What Do Guys Think About Virgins in Their Twenties?

Have you ever found yourself thinking, “Am I the only twenty-something woman who has yet to experience her first time with a guy?”

Maybe you’ve found yourself in situations where the conversation veered towards relationships and intimacy, and couldn’t help but feel like an alien in your peer group.

Or perhaps you’ve scrolled through countless posts on social media discussing intimate experiences and felt like you are getting left behind.

However, you’re not alone on this path. Not by a long shot!

Some surveys suggest that around a quarter of women in their twenties are still virgins.

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Yes, over 25% remain virgins for different reasons, be it personal, cultural, religious, or simply waiting for the right person.

So, you see, you’re part of a significant group making a unique choice, contrary to what societal norms might lead you to believe.

But then, what do guys think about women like us? Do they understand the choice we’ve made, or do they regard it with confusion, surprise, or even dismissal?

Perhaps you’ve felt those creeping tendrils of worry threading through your thoughts, whispering fears about judgment, potential rejection, or undue pressure.

Being a virgin in your twenties can often feel like walking a tightrope. On one side are societal norms and peer pressure, subtly and not-so-subtly nudging you towards what’s perceived as ‘normal’, ‘expected’, or ‘the done thing’.

Let’s break down the misconceptions, the stereotypes, and the baseless assumptions to uncover what men truly think about women who choose to remain virgins in their twenties.

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What Guys Think About Women Who Are Still Virgins in Their Twenties?

1. Respect

Many guys see your choice to remain a virgin as a sign of strong character and conviction. They respect your decision, seeing it as a sign of self-discipline.

It’s your body, your rules, and they admire that. The fact you won’t bow to societal pressures simply for the sake of conformity speaks volumes about your personality.

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2. Admiration

In an age of instant gratification, your decision to wait is seen by many as a sign of your self-control and patience. It’s not easy going against the flow, especially in an era where intimate freedom is celebrated.

Your stand may inspire others who are grappling with similar decisions. You’re seen as someone who’s committed to their principles.

3. Challenge

There are those men who might see your virginity as a sort of challenge or conquest. It’s as if they’ve stumbled upon an unclaimed territory they feel compelled to conquer.

While this might sound exciting to some, it’s crucial to differentiate between those who genuinely respect your choice and those who are driven by the thrill of novelty or competition.

This is not a game, and you are certainly not a prize to be won.

4. Pressure

On the other hand, some guys might find the burden of being your ‘first’ quite daunting.

The thought of potentially causing you discomfort or disappointment can weigh heavily on them, making them hesitant and unsure.

This concern doesn’t necessarily mean they’re not interested in you; it simply means they care about you enough to worry about you.

5. Surprise

In an era where casual hookups appear to be the norm, finding out that you’re a virgin might surprise some guys.

It’s like discovering a rare gem in an unexpected place. Your uniqueness could pique their interest and make them more curious about you and your reasons for remaining a virgin.

Remember, your rarity makes you special, not strange.

6. Confusion

Let’s not forget those guys who might find it difficult to understand why you’ve chosen to remain a virgin.

Their worldviews and experiences may revolve around a different understanding of intimacy, making it challenging for them to wrap their heads around your choice.

The truth is, everyone has different beliefs and values when it comes to love and physical intimacy, and it’s okay if not everyone gets yours.

7. Attraction

Believe it or not, there are guys out there who find virginity attractive. It symbolizes innocence or purity, and in the eyes of some men, it sets you apart from other single women.

This attraction should never make you feel objectified, though; it’s just another side of you that someone finds appealing.

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8. Indifference

Some men simply don’t care whether you’re a virgin or not. In their eyes, it makes no difference to their attraction or feelings towards you.

It’s not about what you’ve done or haven’t done; it’s about who you are as a person and what you bring into the relationship.

9. Curiosity

Your virginity may spark curiosity in some guys and this isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

They might want to understand why you’ve decided to wait or how this decision has shaped your experiences and perspectives.

10. Commitment

Some men might see your decision to wait as an indication of serious commitment to relationships and values.

This is not a negative thing; in fact, many men appreciate women who take relationships seriously and seek emotional connection before physical intimacy.

11. Insecurity

In some instances, guys could feel insecure when finding out that you’re a virgin especially if they aren’t virgins themselves.

They might worry about their past experiences and whether these could affect how you see them.

12. Patience

There are guys out there who understand and appreciate that being with a virgin requires patience and understanding.

They respect your decision and are willing to wait until you feel comfortable enough to take the next step be it tomorrow or years from now.

13. Fear

Yes, some guys might fear being someone’s first due to the pressure and the potential for physical or emotional pain for their partner.

These feelings are quite common and show their concern for your well-being.

14. Misinterpretation

Sadly, there are those men who might misconstrue your virginity as a sign of disinterest in physical intimacy altogether.

In such cases, it’s essential to communicate clearly about your decision and its implications for your relationships.

15. Reverence

In certain cultures and religions, virginity is considered extremely attractive, even in your twenties and beyond.

If your guy is from such a background, he might view your virginity as something precious that adds to your overall appeal.

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What To Say When A Guy Asks If You Are Still A Virgin?


You could answer with a simple, “Yes, I am still a virgin.” If you feel like it, you can explain why you have chosen to wait – “I have chosen to wait because…”

This can provide insight into your decision and show your expectations when it comes to dating and relationships.


If you’d rather keep things private, gently deflect with something like, “My dating history is personal.” This should signal that you’d prefer not to dive into these matters just yet, setting boundaries for the conversation.


Lighten up the tension that might arise during this conversation with humor – “Yep! Still holding onto my V-card. It’s as valuable as a rare collector’s item!”

Humor can help diffuse awkwardness and demonstrate confidence in your choice.


Stand firm and straightforward – “Yes, I am a virgin, but let’s focus on getting to know each other beyond our intimate experiences (or lack thereof).”

Remember, you are more than just a ‘virgin’ or ‘non-virgin.’ You’re a woman with unique traits and experiences that make you the person you are today.

Embrace it and don’t let anyone diminish your worth based on your personal choices!

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