Advantages and Disadvantages of Marrying a Younger Man


Marrying a younger guy has its advantages and disadvantages. Dating can be a great way to experience your life and embrace the fun side of living. However, after dating a man your age for year after year, you can be looking for something new and exciting. You may be thinking that marrying a younger man sounds like a bad idea, but, in reality, it actually has several advantages.

Marrying someone younger than you could spice up your life by introducing new concepts, new things to do, and new ideas that you might have never thought up before. Dating someone younger could give you that fresh new perspective you have been looking for. Another advantage is that they are going to be pretty and healthy. There’s nothing like being able to be carried or being with someone who looks so lovely when they haven’t been weathered by time. However, you are right to consider the disadvantages as well. If you have self-esteem issues you might not want to date someone with an age gap much lower than yours as it might make you feel even older. It can put a toll on you when you think you are with someone who just looks prettier than you at every second of every day. Another disadvantage is that you might not have things in common. With both advantages and disadvantages, really taking a time to think about what you want is key to understanding whether you want to date a younger man.

Advantage: Spice up your Life

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1) Only 9 percent of women and 2 percent of men found a relationship at a bar or club

2) 38% of singles are using online dating

3) One in six marriages now begin online

A younger guy could bring some adventure and new things into your life. You might experience things you could never have with an older guy. They could take you to places that are new and fresh, introduce you to new foods, or modern concepts. They could give you a whole new lens on life that you might have missed out on if you didn’t agree to date them.

Advantage: Pretty and Healthy

Let’s be honest, a young guy is likely going to be pretty, strong, and healthier compared to most older guys. You will get yourself someone who looks good enough to suit you and is strong enough to do things that most older guys can no longer do. Being with them will be easy on the eyes and make you feel pretty suave that you snagged someone like them.

Disadvantage: Personal Insecurity

A disadvantage to dating a younger guy, however, could be person insecurity primarily around your looks or age. If you don’t like feeling older than dating a young guy might not be great for you. A lot of time their youngness juxtaposed against yours can just make you feel older than you usually do and create a sense of insecurity within yourself. The only way this relationship will work is if you accept the idea that you can be older and still be just as sexy as they are.

Disadvantage: Things in Common

Another disadvantage could be that the guy you’re with just isn’t interesting. With an age gap sometimes it can be hard to find things to talk about. Music, TV shows, common life experiences, children, past relationships, and maturity could all become roadblocks simply because of age. You might just not have anything to talk about because your age gap could leave you missing out on key things that a lot of people within the same generations have in common.

Overall, age may be just a number, but there are also many things that go along with it. There are advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you to know what kind of person you are so you know what is important to you. Really think about the kind of things that could bother you or the kind of things that could affect your relationship before you dive in head first. You could be in for a wild ride or you could be in for a horrendous mistake. Decide how much their looks, the things they could do for you, the things you have in common (or might not have in common), and how your personal insecurities may make or break the potential relationship. Introspection is the key if you want to make this work for yourself. At the end of the day try to have fun and just stay relaxed. Dating should be fun and something that makes you happy. If you think the guy can do that for you, then his age doesn’t really matter.

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