How Long Do You Date Before Becoming Boyfriend and Girlfriend?


Dating someone can be a great experience that allows you to be able to connect with another person on a level that you could not with anyone else before. This is why dating seems to be on everyone’s mind. There is nothing like being able to feel like you love and can be loved in return. However, one difficult part about dating is that you don’t always know when it is serious. How do you know when you and your partner cross the boyfriend-girlfriend stage?

The last thing you want to come off as is too clingy but you also want to be able to know that they are as into you as you are into them. Approaching the topic may seem odd, but—in reality—can be one of the easiest ways to know when you should take the relationship to the next level. If you are looking to know how long you should date before becoming official, think about what your partner may have mentioned in the past in regards to a serious relationship and understand that every case is different.

What was Specified Before?

When you started your relationship, did your partner talk about whether or not they were looking for something serious? Did they mention they were simply wanting a fling or just for someone to be there for them? If this is the case, it is best to not approach the topic of becoming boyfriend-girlfriend unless they do it first. This can also stand true for people who have mentioned that they don’t like commitment. It can be frustrating, but not scaring them away is better than accidently saying something that may make them want to make a break for it. If you stay true to them, it is likely they will develop feelings for you and want to become something more without you having to say anything to them at all.

Each Case is Different

One important thing to remember is that your partner is different from anyone else you have dated before. Not every case is the same when it comes to dating and you may be with a person that wants something totally different from another. This is why communicating is key when it comes to knowing where your relationship is going. After a couple dates, gauge how you feel about this person yourself and if you are really willing to be with only them. If you find yourself thinking that the answer is yes, then talk to them about how they feel about you. Are they looking for a relationship? Are they okay with only dating you? Tell them that you want to be with them and take the relationship seriously. If you have chosen a worthy person, they are sure to appreciate your honesty. Most of the time, if your partner as deemed it acceptable to go one more than three dates with you, they are willing to start taking you seriously as a partner and are more than likely to be ready to cross the boyfriend-girlfriend bridge anyways.

Don’t Be Afraid to Take Things Slow

If you are worried about when the right time to become boyfriend-girlfriend may be, just take your time! There is nothing wrong with going slow as frustrating as it might seem. When you take things slow it makes it easier to get to know your partner in a comfortable environment without the added pressure of feeling like you have to make it work because you are seriously dating. When you take your time, beautiful things can blossom and you can throw the worry you have over approaching the boyfriend-girlfriend issue out the window.

Overall, trust your partner to respect your thoughts and feelings and try not to get too nervous when you ask them about how they would feel about getting more serious. If you have been on several dates, it is likely they are into you as well and are just as nervous around you as you are of them. As long as you keep in mind what they said at the beginning of your relationship in regards to what they originally wanted and keep in mind that each case if different, you will probably be able to become official with the partner of your dreams. Never again do you need to worry about being alone or suffer through wondering whether or not it is the right time to make things official when you remember these ideas.

Did YOU know?

1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online