24 Signs There Will Be No Third Date

Online dating is not always as easy as it may seem and getting the first date is just the beginning.

Even if you made it through the first and second dates, there is no guarantee that you will have a third one.

Whether you’re a seasoned dater, a hopeless romantic, or somewhere in between, this post will give you valuable insights and red flags to keep in mind as you dive into the unpredictable world of online dating.

In an era where ghosting and dating multiple people at a time has become the new normal, it’s important to recognize the subtle signs that your date is not really interested in you before you waste your time and energy on them.

We will take a look at various reasons why you might not make it to the third date, from mismatched expectations to incompatible communication styles.

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Signs There Will Be No Third Date

1. The conversation feels forced

If you struggle to keep the conversation going and there are a lot of awkward silences, it’s probably because you’re not very compatible and there is no point going on a third date.

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2. No follow-up text

A clear sign that your date is not interested in you is when there’s no follow-up text after the second date.

If your date really enjoyed spending time with you, they will usually text to ask if you got home okay, to thank you or just to tell you that they had a great time.

3. They’re always on their phone

If your date is constantly checking their phone, they’re probably not that interested in getting to know you and instead would rather chat with other people.

4. Lack of physical contact

A lack of physical touch like for example a hand on the arm or a hug may indicate a lack of chemistry.

By the end of the second date, you should be comfortable with a goodbye hug and if your date pulls away when you try to hug them, it is a sign that things are not going in the right direction.

5. They don’t ask about your life

If your date doesn’t show curiosity about your life, it’s a sign they may not be that interested in getting to know you.

6. They talk about their ex

If your date can’t stop talking about their ex, it is usually a red flag.

7. You don’t laugh together

A good sense of humor is important in any relationship and if your date can’t make you laugh, it’s not a good sign.

8. They don’t make plans for a third date

If your date hasn’t discussed any plans for meeting up again, they may not be interested in a third date.

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9. They’re always late

Being always late shows a lack of respect for your time and can be a sign that they are not that interested in you and don’t care if they see you again or not.

10. They don’t listen to you

If your date interrupts you or doesn’t pay attention to what you’re saying, it’s a sign that they don’t really care about you as a person and it is probably not worth meeting them again.

11. They’re very critical of you

Constant criticism during the first couple of dates is a big red flag that they may not be the right person for you.

If they are not happy with something you do on a first date, things will only get worse from there.

12. They seem bored

If your date seems to be bored, it’s another clear sign they’re not into you and would rather spend time doing something else instead of talking to you.

13. They avoid eye contact

A lack of eye contact is a sign of discomfort or disinterest so if your date never looks into your eyes it might be a red flag.

14. Different values and expectations

If you notice that your values and dating expectations are completely different, it’s unlikely that there is a future for the two of you.

15. They don’t respect your boundaries

If your date pressures you into doing something you’re uncomfortable with, it’s a red flag and a sign that you should probably stay away from them.

16. They have a wandering eye

A person who checks out or flirts with other people while on a date with you is clearly not very interested in you.

17. Short replies

If your date gives you short, unengaged answers to your questions, it’s a sign they’re probably not that interested in getting to know you.

18. They don’t open up

If your date refuses to share any personal information, it’s an indication that they may not be ready for a relationship or trying to hide something.

19. They’re checking their watch

A date who is continually checking their watch is probably not very interested in getting to know and would rather be somewhere else.

20. You just don’t feel it

Trust your intuition. If something feels off, it’s usually for a good reason and there is no point trying to have a third date.

21. They make inappropriate comments or jokes

If your date makes offensive jokes or comments about your appearance, is a clear sign of disrespect and there is no reason for you to hang out with someone like that again.

22. They’re defensive

A date who becomes defensive when asked about their personal life could be hiding something or may not be emotionally ready for a relationship.

23. They are possessive

Early signs of possessiveness or jealousy may indicate that your date has trust issues – a red flag that shouldn’t be ignored.

24. They lie

If you catch your date lying or notice that they’re not being completely honest with you, it’s a red flag and you are probably better off dating someone else.


Recognizing these red flags early on can save you from investing time and energy into a relationship that may not have a future.

Trust your gut and remember that it’s better to end it on a second date than to force something that isn’t meant to be.

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