to suspect him of using Tinder, these methods are an invasion of privacy and he may not respond well if he is found out.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online