5 Reasons Why Younger Guys are Attracted To You

It is not a secret that a lot of younger guys are attracted to older women.

Being good-looking is important if you want to attract more men but it is not the only thing that attracts younger men to older women.

Older women are usually more mature, financially independent, and have a lot of dating experience that many younger guys find really attractive.

There are also some guys that are naturally attracted to older women in the same way as some younger women find older men more attractive.

So don’t be surprised if you notice that some younger guys at your work, gym or even church are attracted to you.

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Reasons Why Younger Guys are Attracted To You

So what really attracts younger men to older women and what can you do to increase your appeal even further?

1. You Look and Act Younger Than Your Age

This is one of the reasons why younger men might be attracted to you.

If you look 5-10 years younger than your age, you will be attracting a lot of younger guys.

Even though everyone ages differently, how you dress and act can make you appear either older or younger.

The same goes for your hairstyle and makeup.

In general, wearing revealing clothes will make you look more youthful while wearing conservative outfits will make you look older.

Showing some skin will always make you look a few years younger. Usually, brighter colors will make you look more youthful.

Being aware of current trends and the ability to carry a conversation about things younger guys are interested in can also make you appear younger.

The same goes for flirting and being playful with the guys.

Another thing to consider is joining your local gym or fitness class.

Not only working out will make you look younger but you will also meet a lot of younger guys there.

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2. You Look Approachable

Some women just look more approachable than others.

If you look approachable, more guys will try to strike up a conversation with you.

Being approachable has mostly to do with your body language.

How to Look More Approachable to Attract Younger Guys?

1. Smile

Smiling makes you look friendly and relaxed, and makes other people want to be around you.

Some people have naturally smiley faces which makes them look more approachable without even trying.

If you are not one of those people, you might have to fake your smile at the beginning.

It will not come naturally at first but with time you will get much better.

2. Make Eye Contact

Having good eye contact will indicate your interest in the person you are talking to and will make them feel more attracted to you.

Eye contact is also great for flirting and will often make you look more confident.

3. Look Available

One example would be to sit with your drink and look around instead of staring at your phone while wearing headphones.

4. Try to Mirror His Body Language

Slightly mirroring somebody’s body language helps to build rapport and makes another person subconsciously feel that the two of you have a lot in common.

5. Have Open Body Language

Make sure your arms and legs are not crossed when talking to the guys or even when you are sitting by yourself.

Otherwise, many guys will think you don’t want to talk to anyone and prefer to be left alone.

The same goes for putting barriers in front of you and the guys you are trying to attract.

One example would be having a drink or purse between you and the person you are talking to.

6. Go Out Alone

If you are always hanging out with a big group of your girlfriends it might be intimidating for guys to approach you.

Instead, once in a while go out alone or with just one of your girlfriends to make it easier for guys to approach you.

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Signs a younger man likes an older woman

3. He Just Wants To Get Laid

Some younger men will try to pick you up just because they want to sleep with you.

Many younger women are scared to sleep with guys on the first date to avoid looking easy or desperate. 

On the other hand, older women are usually more confident when it comes to their needs and desires and don’t care what other people think.

They also have more experience and can make it more comfortable for a guy that doesn’t have much experience with women.

Younger girls might put unnecessary pressure on the guys when it comes to performance in bed while older women are usually more relaxed and can actually teach a guy what to do for the first time.

Older women are also not as shy as younger girls and can make the first move which some guys might find really attractive.

Some younger guys might also be curious about sleeping with older women. The same way younger women fantasize about older men.

4. He Wants to Date Someone Mature and Independent

Many younger women are not emotionally ready when it comes to dating and will often create a lot of unnecessary drama.

Some younger men might be looking for someone more mature who will not create arguments over small silly things.

That’s why they might be attracted to older women that already have a lot of experience when it comes to dating and know what really matters in a relationship.

Guys might also be looking for someone independent who has a career and can support themselves.

Being financially stable can be really attractive, especially for the guys who are still studying and don’t have a stable source of income.

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why do younger guys like me

5. He Doesn’t Want Kids

Some guys are not ready or don’t want to have kids at all.

They know that with older women the topic of having kids will rarely come up and that’s why they might be looking for dating someone older instead of dating girls their own age who are looking to get pregnant.

Where Can Older Women Meet Younger Guys?

There are many places where you can meet younger men like gyms, malls, clubs, and bars.

You can also look into online dating to meet younger guys.

The main advantage of online dating is being able to meet hundreds of guys without leaving your house.

In most cases, it is also much cheaper and safer than going to places like bars or clubs.

A few good spots to meet younger men are eHarmony, Zoosk, and EliteSingles.

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