13 Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body

Did you meet a new guy but are afraid that he only wants you for your body?

It’s not a secret that men are visual creatures and are attracted to good-looking women.

However, at the same time, you probably don’t want to date someone who is only trying to get into your pants.

So how can you tell if the guy you’re seeing truly likes you and is not just trying to sleep with you?

This can be difficult to figure out at first because often a guy will act like he is genuinely interested in you and wants to get to know you.

However, eventually, his true intentions will likely start to show up.

  • Is he trying to get physical with you on a first date?
  • Does he focus more on your body than on what you have to say?
  • Is he only texting you when he wants to sleep with you?

If your answer is yes, it’s likely that the guy you are seeing is not really interested in you as a person and just wants to get down to business.

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To be sure you will need to take a closer look at how he behaves around you and see if you notice any other red flags that we will discuss today.

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Signs He Only Wants You for Your Body

1. He’s Pressuring You

A guy who is only interested in sleeping with you will often try to pressure you into doing things you are not fully comfortable with, like sending him intimate photos or getting physical before you are ready.

2. He Gets Angry When You Say No

A man who only wants you for your body will often get angry when you say no to him.

He might even try to make you feel bad for not sleeping with him.

3. He Doesn’t Listen to You

If the guy is only interested in your body, he will not really care about what you have to say because he is not really interested in getting to know you or building a genuine connection.

4. He Talks About Other Women

If a man you are seeing is constantly talking about other women’s bodies, it’s a pretty clear sign that he is not very serious about you.

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5. He’s Not Interested in Your Day-to-Day Life

If a guy is not interested in hearing about your day-to-day life, then he’s probably not genuinely attracted to you as a person.

He might fake his interest at first, but eventually, he’ll tune you out because all he really cares about is getting laid.

6. He Never Talks About the Future With You

He’s not interested in what you want or what you see for yourself down the road.

All he cares about is the present and getting what he wants from you right now.

7. He Keeps Your Relationships Secret

If the guy is not serious about you, he’ll likely want to keep your relationship secret.

He knows it’s not going to be a long-term thing and that’s why he doesn’t want anyone to know that he is seeing you.

8. He Only Texts You When He Wants to Get Physical

He’s not interested in talking or spending time with you, he just wants to come over and get physical.

He might even make excuses like he’s busy or he can’t get away from work, but the truth is, he only wants to hang out with you when he needs something from you.

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9. He Doesn’t Do Any Romantic Stuff

He will not buy you flowers, write you love notes, or even try to hold your hand.

All he cares about is getting you in the bedroom.

10. He Always Asks You for Intimate Photos

Sending dirty photos is totally fine if you are both into it.

However, if a man is constantly pressuring you into sending him intimate photos, it’s a pretty obvious sign that he’s only interested in your body.

11. He Wants to Be in an Open Relationship

A man who only wants you for your body will try to keep things casual and open.

12. He Talks About Your Body All the Time

He will constantly bring up your physical appearance and how attractive he finds you.

He might also make comments about specific body parts that he loves.

And he’ll probably do this in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable or objectified.

13. He Doesn’t Care About Your Pleasure

A man who is only interested in your body will be more concerned with his own pleasure than with yours.

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